Exercises for triceps

In the gym man pays attention to all muscle groups, and men especially hard working biceps. Training the triceps is very important, if the goal is to make big, beautiful, strong hands. There are options to pump the triceps muscle in the gym or at home.

Features workout triceps

The woman shakes her triceps dumbbells

Exercises for the triceps more interesting to men, but girls to train it also need to the body look in proportion and be in good shape. The muscle itself is called «three-headed» because it consists of three bundles (heads): lateral, medial, long. It is necessary to make such a program where they would be loaded equally and triceps are proportionally developed.

How to build triceps at home

If you have time to visit the training complex, you can make a program of exercises to triceps at home. Actually completely do without additional equipment, but then the power handling will be significantly lower. It would be ideal to have a home bench with a barbell and dumbbells, but then it is practically a full gym. For additional load you can use other items:

  • several heavy books in a backpack;
  • 3-6-liter bottles filled with water;
  • a chair or stool.

Even if their weight is negligible, when you run 15-20 reps they will make a difference. As a bench, use two made up of stools (without backrest). Exercises for the muscles of the hand designed for a class in a day, but each, because their muscle fibers recover quickly. For greater efficiency it is desirable to have a horizontal bar with the bars at home because push-UPS refers to the basic variants of exercises on triceps.

Exercises with dumbbells at home

Right thing W dumbbells for triceps

Even in the smallest apartment can fit patterned dumbbells that have a weight of 2 to 10 kg. This type of inventory will allow you to perform cardio and strength approaches. The most effective exercises for arms with dumbbells:

  1. Extension of the head. To run you must take a dumbbell in the upper hand with two hands, make a head. In the sitting position straighten arms at the elbow up. For maximum effect it is required to lower the dumbbell as far as possible down and to raise.
  2. Extension in the prone position. You need to make stools together to make a bench. Lie down, take the dumbbells, raise them over your head so that they were perpendicular to the body. Bend the elbows so that her shoulder did not move, the dumbbells should fall to your face, the hand should move in, fix them.
  3. Extension in the blank. On mechanics similar to the previous exercise, but additionally turns out to pump up the shoulder. You need to rest on the bench (sofa, bed) in one hand and a foot. Hold your arm parallel to the torso and unbend her elbow. Instead of dumbbells can be used weight.

Pushups for triceps

For training triceps push UPS are great. Depending on the setting of the hands can be more loaded the chest muscles or the triceps. Involving the triceps and the front beam deltoid muscle. For maximum development of the triceps need to do push-UPS as follows:

  1. Take the emphasis lying.
  2. Put your hands shoulder width apart.
  3. The palm must be on a line with the pectoral muscles, not higher.
  4. Stoop down, elbows should be parallel to the body, not dilute them.
  5. Lower yourself down as much as possible (don’t go), then climb all the way up.

Muscles involved during the spin cycle

Another option how to build triceps at home – reverse push-UPS. They deliberately and point load triceps muscle. To perform the exercise you need is a chair, bed or sofa. Reverse pushups are performed in the following way:

  1. Stand with your back to a chair/bed.
  2. Sit down and place hands on the edge.
  3. Transfer your weight and the pelvis lower down until it is near the floor.
  4. Then use hands again go up.
  5. To complicate exercises can elevate your legs on another chair.

Training in the gym

Exercises with dumbbells for women is designed to maintain tone, muscle strengthening. To build the same muscle mass is better to use specialized equipment and weighting. In the gym you can perform all the above exercises with dumbbells using a variety of weight benches. Work with the additional complication must if you are bodybuilding.

The extension arms on the block

Exercises for triceps in the gym are divided into basic and isolating. The second focus working on only the triceps muscle, taking the pressure off other groups. Straightening arms with the upper block refers to such. A special system of weights positioned so that in the movement were involved in the extra muscle groups. Technique exercises is as follows:

  • stand beside the exerciser to the handle was in front of you;
  • grasp with both hands and pull it so that the elbows have been omitted;
  • fix the position of the shoulders and body;
  • lower the arm by straightening the elbow, in addition to this joint more than anything to move should not.

Extension of the hands in lying position

This simulator can be used two types of arms, the usual crossbar which helps more loading the long head of the triceps. If you change the grip from normal to reverse, the focus of the work shifted to the lateral beam. Sometimes, instead of the crossbar using the rope, then the burden falls on the medial head more than the other. When using this grip technique exercises for several changes:

  • the first 3 points are repeated;
  • lowering his hands down, spread them apart to the hips at the bottom;
  • lock position;
  • return to starting position.

Basic exercises for triceps

Husband swinging in the hall

Some exercises are called basic not because they are basic. This name they received due to the involvement of several joints, so sometimes they are also called mnogocwetnye. These include the all famous squats, bench press, pullups, deadlift. To train your triceps there are also two basic exercises:

  1. Pushups on the bars. You can find them on any street pad. During the exercise involved: triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, deltoid. Down need down as much as possible, climb up completely is not necessary, the elbow should be slightly bent. This will prevent damage to the joint and to relieve the load on the triceps.
  2. Bench press narrow grip on the triceps allows you to work with large weights, which will help to build muscle mass. From the mechanics of motion this exercise is very similar to the push-UPS but instead involved self-weight rod. It is necessary to lie straight, feet firmly resting on the floor, grip at shoulder width allowed and the position is narrower. Your elbows should fall parallel to the case in hand to put them is impossible. The neck should lie on the chest, not the neck and shoulders. At the highest point to straighten the elbow completely so as not to damage the joint.

Video: how to swing the arms

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