Facial masks for acne: effective recipes

effective mask against acneBesides the fact that the pimples do not look very attractive, they bring their owner a lot of inconvenience: the constant irritation, redness, inflammation, itching… Hated pimples provoke the development of complexes and insecurity. As is known, any pathological manifestations on the face is a result of any disorders in the body, in the case of acne (the questionnaire) we can talk about problems with digestion, hormonal imbalance, frequent stresses, etc.

Of course, the easiest way to hide unwanted skin, but your torment will not end. Therefore, it is better to treat the skin with the help of medication and cosmetic procedures. Simple, affordable and quite effective method is the mask against blackheads at home. Properly matched components will help cleanse the skin, reduce inflammation, moisturize and refresh the skin.

In this article, we have selected for you the most effective mask for acne, the use of which will help you to quickly clean the skin and get rid of complexes.

How to work facial masks for acne?

Home remedies based on those components that have anti-inflammatory properties, have a drying effect, and well pull out then the accumulation of sebum and dirt.

Choosing a face mask from inflammations, it is important to pay attention to its components, because each ingredient has its own unique effect. It should be noted some foods, especially pronounced anti-inflammatory action is:

  • seaweed — contains fucoidan, which is fine matting, cleans and soothes the skin;
  • green tea is a great folk remedy for inflammations on the face, neutralizes bacteria, reduces redness and irritation, tones;
  • ginger is a storehouse of nutrients, the plant root is able to kill all harmful bacteria, cleanse the skin of toxins and poisons, and to treat pimples, sores and boils on the skin;
  • turmeric is a natural antibiotic, has an antibacterial and antiseptic;
  • citrus fruits are perfect for making homemade masks for acne because they are able to make oily skin matte, fresh and beautiful, and contains many different vitamins;
  • some essential oils and plant used for the disinfection of the skin, its power, and to soothe inflammation and create a protective barrier against infection, most often for this purpose use tea tree oil, rosemary, castor oil, peach or olive;
  • yeast different from other products of its antifungal activity, they also help to protect the skin from harmful environmental influences.

Creating a mask at home for acne, choose the ingredients which will match your requirements and wishes, and do not forget to take into account the presence of Allergy or individual intolerance of a particular product.

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Folk remedies for acne at home

Also, before you start making a home remedy, examine some of the indications and rules of application, and best consult with a specialist, because the time of the mask includes quite an aggressive substance.

Effective mask for acne

Preparing means to a person personally, you need to be very careful, and in the case of inflammatory conditions, skin problems, sterility is very important that in any case, to prevent the spread of inflammation or infection. For cooking, use only clean dishes and fresh food. The process of getting rid of acne is quite complex, and you need to have patience and perseverance, and to find «their» effective. You can try and experiment with different components, the benefit that homemade facial masks for acne quite affordable and easy to use.

So, go directly to the recipes.

  • Mask for acne with honey. Honey has long been known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, therefore it was used in the composition of the mask from rash on the face. The easiest option is to apply to the skin with melted honey with added lemon juice. More recipes you will find in the article at the link /maski-iz-meda-dlya-litsa hotel/
  • Mask with clay. Clay is an adsorbent, is often used for cosmetic purposes, including for the treatment of pimples and blackheads. Today, you can encounter a great variety of cosmetic clay. In folk masks for acne oily skin most often use blue clay, it is easy to use, quick to cook and easy to rinse, cleans the skin of excess secretions, tightens pores and improves the complexion. Dilute the clay with water to a pasty mass and apply on face, you can add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oil.
  • Mask for acne with egg. Egg mask perfectly eliminate Shine, dries pimples and tighten pores. Separate the egg white and yolk, protein and connect the 2 boxes. fresh yogurt/sour cream, a little shake the components with a mixer or by hand, and apply a thin layer on face for 15-20 minutes , then rinse and excessive dryness, apply your cream. Instead of yogurt can add protein to juice citrus ( if no allergies).
  • Mask with chamomile and calendula. Used for the preparation of decoctions of plants, 1 tbsp. tincture of calendula, and ½ Cup of infusion of chamomile flowers. Combining decoctions and moisten in it a gauze cloth and apply on face for half an hour. This mask from inflammations on the face, can in a short time can calm inflammation, normalize sebum secretion, and make skin clean and smooth.
  • If you have extra dry skin and get rid of the oily Shine that will help fast-acting mask for acne at home-based soda and salt. Mix 0.5 lodges. soda, salt with 1-2 boxes. with a bit of whipped gel cleanser ( or a special antibacterial liquid soap), rubbing, circular motions apply to skin, then leave for 5-7 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Read more about use sea salt for face read the link /sol-dlya-litsa hotel/

Here are effective masks against acne, will help you to cope with the existing problem simply, quickly and inexpensively.

If you have a recipe of the mask against inflammations on the face or other recommendations for our readers, share in the comments!

Smooth and healthy skin without pimples and inflammation is the key to beauty and attractiveness. Fight imperfections and be attractive and irresistible!

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