French manicure at home

photo FrenchFrench manicure is a timeless classic, one of the most popular and favorite types of nail coating. It will be appropriate to any outfit, for any occasion and event, will look elegant on nails of any length and shape. So women appreciate its versatility and elegance.

To make a charming manicure, do not have to visit the salon, wait until you get free time you or your master, especially when on the nose a pleasant celebration or romantic encounter. You can make a beautiful French manicure at home with this task every very easy to handle. If you’re still reading this article, then finally decided on creating classic, aesthetic manicure, and we can help you with this and will explain in detail how to do French manicure at home.

What do you need?

Today in cosmetic stores you can find special sets for French, in their composition, usually included stencil stickers of different size, white lacquer, and lacquer neutral pastel tones such as light pink or beige. Can you collect all tools separately. In addition, you will need are tweezers, nail files of varying hardness, means for softening and removal of cuticles, wooden sticks. The last materials you need to make a beautiful manicure and remove cuticle before applying nail Polish, because the jacket will look great on manicured nails.

So, when all the treatments hand made, treated nails, give your nails the desired shape using the nail file. Now consider the order of how to do a French manicure at home:

  • to varnish is kept as long as possible, it is recommended to Polish nails with a soft nail file;
  • on dry, clean nails glue, screen-printed stripes so as to separate the tip of the nail from the surface;
  • cover the tip of the white varnish in a single layer, after drying, can be applied a re-coat to make the color more intense and vivid;
  • after complete drying of the tip (about 10-15 minutes), slowly remove the paper stencils, not to lubricate the lacquer;
  • further, a translucent varnish — base coat the entire nail in a single layer.

When selecting the shade of Foundation, based on the shade of their skin:

  • fair-skinned ladies suit peach and light pink are the main colors,
  • more dark-skinned girls will be closer to beige tones,
  • if you prepare your manicure for the holiday or festive event, you can look at the paints with small sequins
  • if your goal is to achieve the most natural effect, instead of the bright white color and pink bases, choose a milky color and a muted peach for the base.

Kinds of French manicure

on photo French manicureWe considered the French in the classic version, which began its existence and have received international vocation, due to the well-known and many beloved Coco Chanel. But women at all times love to conduct experiments that touched on the French manicure. To date, many variations and original designs. Especially popular:

  • Colored French manicure, when the nail tip is not necessary to paint it white, you can use any your favorite color;
  • Print when one or more nails are made some pattern or patterns;
  • French manicure gel Polish for a long time in the salons offer to make a classic manicure using shellac, this material is more durable, and this jacket will make you happy for 2-3 weeks. Read more at the link /shellak-dlya-nogtey/

This is only a minuscule of the existing ideas and varieties of combinations and contrasts.

We tell you how to do a French manicure at home without strips and error using paper stencils. Some girls prefer to paint the nail tip with the special thin brush. Maybe you have other options like make smooth jacket, share them in the comments.

Take care of your nails, don’t be afraid to dream and experiment, and your hands will always look beautiful and elegant.

See also a video showing how to do a French manicure:

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