Application recipes facial mask of oatmeal

facial mask of oatmealAbout the beneficial properties of oatmeal is known to almost everyone. This unpretentious herb contains in its structure a large amount of vitamins A, C and e, as well as valuable trace elements and enzymes such as starch, copper, iodine, iron, chromium, phosphorus and plenty of healthy fats. For several centuries, people deal with many diseases with oats, clean the body of toxins, are struggling with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, restore their strength, and women with this cereal watching her figure and beauty.

Today all the world knows of another use of this miracle product, is increasingly used oatmeal for the face, composed of various home caregivers. And it is not casual, it’s affordable and versatile tool helps to get rid of various skin problems on the face, neck and décolleté, starting from excessive oiliness or dryness, and ending with the fight with wrinkles or pigment spots. So specially for you we have prepared an article that will examine all kinds of facial masks with oatmeal, here you can find the most suitable option based on your needs and desires.

The benefits of oatmeal for skin, the main indications for the use of

The rich composition of this simple cereal is a godsend for different skin types, it contains everything you need to maintain and preserve the beauty and youth.

  • Vit. Provides skin protection, warns against issuepedia and dehydration, as well as from a variety of external stimuli and negative factors;
  • Vit. E plays a special role for the skin, it is a powerful antioxidant that provides protection from UV rays, but also valued its smoothing effect;
  • retinol contributes to the rapid removal of inflammation and promote healing of minor wounds and minor wounds;
  • ascorbic acid supports the body’s natural immunity and keeps you young for years to come;
  • thiamine accelerates the recovery and regeneration of the skin, helps restore skin firmness and elasticity;
  • fatty acids and biologically active components well affect the sebaceous glands.

In the complex, due to the influence of all components of the face mask from oatmeal or other remedies based on oats, with regular use, simply do wonders:

  • rejuvenates;
  • refreshing;
  • cleans;
  • tones;
  • moisturizes;
  • exfoliates;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • vitaminiziruet;
  • regenerate;
  • improves the complexion, removes roughness.

As for the other types of vitamins that are extremely important for the skin, but absent in the composition of the oatmeal, they can be enriched home care products using honey, vegetable oil, dairy products, eggs, herbs etc.

Advice and training before preparing and applying the oatmeal mask

There are many varieties of recipes masks of oatmeal. In some of the compounds allowed the use of flakes of Hercules entirely, others have to pre-grind.

How to make face masks from oatmeal
For grinding of the flakes it is best to seek the assistance of a coffee grinder or blender. If you want to create a facial scrub of oatmeal, the flakes just need a little to scroll in the blender to get small grains. If necessary, for example, make a nourishing cream mask, oatmeal is better to grind into flour. In the absence of the kitchen is the special equipment for grinding many women, the question arises as to grind cereal without a grinder or a blender? There are several available tools flakes crushed, for example to scroll through them at a very small grinder, to make a certain amount of flakes in cheesecloth and actively mash them with a rolling pin on a hard surface, try to pound it with a pestle or spoon RUB through a sieve. To achieve the goal, all means are good.

So, about the main how to make a mask with oatmeal for the face, and how to prepare your skin for the procedure.

  1. Before applying skin care products, remove makeup from the face and neck. Remove the hair under the bandage or collect in the tail.
  2. It is best if you pre-steam out the skin, making steam bath-based decoction of herbs or plain water, since the skin would be better to accept and absorb all the useful prophetic-VA from the mask.
  3. Prepare the mask at once.
  4. However, if the funds are other components that perform a 10-minute test for an allergic reaction.
  5. Apply the mask with clean hands, cotton pads, special spongiole or brush.
  6. The area around the eyes therapeutic oatmeal facial mask is not applied, so as not to damage delicate sensitive skin.

When all the rules are met, it remains to choose a suitable recipe and please your face a natural, useful tool.

Recipes remedies on the basis of oatmeal for any skin

ingredients for the mask based on oatmeal
Cleansing facial mask of oatmeal

Cereal great help to clean the face, without leaving home. Most often, the need for cleaning problematic, combination or bystrogasjashchajasja skin, prone to acne, pimples and inflammation. In fact, the recipe of this tool to madness is simple. You need only two huge scoops of grits and a small amount of boiling water. Pour oatmeal with water and wait a while until the mess starts happening. When the porridge infused and lightly podstine, apply a thick layer on clean face. Keep the mask on the skin should until, until the mixture hardens. Then rinse with cool water. This oat facial mask is suitable for frequent use, if you acne, pimples and blackheads pronounced repeat the procedure every 2-3 days.

The mask of oatmeal acne

Continuing the theme of the problematic and oily skin, recommended to try this method of eliminating various inflammations on the face. Cook the oatmeal-based mask: pour 2стол. spoon milled until the mean state of the cereal with water, leave it for a while. To the pulp add a large spoonful of dry clay (blue, white or black) and dessert boxes. of fresh lemon juice. Apply the mixture for 15 minutes, repeat the mask a few times a week.

Mask-scrub of oatmeal

Suitable for women with any skin, who aims to cleanse the pores, remove impurities from the surface of the face, and remove the Horny layer of the skin thereby refresh the skin and give it an even tone. Whisk one protein, add tables. lies. honey and crushed Hercules. RUB lightly into the skin, rinse off with cool water.

The mask of oatmeal for dry facial skin

Dry skin is especially in need of deep nourishment, so this tool is best suited to women whose skin is prone to dryness and flaking and dryness. 2nd tables. lies. crushed flakes pour hot milk, add one lie. hot honey and half a spoon of nourishing vegetable oils ( sunflower, almond, butter). Apply to skin and allow to get enough useful properties about a quarter of an hour after the procedure simply wash it off without soap.

Face mask of oatmeal pull-up

To increase the elasticity of the skin, you need to regularly nourish the skin and saturate substances, stimulates skin regeneration and collagen production. Try this remedy to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin. Mix 2 teaspoons of cereal with sour cream, leave on for 7-10 minutes so they are a bit swollen. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice (or lemon oil). Apply the paste on the face, neck and décolleté for 20 minutes. relax, wash.

Oat milk for face and body

The main assistant in the fight against pigment spots on the skin as well as sunburn, insect bites, and various irritations, including after shaving. In addition, the tool is perfectly suited as a caring and moisturizers for all skin types. So, put in a gauze or handkerchief 2 tables. lies. crushed cereal, tie them in a knot. In a separate container to pour boiling water or hot milk, put into it a bundle of oatmeal, leave to cool liquid. In the end, wring a bundle of grain. Blot with a tissue or cotton ball in the resulting milk and apply to the inflamed area, or wipe his irritated skin.

Face mask of yogurt and oatmeal

Yogurt-oatmeal mask helps to fight acne and excessive oiliness. Pour a spoonful of Hercules with a spoon of low-fat yogurt, let stand and swell. Once or twice a week, apply on face for 10 minutes.

Caring cream face mask from oatmeal. The finer milled oat flakes, the better will be the penetration of trace elements and vitamins into the dermis. A very large number of positive reviews received this recipe mask of oatmeal and honey for face. Mix equal quantity of oat and rice flour, pour boiling water to barely cover the mixture. When the mixture has cooled and turn into mush, add two egg yolks, a little honey and nourishing oils. Apply the paste on the face and allow the skin to rest and absorb all the most useful for 20-25 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Mask with oatmeal for facial acne antibacterial action.

We offer you to try tool that works in three directions: cleanses, soothes, reduces inflammation. Make an infusion of chamomile flowers and mint, mix one spoon of dried herbs and pour 250 ml of water. Strain the infusion and pour over the handful of Hercules flakes and cook for composition, about 5 minutes. The resulting mass is applied to the face in the form of heat, and covered the top with a napkin. Through time, the remains remove with a cotton swab dipped in chamomile and mint infusion or in warm milk.

Oatmeal cleanser. To rashodomernye sums of money to buy a cleanser, you can prepare them from natural products is not only economical but also much healthier than ready-made cosmetics with different flavors and chemical components. The easiest way is from morning to dial in the Cam of oatmeal, to substitute under a stream of hot water and softened the pulp to wipe with wet face and neck. But this method is aggressive enough for sensitive skin not suitable, better to use for oily and problem skin.

For dry, thin and delicate skin, there is a more gentle option for a cleanser. Separte overnight oatmeal, and in the morning wipe the face with slurry, after the procedure, wipe the face cucumber.

With regular use, oat of the funds will become a constant companion for daily skin care, after which you will not have a desire to go back to purchase cosmetics. I hope you will find useful our article and your skin to get acquainted with the new discovery, with different gerkulesovy masks that will exceed all possible expectations.

Be always beautiful!

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