Why is skin itching? How to troubleshoot problems

skin itching, what is the reason? Than to treat?Many women often have to solve the problem of excessive brittleness of the nails and their stratification, some are continuously struggling with this annoying cosmetic defect. Brittle nails not only prevents to create a beautiful manicure and nails grow to the desired length, but also show some deficiencies in the body. And only after ascertaining the reasons why separating the nails on the hands, you can find the right solution to eliminate this trouble. Our topic today — the causes and treatment of splitting fingernails will be useful and interesting to every woman.

Why exfoliate the nails on the hands?

  1. The most common reason nails become thin and brittle is a deficiency in certain vitamins, micro — and macroelements. Because our nail plate is formed as a result of internal synthesis of some nutrients, their deficiency leads to the deterioration of the quality of the nail structure. Many wonder, what vitamin is lacking if exfoliate nails. But, often it’s not just about the vitamins, take a closer look.

Calcium. It is an essential element involved in bone formation, it depends on him how strong, firm and healthy nails will be. Every day, the body should do at least 500-800 mg. More calcium is contained in dairy products, eggs, cheese and also cabbage, broccoli, figs and nuts.

Magnesium. Because of the lack of this element violated the processes of cell growth, enzyme and hormone exchanges, which worsens and nails. Normal daily intake of magnesium is 300-400 mg, but the right amount is quite difficult to obtain from food on the day you need to eat several kilograms of meat and drink several liters of milk. What to do if exfoliate nails on the hands is a result of a lack of this component, it is best to resort to receive specialized drugs.

Phosphorus is one of the components of the nail plate, it is involved in almost all biochemical reactions, its main role is to ensure the full growth of bone tissue and maintain its integrity throughout life. Every person per day should consume at least 1200 mg of phosphorus, and can cause a deficiency of this element is quite difficult, you have to be a strict vegetarian, to eat a little fruits and berries.

Protein. As you know, the main component of nails and hair — keratin is the same protein formed between the binder molecules of other substances. Therefore, the first thing to try to prevent permanent nails, is to include in the diet the maximum amount of protein.

Vitamins. As for vitamins, it is especially responsible for the health and beauty of the nail plate, A, b, C, D, E. to Fill the vitamin supply, you can use special complexes of vitamins and minerals, some of them on the packaging you can see the clarification: to strengthen nails and hair.

Popular recipes from local funds, which have a home in every female, see the link /vitaminyi-dlya-nogtey/

  1. In addition to the lack of certain necessary substances in the body, there are some internal reasons why skin problem on his hands. Often, the «bad» nails indicate some health problems, for example, metabolic disorders, diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, liver, kidneys, pancreas and thyroid glands. Also the nails the result of the weakening of immunity or previously suffering stress or nervous feelings due to chronic overwork and fatigue, and also due to the increase in the level of toxins in the body. Therefore, if the problem has existed for a long time, it’s a serious cause for referral to a specialist for the purpose of conducting diagnosis and examination of some organs and systems.
  2. If health is all right, then you should pay attention to external factors that negatively affect the condition of the nail plate.
  • The biggest adversaries-the destroyers, causing skin problem on his hands — it cleaning products and detergents, which women face on a day-to-day, after an aggressive chemical. components negatively affect the structure of the nail, drying them, washing away the protective layer that directly leads to the stratification and breaking.
  • Normal pipe water also can in the short term to spoil the nails, in the presence of impurities and chlorine. Therefore, it is necessary to limit frequent contact with water, and after bathing, you need to take a habit to lubricate hands and nails nutritious means.
  • Frequent use of nail polishes, as well as the means to remove them with the content of acetone can lead to the deterioration of the nail plate. For this reason, it is not rare skin problem on his feet.
  • Improper treatment of the nail. The strength and integrity of the nail to some extent depends on how properly performed manicure. To prevent nails from lolis, and not to injure the keratin layer during the treatment of nails and shaping, it is desirable to use a glass or ceramic nail files, to keep the saw must be strictly perpendicular to the nail, the nails do not need filing, or soon will be breaking.

What to do at home

To cope with the problem, it is essential to implement proper care of weak nails.

First and foremost, you need to constantly nourish the nail plate and to prevent its excessive dryness. For this, the nail and the cuticle, it is recommended to lubricate the special creams and oils, apply massage movements to the same time to improve blood circulation and act on the growing area of the nail.

Useful for nails of any oils, especially olive, it must be applied several times a week, preferably in the form of a mask for the night.

The easiest way to prevent the nails on the hands and feet and to strengthen the plate is once in 2-3 days to do a 15-20 minute bath with the addition of sea salt, iodine, lemon juice, herbal oils or herbal decoctions. Detailed recipes in this article.

Traditional medicine advised to make iodine mesh each nail at night. Do not be afraid that will remain yellow, in the morning no trace of your treatment will not be seen.

If you exfoliate the nail on the hand, it is better to replace the conventional varnishes on means to strengthen the nail plate, they will not only mechanically to make the nail stronger, but also to saturate it with various minerals, protein and moisturizers.

Details about nail strengthening a variety of means discussed here.

If much skin problem, and cope with the problem on its own you do not work in modern nail salons can offer you the procedure of sealing nail. For this procedure, use special materials and tools that nourish the nail plate and saturate it with the necessary minerals and vitamins. Nails first lightly sanded, then rubbed each special pasta. The action after this procedure saved about 2 weeks.

No matter how fragile the nails were, and what would be a way of building you choose, the important thing is not lazy and give up, and then soon you will be proud of yourself and the result.

Ladies, if you have in your Arsenal is the exclusive method or advice on what to do to prevent nails from sailis will be happy if you share with the other readers.

Your health and beauty at your fingertips!

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