Foil nail

Chic metallic manicure, you can create your own hands at home without going to expensive salons. This will help the foil for the nails. This is no ordinary food, and material with a certain structure, so other types to use will not work. Nail-foil design on the Internet and in specialized shops. The price is lower than cost of conventional varnishes and to apply on nails foil is very simple.

Manual: how to use foils for nail art

Unusual manicure

In order for the coating to be neat and durable, you need to properly carry out the procedure of applying. When gluing any type of material followed the mandatory scheme:

  1. To steam the fingers, trim the cuticles, Polish the plate, apply a base coat.
  2. After drying apply adhesive (special) or gel, which is then cure under UV lamp. Use only specialized, so the effect was durable and was not damaged the pattern.
  3. Then you can apply the material, be sure to transfer side. Smooth surface wooden or cotton swab.
  4. Remove the sharp movement, but gently, in the direction of the cuticle.

Next, be sure to apply the coating varnish, but only a couple of hours after gluing. The remaining material can be cut along the cuticle, paint residues to be removed with an acetone-wetted cotton swab. Top will give smoothness and practicality.

What is transfer foil

Nail art with sponge

The foil can be conversion or tear. Conversion the most convenient way to create a metallic Shine. Sold by sheets or a roll. Use with special adhesive or gel, which is used to create a continuous pattern and no need to cut molds. The structure is smooth, without pattern, unlike embossed and compressed. Using make French translation pattern to translate the strips only on the ends.

How to choose adhesive

For work it is better to choose specialized adhesive foil on the nails. It can be purchased in a specialty store or in salons. No need to try to stick to conventional mixtures for paper or other types. Poor quality and not appropriate adhesive can not only ruin the figure, but also to damage the plate. Special adhesive does not dry the UV lamps only need to wait a couple of minutes after application. High-quality material stable, well-kept, even when in contact with hot water and mechanical damage, it is easier to operate.

How to make mirror manicure

Mirror manicure

Luster do not only gold and silver, and other bright colors with reflective effect. The procedure of applying a mirror coating is a little different.

  1. The first surface of the plate cleaned, degreased.
  2. From a roll cut to shape ready for application.
  3. Stick the foil on the nails under a stream of hot air and to level. A few minutes to warm up the air flow before the final fixation. Top cover is not necessary. For heating you can use a household hair dryer.

The first time you may fail, but if you understand how to do, and a little practice, everything will work out. Manicure with foil requires perseverance, thoroughness. Mirror art makes an indelible impression equal Shine and richness of color. Plating looks richer and brighter than lacquer or gel, and work it turns out much cheaper.

How to remove the foil with nail

Brilliant or reflective coating would be appropriate at the party, but not in everyday life. It’s not as long as gel Polish, and remove will be much easier. Very simply washed off in the usual tool for removing the varnish. If there are difficulties – you need to hold a cotton pad with acetone a few minutes. The gel coating is removed in the same way as the gel. It is important to remember that this manicure is desirable to do girls who have health problems. This type of design will be harmless to healthy plate, if you do art with breaks.

Nail design with foil

Design with gold accents

By choosing to work this wonderful method, you can create interesting patterns, to implement bold ideas. Design you can think of with different patterns. Creating art requires only your imagination, and a large assortment of samples. Foiling is a popular procedure in recent years. Therefore, the network can find a large number of examples of nail art. It can be the lunar pattern or jacket, fancy patterns or mirror Shine.

Interesting picture is obtained using thermopoly, which can be embossed, embossed texture. Popular broken glass effect which you can implement with foil for nail design. Often, this pattern created with ordinary varnish, but the nails with foil have a very different look and Shine.

Video: how to do a manicure with foil at home

To learn how to do a manicure yourself, there are all conditions. Foil nail art is sold in online stores can be ordered from the distributor «Avon». Case studies videos and photos have the ability to find the net. You can use for casting on shellac as an independent coating, such as patterns, decoration sticker, foil for nail. Solid pattern often create bills of material, it is much easier to use and better worn. Using it, create a casting with a mirror or a metallic luster. Detailed techniques are available in video online.

Casting foil gel nail Polish

How to glue foil on the nails

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