Everyday eye makeup

Everyday makeupEvery woman wants to be irresistible in any day and at any place: at home or at work, on the street. And, as a rule, on a daily basis before any lady is not an easy task to create an eye-catching makeover in just 10-15 minutes. In the modern life rhythm, on account of every moment, so in a hurry does not always work nicely to paint. You have to run in emergency cases is far from perfect, and at times ridiculous makeup, all day, constantly adjusting my morning «defects».

We know how important it is for every woman to have a representative view and maintain your charming image every day. So today we will show you how to make casual makeup properly, quickly and accurately, so that the whole day to look stunning.

You need to create a simple beautiful makeup on every day?

We all know that the cosmetics were created to help the woman was able to highlight its beauty and the strengths, and hide pesky flaws in appearance. The right makeup for each day should not look like a «mask» with a huge number of «plaster», it should not be glaringly light, enchanting and pleasant. Well, of course, for each of us it is important that it was also a quick makeover.

So the day was perfect, easy makeup, you should learn some tips and nuances.

The skin should be perfect

It is not news that on the skin if there are any bumps and flaws: dark circles and bags under the eyes, pimples, dark spots, inflammation and redness. All of this is a result of malnutrition, lack of sleep, lack of body beneficial nutrients, frequent stress. etc.

Therefore, to allow the skin in order, the first thing you need to take care of her «from the inside», so give enough time to walks on fresh air, good and hard get enough sleep, drink sufficient water and food with vitamins and minerals. Read «How to make your skin beautiful at home».

In addition, the skin needs daily care, so you need once a week to exfoliation (scrub) to remove dead particles. Pamper your skin with extra moisture and nutrition, every day, apply a nourishing cream, do a hydrating mask.

If you still defects on the skin are felt, a good set of cosmetics will come in handy. You may need: tonic d/person, day cream, concealer, Foundation, powder.

  • For starters, wipe the face tonic, it will help to remove all impurities and remnants of the old makeup and make the skin more matte;
  • To make up lay on the skin perfectly, apply on face light day cream;
  • If there are visible dark circles under the eyes, they need to gloss over the special concealer;
  • the next step will be the application of tonal resources. Choosing it in the store, choose light creams (eg. SS cream) to get the natural makeup for every day, and not a «mask». Carefully select a shade of Foundation, it must be suitable to your natural skin tone perfectly.
  • The final touch can be applying powder, it will help to preserve the durability of makeup. It should also be light and crumbly, and not to burden the beautiful casual makeup.

Makeup on every day

Of particular importance for women is a daily eye makeup, because it spent most of the time. The woman’s look becomes more expressive, confident and alluring when her eyes properly highlighted cosmetics. Probably every woman knows what color it will be to face. The main thing to remember is that eye make-up every day should look as natural and relaxed, so consider the basic nuances of what is possible and what not to do when creating your daily makeup for eyes.

  • Pick a shade that will match to your eye color to match your complexion and blend in with the image as a whole. It is best to give preference to soft bedding, pink and beige tones. Choose a better shade, so during the day they are not pushed and does not crumble, they must all be in the eyes of the day ahead. Owners of oily and combination skin, it is recommended to slightly powder my eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Using eye make-up several different shades of shadows, do not forget good shade border, the visible contrast of boundaries in the makeup every day, should be avoided.
  • To emphasize the shape of your eyes and give them expression, you can, if you draw the arrows. The easiest eye makeup when on the upper eyelid along the lash line with a pencil or eyeliner to draw the arrow. But, it should be noted that the daily make-up arrow will look attractive only if the eye will be announced a thin and neat line. A thick black arrow that resembles the stain, would look extremely vulgar. Better if the color of the pencil will be close to the natural, such as brown or grayish color. If you like to use eyeliner, then after creating the arrows for each day, a little powder upper eyelid for a couple of hours, it is not «floated» and not much ruining your appearance.
  • Oh, and of course mascara. Many women want to have long and lush lashes, but not everyone can boast such, so have them every day to touch up. Creating an easy everyday makeup, do not have to apply several layers of mascara, once is enough good to paint over all the lashes. If the result is not particularly inspired, and I want even more to lengthen your lashes and give them extra volume, you can re-go mascara, but only after the first layer dries well. Lower lashes dyeing is not necessary, instead, to draw a bottom line growth of brown or gray pencil.

Natural makeup for every day lip

When you create a morning makeup, typically the very last comes the turn of the lips. Dry, cracked lips can ruin the overall picture, therefore, we must give them no less attention than other parts of the body, constantly moisturize and protect. Read more about lip care read the link /uhod-za-gubami/

To prepare lips for application of lipstick, you need to lubricate them with a balm or chapstick. And this must be done at the initial phase of the makeup to the end, the lips managed to seep become soft and smooth. A lover of saturated colors lipsticks, makeup artists recommend the use of contour pencil helps to emphasize the lips and make them clearer.

If you want to create a light makeup, you should not choose a lipstick with glitter or pearl. Dwell on dull or moderately glossy lipstick. To makeup for the lips lasted as long as possible after applying lipstick, gently blot with tissue, then apply another thin layer and blot again.

If you want a beautiful and simple makeup was accented on the lips, then apply lipstick on top of gloss transparent color. Luscious lips will look more attractive.

We hope our article will help you to create quick and easy makeup for every day, and be irresistible always and everywhere!

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