Facial mask of wrinkles with gelatin

Eaten gelatin is effective in caring for skin. Mask, which includes this organic component used in the home, replace the expensive cosmetic procedures that improve skin appearance, help with the appearance of age.

How useful gelatin face mask

The girl smooth skin

Being a natural substance, food gelatin is a protein collagen, which is extracted from the cartilage, tendons, and bones of animals. This product is rich in fats, proteins, phosphorus, glycine, carbohydrates, calcium, iron and magnesium. All these nutrients being in the composition of cosmetic products that are active on the epidermis. Face mask from wrinkles with the gelatin, having a pronounced firming, smoothes wrinkles. Because of the strong lifting effect, not recommended for frequent use.

How effective is the mask of gelatin from wrinkles

The gelatinous composition has on the skin, toning it, improving elasticity and rejuvenating. In the result of narrowing the pores, disappear the small bumps and wrinkles, eliminates flabbiness, looseness of the skin. The result can be compared with the effect of Botox. Unlike cabin injections, face mask of gelatin is done at home. Another useful effect is its bleaching property. Facial mask of wrinkles with gelatin shows Mature women at occurrence of first signs of wilting after 30 years.

To obtain the maximum possible effect you need:

  • pre-pour the gelatin with cool water, leave it for half an hour to swell;
  • then heat on low heat (water bath);
  • enter the ingredients into the melted and slightly cooled mass;
  • pre-clean the skin with scrub bath or tonic;
  • relax your facial muscles while applying means;
  • sessions 1 every few days, alternating with other treatments.

The girl makes the mask

How is mask of gelatin face

For the proper use of face mask from wrinkles with the gelatin note the following:

  • Area coverage of cosmetics includes face and neck.
  • Do not apply the product on the dry skin type.
  • Not recommended to apply the composition around the eyes to remove crow’s feet. The skin in this area is very delicate, to drag her not to be.
  • The imposition of cosmetic products should be from the bottom up.
  • To remove the mask, you need to wet the sponge with any dairy product, treating the surface of the face. After 1-2 minutes, you can catch the lower edge of the frozen funds and to withdraw it, moving from the bottom up.

Gelatin mask

The mixture of blackheads

The facial deeply cleanses the skin, removes black spots. For the preparation you will need 6 g of gelatin powder and tablet of activated charcoal. Your actions:

  1. Prepare gelatin-based, powder dissolved in water, heating the composition.
  2. Crush the charcoal and add to the cooled solution.
  3. Apply the mixture on the problem area (T-zone).
  4. Wait until solidification of the composition.
  5. Carefully, one motion remove the gelatin film.

Hair mask with gelatin

Gelatin face mask from wrinkles with the content of glycerin nourishes, moisturizes and rejuvenates any skin. The tool can be kept in the refrigerator. Procedure:

  1. Connect gelatin powder (6 g), half Cup water, 3 tbsp honey), glycerin solution (22 g), salicylic acid (1 g).
  2. Heat mixture.
  3. Apply to the surface of the face of the cooled composition.
  4. Wait for 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the resulting film.

Firming face mask

The woman removes the mask

Gelatin mask for the face firming effect used in the appearance of wrinkles. You will need 10 grams of food gelatin 40 g water and glycerin, 10 g of zinc oxide (you can get zinc ointment), gauze bandage. Procedure:

  1. Dissolve gelatin with water. Heat the composition.
  2. Add all ingredients, stir.
  3. Cut three strips of bandage.
  4. Impregnated composition material.
  5. Apply the first strip from temple to temple, under the chin, the second on the middle surface, the third – on the forehead.
  6. Apply the remaining solution over the gauze.
  7. Hold 40 minutes, remove.

Video: mask with milk and gelatin


Elizabeth, 33 years:Gelatin facial – the perfect remedy. Last year I started to peel off the skin, appeared sluggish. Did the composition, the result was amazing. After two sessions, the skin is softer, peeling beginning to take place. After completion of the course disappeared fine lines. Did the composition for hair of gelatin and oil, too.

Natalia, 46 years:Like to take care of the skin, buy expensive cosmetics. I once heard from a friend about gelatin mask can work wonders. I didn’t believe her and decided to try it. After a few treatments I saw a noticeable improvement. Some wrinkles disappeared, face cleared up. The effect of this penny means the same as the expensive creams.

Alina, 21:Suffered from a lot of blackheads. There were loads of them on the nose. That only did not do: squeezed, did the bath, visited the salon. It was all in vain. Mom suggested a mask with gelatin and powdered activated carbon. I really liked it. All the points were on the film. Their number has decreased, no new ones. A good, effective tool.

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