Home remedies for dandruff

how to get rid of dandruff folk remediesDandruff is not only unsightly, but also causes disease seborrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to begin treatment of dandruff folk remedies or drugstore at the first sign of the disease. You can buy the remedy for dandruff in a pharmacy, and you can prepare at home folk remedies for dandruff. There are many simple and affordable means to combat the dandruff that you can easily prepare at home. However, this process requires a methodical and serious approach.

Folk remedies for dandruff

Effective home remedy for dandruff can be prepared by one of the following recipes.treatment of dandruff folk remedies

  1. Mix 500 g of vinegar 6%, with the same amount of water, add 100 g powdered nettle. Simmer this mixture for 30 minutes. After that, strain and rinse hair healing solution daily. The course of treatment 10 days.
  2. Heat the oil and massage it into the scalp before going to bed. Morning massage also the scalp with this mixture; the juice of one lemon, mix double the amount with cosmetic vinegar, which consists of 800 g of decoction of nettles and 100 g of vinegar. Rinse the head after 1 hour.
  3. Mix 6 tablespoons water with 2 tablespoons of cosmetic vinegar. Before bedtime, massage into the scalp and ovaritis with a handkerchief. In the morning wash the head and rinse it with chamomile decoction. Use this treatment a couple times a week for 3 months to finally get rid of dandruff.
  4. Beat in the water condition with one egg, add this mixture to the shampoo that suits your hair type. Rinse with a solution of juice of one lemon with two cups of water. This shampoo can be used when washing hair. The course of treatment-at least 2 months.
  5. Pour the yolks of two eggs with warm water and immediately whisk so that the eggs don’t curdle. Slightly wet your hair and pour the scalp with this mixture, simultaneously rubbing the hair.Folk remedies for dandruff
  6. It is also very important to massage the head with a brush, to intensify the fat pores. To do this, press the brush against the scalp and comb hair from roots to the tips. The brush should be made of wood with bristles. To improve circulation, interlace fingers and press on both temples and the back of the head. Or put fingers on the forehead and gently, pushing a little bit, stretches the skin for 30 seconds.
  7. Very good fights dandruff and a steam bath. Warm oil should be rubbed into the skin moist warm towel, then leave it on your head and hold for half an hour.

Remember that shampoos that advertise, removes dandruff only for the time being. It is advisable to buy treatment for dandruff at the pharmacy. To prevent dandruff, do not wash hair with hot water, and leave the remnants of the shampoo out of my hair. Dry my hair with a gentle mode and keep it from hair at a distance of 30 cm.

What are some remedies for dandruff and how to get rid of dandruff folk remedies stated in the video:

Recipes home remedies for dandruff


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