Exercises on the shoulders

Great importance for the formation of a beautiful body men shoulder width. Even huge biceps will not save the situation, if the shoulder belt is physically developed enough. For this reason, in the bodybuilding pay a lot of time pumping the deltoid muscle. To do this, perform a number of exercises at home or in the gym.

How to build shoulders

The anatomy of the muscles of the shoulders

Before you begin to complete the exercises on the shoulders, you should understand what structure they have, what load will be most effective. Consist of 3 deltoid muscle bundles:

  • medium;
  • front;
  • back.

Training usually involves all three parts, but in different degrees, so for the proper and effective development of shoulders, you need to perform a variety of exercises. They fit men and women, and the difference is only in used weight weight. Be sure to conduct the warm-up before training, because shoulder joints are easy to damage when working with additional weights. The sensations are extremely unpleasant and the opportunity to continue to train the shoulders, biceps or triceps will disappear.

Effective exercises with dumbbells at home

Exercise for shoulders with dumbbells

There are different ways how to build shoulders at home. You improvised, you should do weight. Part of the extra weight there may be bottles of water, optimal for 5 gallons with handles or backpacks with something heavy inside. After that, you can use any exercise with dumbbells at home, described below. Weight for exercises too.

If possible to make the weighting not, the shoulders can swing to the following:

  1. Go to the window and stand with my back to him.
  2. Put your feet on it, and put your hands on the floor.
  3. Between you and the surface shall be 30 degrees. Thanks to him, the burden will shift from the chest muscles the deltoid.
  4. Perform push-UPS.

The best exercises for shoulders in the gym

Any exercise program athlete are divided into isolating, which are accented are working on specific muscle, and the base (mnogocwetnye), using simultaneously several large muscle groups. The latter is necessary to other parts of the body are not idle». Women with broad shoulders are not needed, so the scheme of training drawn up with emphasis on the male audience. To download the Delta through the training, because they recover quickly.

Husband is at the gym

Basic exercises on the Delta

To begin with mnogosloinykh of exercises on the shoulders, which should be performed early in the workout (after a thorough warm-up). To create maximum load is better to use the bar, so less risk of damage to the joint and you can use more weight. To pump large shoulders, perform the following exercises:

A press of a bar standing

Exercise is the main exercise for the shoulders, it is called the military press. You can perform standing, sitting but still prefer the first option. The weight should be such that it have enough power for 3-4 sets of 15 reps. The execution scheme is this:

  1. The barbell set on the rack. Take it better from this position.
  2. Hands set slightly wider than shoulders.
  3. Squeeze rod according to the maximal straight path up to the highest point it was directly overhead.
  4. Lower shell to the upper part of the chest.

When you run, make sure that the lower back was not created by excessive deflection, it can cause pain and unnecessary stress on the lower back. Elbows at the bottom point slightly bring forward. When lowering on his chest pauses and delays should not be, not to relieve the load on the deltoids. The pelvis is moved back a bit to not come out too strong a deflection in the back.

Thrust rod to the chin

In this exercise for the shoulders most engaged by the front beam, a little less than average, a-line and quite a bit of bicep. To take a lot of weight makes no sense, otherwise the technique will be broken, and the likelihood of damage to the shoulder joint will increase. Grip can be wide or narrow, but the latter is still better. Equipment linkage rods the following:

  1. Grip regular grip, the Griffon need a short.
  2. Lift the shell up, it should not be done due to lifting of the hands and elbows.
  3. Slowly lower the weight down and repeat the movement 10-15 times.

The main mistake when doing this exercise – elbows down. It is important not to raise the barbell as high as possible, specifically the elbows. For maximum effect it is necessary to prove the projectile to the shoulder. The trajectory should be along the body, pull the barbell in an arc. Exercise should be performed smoothly, under control, there should be no sudden or jerk movements.

Press from behind the head

Serious basic exercise that is best performed in a sitting position. The movement is not natural for our body, so high a probability of bad heated the joints or too much weight can damage the joints. Loaded well middle deltoid beam, front, less triceps. The exercise should be on the bench without the tilt in the simulator Smith. The technique is this:

  1. Install the bench directly under the barbell.
  2. Grip should be slightly wider than shoulder width.
  3. Lift the shell up completely at the elbow unbend.
  4. Under control lower the barbell down on the shoulders not hang.
  5. Repeat the movement 10 times.

Pumped up man

For this exercise, the shoulders must be flexible, otherwise they could be damaged. Do not try to buy this weight control technique, focus on working the muscles. Always follow the width of the grip, it needs to be wider than with the bench press barbell standing. If you experience pain of execution should stop immediately.

Isolation exercises for the shoulders

This kind of exercise on shoulders accented with loads specifically the deltoid bundles, excluding other groups of muscles. It is necessary to achieve the maximum «load» to achieve muscular failure. Usually performed isolation exercises for shoulders with dumbbells in the end of the workout. Here are the most effective and popular of them:

Jim Arnold

The movement is very similar to the bench press up, but with a slight modification, which came up with Schwarzenegger. He determined that if you start the movement from the chest with turned to face brushes, the load will be more and pumping more effective. Perform the exercise sitting on the bench, with the backrest fully upright. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Take your dumbbells, sit on a bench, lean back firmly against the backrest.
  2. Place hands in front of you, palms facing the face, start to squeeze the dumbbell.
  3. When they will be at the level of the nose, start to rotate the brush in its normal position when you press up and bring the movement to the upper point.
  4. The backward movement is performed in the same way.
  5. Perform 10-15 repetitions.

For this exercise the shoulders do not need to take a lot of weight, you need to monitor the cleanliness of the exercise. To perform the exercise smoothly, without jerks or sudden lowering of the shells down. In press Arnold, it is important to follow the correct trajectory of movement, otherwise the load will shift from the front, middle beam deltoid muscle on the bicep or forearm.

Lifting dumbbells in front of him

The primary exercises for the front beam deltas. At first it looks simple, clear, but with the wrong technique, all of the load is shifted to the forearm, so you need to closely monitor what you are doing. Do not take heavy weights, so as not to damage the joint. Technique is this:

  1. Take your dumbbells, put your hands down at the seams.
  2. Bend them at the elbows, lock position.
  3. Straight ahead raise the dumbbells to eye level.
  4. Smoothly, controlled by the lower arm.

To perform a lifting of the dumbbells on the shoulders simultaneously with both hands, one or alternately. A common mistake when performing this isolation exercise – the rocking of the hull. Make sure that the movement was performed only in the shoulder joint, the body must stay completely still, to achieve this, you can rely on the ordinary or the Swedish wall.

Pull bottom of unit forward

This is an alternative to the above exercise, but instead of dumbbells used block machine. Technique fully coincide, so all the rules again. The convenience of this method is the ability to quickly and freely to adjust the weight. Calling it more convenient or not effective, so its use is a personal advantage.

A guy with muscular shoulders

Breeding dumbbell in hand

A basic exercise for training the middle beam of the shoulders. Wiring can be performed in two positions: standing and tilted. In the second case it is loaded more than the rear beam deltas. The first option is as follows:

  1. Stand up straight, dumbbells in both hands.
  2. Elbows a little bent.
  3. Lift through the side of the arm to just above shoulder length.
  4. Lower under control to the starting position.

Make sure that the body do not swing, do not try to lift the dumbbells at the expense of the trapezium, the movement should involve only the shoulders. A large weight is not needed with each workout, you conduct a gradual increase in weight inventory. But correct technique significant load shoulders will get even with weights 7-8 pounds. If you can easily lift 10-12 kg, you should think, and whether you’re doing it. Ask in the hall for someone to track your performance.

Thrust dumbbell prone

Breeding in the slope is difficult to perform, so you can use the bench to the correct position. This exercise is the only option to load the rear beam deltas. The technique is this:

  1. Lie on the bench stomach down, which is installed at an angle of 30 degrees.
  2. Lying on the edge of the back need the top of the chest, not the head.
  3. Slightly bend your arms, expand your elbows to parallel with shoulders.
  4. Dilute in the sides so that the blades converge.
  5. The movement must be at the expense of the back of the shoulders, not the back.

Video tutorials for beginners

Exercises for the shoulder girdle at the same time simple and complex. The main problem in the execution of proper technique. Photo often the groups of muscles involved in the exercise, but to understand all of the nuances of exercise is best to see how it performs with someone else. This below created a compilation of videos with effective exercises for the shoulders. The first workout is best done with one that he pointed out any inaccuracies in the technique.

Training shoulders on the ground

Lifting dumbbells through the parties

Breeding dumbbells standing

How to build shoulders on the horizontal bar and parallel bars

Breeding hands with dumbbells

Workout with dumbbells at home

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