What should be the skin care in summer

1798In the summer our skin is exposed to many influences that adversely affect the health and beauty of women. Therefore, it is important to know how to be skin care in summer. First of all, it should be possible to protect your skin from heat, dust, ultraviolet rays of the sun to prevent skin irritation or premature aging.

To protect your skin able day creams with a content of a stronger sunscreen. Some people think that sunscreens prevent sunburn, however, it is not so. When you use sunscreen, sunburn to appear, just not as quickly and will be more stable and uniform. No harm to skin and health these creams do not bring so that you can safely make a choice in their favor.

Also you must protect your skin in summer, from free radicals, they can lead cells to death-for oxidation. In this case, use cosmetic products containing vitamins E, A, C, CT. In the summer it is advisable to use a delicate emulsions or light non-greasy creams, which are perfectly absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy film. Forget about greasy creams that your skin does not sweat and does not get warm in the heat.

Skin care of face in summer

In the summer the skin gets contaminated faster than in the cold season. It is very important to thoroughly clean the skin summer skin with the application of lotions or tonic in the morning, afternoon and evening.Skin care of face in summer

Constantly wear sunglasses not only not to blink and to provoke the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, and also in order to prevent vision loss and chronic eye diseases. To protect the delicate skin around the eyes, apply special creams, with the highest possible level of protection.

Very well nourish and tone the skin summer natural masks, which are readily available in this period. Mask of strawberries moisturize and improve the complexion. RUB through a sieve the strawberries and the resulting mass is put on 20 minutes, after rinse with warm water. Also perfectly tone up and refresh the skin facial mask of raspberries, cherries, currants made the same as strawberry mask. Mask of apples perfectly rejuvenate your face, boil an Apple in milk and mash obtained puree, apply on face, after 20 minutes, rinse with cool water. To freshen and whiten skin with enlarged pores, help cucumber mask, or a half an hour tomato mask. When baked in the sun and reddened the skin effectively helps to relieve irritation, a mask of yogurt or sour cream.

In addition to masks, you can cook a variety of natural lotions, tonics an excellent alternative. The main component of these magical lotions, tinctures of various herbs and juices. Dry skin moist rose extract. Pour a glass of boiling water a handful of petals and let steep for 20 minutes. For oily skin you can prepare a lotion of the flowers of lilac. Take 1 liter of boiling water, 100 g of flowers, cover and let insist in a thermos 1 hour. Strain and wipe the face with a swab of these lotion. Summer just gives us natural beauty, take advantage of it!