Face cream: how to choose the best

Often, before you choose the best, you have to try no cream. The result of the cream directly depends on matching it to the skin. Often after buying another cream comes disappointment. The reasons can be several. Perhaps incorrectly determined the skin type or the cream is not of high quality. Possible to choose the best face cream, you need to remember some things.

How to determine the type of skin the choice of a suitable cream

The normal skin. If the right care, this type of skin is showing signs of aging after 30 years. The skin of this type often have comedones. Normal skin needs light moisturizing cream, but in winter it is recommended to change to a light cream.

Dry skin. Signs of aging such skin appear earlier than 30 years. The skin is dry and hard, often there is irritation. Year-round dry skin requires daily moisturizing. Moisture for this skin type is of great importance, as after soap and water face tightens.

Combination skin (T-zone). This skin requires special and complex care. Ignoring the use of moisturizer in a few days the skin will start to peel off and to shrink. If you use a fatty cream, a few days skin will glow from the excess fat, and after some time get blackheads. As certain zones such type of skin requires special care, any cream is not suitable for them. Recommended for dry areas moisturizer and for oily cream specially for oily skin.

Oily skin. Despite the fact that oily skin is very soft and elastic, it still requires care. You can only apply a moisturizer. Adolescents with this type of skin often suffer from acne. Signs of aging in the face appear much later than other types.

The cream that suits your skin in summer is not suitable for the winter period

You need to remember that the cream in the summer should be light moisturizer so that the skin could absorb it. In this case it is better to use gel or lotion. But in winter the cream should be changed to fat. In its composition must be oil rather than water as in the cold and windy time, the skin especially need to protect.

Cream suitable for age

Skin requires different care depending on type and age. With age when selection of cosmetics should pay attention to the composition. It is advisable to buy a cream with the active substances that support the skin.

There is a series of means by age. So, for youthful skin a light creamy fluid, has protection from sunlight. For middle age – day cream with active sun protection (30SPF) and a light moisturizer at night.

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