Flat irons for hair

To curl straight strands of hair or to straighten curly hair easy if you use a special iron. With the help of rectifiers is the ability to create lots of images that emphasize femininity, facial features, and even character. A wide range of irons, but if you make the wrong choice, you can instead good hair to destroy hair.

What is the hair straightener

Pasochka for hair

A special device – straightener for curly hair called the iron. It is multifunctional. Using iron easy to create on the head with different hairstyles from perfectly smooth strands to ripple beautiful or sexy curls. It easily copes even with the most rigid strands, which are generally not amenable to stacking. This is the best device for those who like to experiment with their image. The main thing – to buy safe and high-quality hair iron.

Hair straightening irons

All rectifiers work the same regardless of manufacturer and type. To follow fashion trends and have a cascading silk flow perfectly smooth locks, it is necessary to carry out the following steps:

  • wash your hair after you apply to wet hair thermal protection to remove harmful influence on the structure of the high temperature;
  • dry strands Hairdryer until completely dry, then comb with a comb, gather in a bun on top;
  • starting from the nape, separate the hair, slide the iron without holding it on the hair from roots);
  • do not overheat the device, because high temperature will soon pereplit your hair than evenly straightening.
  • after the strands, comb and volume spray lacquer at the roots;
  • do not use the pad more than 2 times a week, not to histoncal parish web or not to destroy the roots.

Types of rectifiers

Hair straightener

The hair irons on the market in a huge range, so select the appropriate device difficult. Keep in mind when buying the presence of a controller to independently set the temperature, the type of coating plates and manufacturer, which has established itself as supplier of quality equipment. Rectifiers can be either in manipularii and ripple attachments, Curling irons and other add-ons. You should understand how differ from each other service.


As a rule, household appliances, not enough features or they are completely absent. Amateur rectifiers warm up slowly due to low capacity, although the appearance is attractive, the result is that often the difference in price with professional iron was missing. After styling appliances lasts long, which is a consequence of the low quality plates.


Professional pad

This type of rectifiers use mainly makeup artists and hairdressers. The benefits of professional irons include the mandatory presence of the temperature controller, rapid heating and the ability to use on wet strands. Straightening this device is far better, as many models are equipped with a function of ionization, which helps the hair is not electrified.


For hair it is important what type of cover plates that will straighten them. Hair iron with ceramic nozzles are the most popular among women device. Ceramics – the material is forgiving and inexpensive compared to tourmaline or titanium. Professionals recommend the use of flat irons for hair ceramic plates 8-10 times a month to keep them healthy. High sales of these devices from the firms of Remington, Braun, Bosch.


Metalevel Prosecco for hair

This is the first coating on otuzco, which is dangerous for the tresses. The metal quickly overheats, damaging the structure of the strands along the entire length, so using such devices is recommended 1-2 times per month. If you do not follow this recommendation, then overheated and broken to the root of the hair, you will be provided for a short period. Significant plus irons with metal plates is the low cost. The most popular devices of this type release of the company Gamma and Moser.


These plates are called ionic-ceramic. Mostly they are professional straighteners, because tourmaline irons heat up faster, are equipped with a protective ionization and are wireless. Some models have an infra red effect, aimed at deep repair of the hair follicle. Ionic-ceramic flat irons – this is a great alternative to keratin straightening. The most popular manufacturers of these models: Babyliss, Gama, Bosch, Tochonada.

How to choose irons for straightening hair

Girl straightens hair with a straightening iron

In addition to the temperature characteristics and the type plates with the purchase of the rectifier for proper application you should consider the shape and width of the heating surface. It should correspond to the length and density of hair. Girls with a few strands of my shoulder-length, you should choose narrow irons of a width not exceeding 2 cm to Owners of long, but not thick curls suitable devices of from 2.5 to 6 cm For thick hair the ideal choice will be Ironing from 4 to 9 cm.

Matters and the choice of the brand:

  1. BabyLiss. Market leader and for good reason: the company produces high-quality professional production with temperature, different coatings and ergonomic design. Negative – the high cost of the irons.
  2. Ga.M. Brand with a wide range of rectifiers for the home. Among the products easy to find cheap flat iron hair curler with metal plates and innovative device with laser-ion system. The disadvantages include the presence in the line of irons with the dangerous strands of metal nozzles.
  3. Remington. The company produces high quality models at an affordable price. Different Ironing ergonomic design, the ability to work on dry and damp hair, rapid heating (15 seconds).
  4. Rowenta. Famous for their mini models. In contrast to the conventional Ironing small size allow you to make unusual hairstyle and basal volume and are cheaper. Technique of use of the device remains unchanged, but the quality of mini-models are not inferior to the professional.
  5. Braun. The company is loved by professionals for the steam function in some models. Steam iron straightens strands are not under the influence of temperature and under the influence of steam. Models in the set have a generator that turns water into steam. Even very unruly hair straightened under its influence faster and last longer.
  6. Philips. Rectifiers of this company are durable and versatile. Through innovation and accessible price for the consumer, model Philips are the most popular among young fashionistas.

How much is

The price range for Ironing varies, depending on the pricing policy of the manufacturer, the pricing of the store and functionality of the model. The most expensive straighteners with ceramic coating Chinese-made to buy in the store at a price of 400 rubles. Branded models from companies such as Babyliss or Remington are from 1200 rubles and above. In online stores the price of Ironing from well-known brands may be a bit lower.

Video: which hair straightener is better


Oksana, 24 years:straightener Philips HP 8319/00 – the effect is stunning, only a few procedures noticed split ends. After buying a heat spray from Schwarzkopf Got2b «Pad» they recovered quickly, and now I safe a couple times a week, make yourself a stunning straight strands.

Mara, 49 years:Two years ago I had the VITEK VT-1335 VT with «Eldorado», so I’m still not overjoyed assistant. Absolutely not spoil my dry strands because of its unique formula aqua ceramic. Used the device even without thermal cut-out (in reasonable quantity), but the damage is not noticed.

Natalia, 17 years old:iron Messed up your lovely locks, and now restored. I bought a cheap Chinese rectifier production market. Used only 5 times and the hair began to break right while pulling. Then I found out that I had special protection applied on them, ceramic nozzles to choose from, but too late.

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