Foot care in summer

Foot care in summerEvery woman always wants to look attractive, but it is especially important to look beautiful in the summer. Shapely, toned well-groomed feet – it’s already a success. They are the envy of women, attract the eye of men, and holders of such legs is the subject of pride. It’s hard work — beautiful legs. Summer feet need special care.

How to care for your feet this summer? To care For your feet should always in winter and summer, but summer skin is a little different from winter.

  • The washing of the feet. Hot weather and tight shoes bad for your feet. Appears fatigue in the legs, intense sweating. At this time, the feet can be a perfect place for a fungal infection. Hence there is an odor. So the legs recommend washing as often as possible.
  • The use of powders. With the help of special powders for the feet you can get rid of the moisture that is a breeding ground for various fungi and bacteria. Such tools can be easily found in beauty salons, odorless and fragrant, antibacterial and antifungal, which is good will help you in hot weather. Is it possible to replace this powder is just corn starch, you can buy it in any store.
  • Feet need to breathe. In order to let your feet breathe in the heat, you should wear shoes made of natural materials. Closed shoes does not breathe the legs, and if it is made of faux leather, this is doubly detrimental. These shoes are not breathable, sweaty feet, blood circulation is disturbed.
  • Foot massage. Massage is a magical cure for the tired legs. Often raise your legs up, this will restore blood circulation. After a busy day sit back on the couch and put his feet on the back, this will ensure the outflow of blood from the feet. Swelling, which will appear in the course of a day pass.
  • Massage gently with circular movements of the feet. Do massage with application of special means on a purely washed skin.
  • It is recommended to change socks frequently. Because the feet are constantly sweating. But in hot weather it is better to refuse them. In summer days in foot need a special approach to care.
  • Protection from the sun. If you wear open shoes, use creams with SPF of at least 15, they will protect your skin from burns.
  • Be careful in public places when you visit the bathrooms and showers wear Slippers.
  • If you play sports, loves to run – to walk, use special insole – liners that will protect your feet from corns. As comfortable athletic shoes from good manufacturers, which corresponds to the time of year will make your exercise classes are pleasant. Tight shoes should not be, as your feet can become ill. Using the right shoes, you can avoid diseases such as psoriasis, fungal infections, blisters, eczema, odors.

Three stages of summer foot care:

The silkiness and smoothness of the skin is the thing that makes legs with pride. In the summer it is important to properly care for the skin of the feet. This treatment is divided into three steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and nutrition.

Cleansing of the feet. The washing of the feet. In summer the feet should be washed, not only before sleep but in the morning, they must be rinsed day and come home from work. Wash your feet you need room temperature water, this will prevent the extension of blood vessels, the skin loses more moisture. Instead of shower gel and normal soap, use antibacterial soap. 2 — 3 times you need to carry out deep cleansing of the skin with a special scrub for the feet. Scrubs for feet designed for more rough skin than on the face. Also when cleaning it is advisable to use a brush.

Toning the skin of the feet. With toning using special funds, as they can replace conventional pouring warm and cold water. Make home improvised a cold mountain stream. And go on it in the morning at the forty steps. Just fill the bathtub with cold water, about ankle-deep, then to make it colder, add ice. And slowly walk forty steps to the tub. If you do not live in the city, take a walk barefoot in the morning dew, is also a very good tonic.

Hydration and nutrition of the skin of the feet. The most important procedure in the summer because our feet are under the influence of warm air and dust quickly lose moisture. It is therefore important to use a variety of nutrients and moisturizers. Use creams, which are composed of different oils: olive, sesame, almond. Also it will be good if the creams contain antibacterial ingredients: extracts of calendula, chamomile, myrrh, sage, lavender. Our feet work all day, so don’t be lazy give them a little treat. Then everyone will be in awe of your attractive legs.

For more information on skin care of the feet in the summer, see the video:

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