Causes and solutions for dry skin on elbows

skin on elbows, dryEvery woman knows that the face care is important, and it pays quite a lot of time. But how often small parts nullify the efforts to be beautiful. Dry skin on the elbows – one of such elements. About the beauty of the elbows forget many. But they need care no less of a person. What is dry skin on the elbows, the reasons for this are cosmetic (and not only) of the defect and methods of treatment – more on that below.


Before embarking on intensive treatment Lokotkov, you must answer the question: what is the reason why dry skin on the elbows formed? Cosmetologists distinguish the following factors:

  • the lack of vitamins (especially A and E);
  • improper or insufficient care of the skin;
  • diseases of the internal organs.

It is no secret that without vitamins our bodies cannot function in a healthy mode. The lack of vitamins A and E — known beauty vitamin – invariably affects the skin condition. If dry skin on the elbows, you must first think, and whether we have our body? Enough is it all vitamin and mineral components? Often dry skin on the elbows is a signal that we need to radically change the diet, Supplement and enrich it. Read here what vitamins to take for dry skin.

photo dry skin of elbows, what is the reason?

Dry skin on the elbows (and knees), the reason is – improper care is a result of our negligence. When we thoughtfully leaning or propping up the head, thin and fragile skin on the elbows strained and injured. By the way, for the same reason, dry skin on elbows in men is not less. To injure the elbows can also clothing made of synthetic fabric, natural factors (sun, wind, etc.). However, with proper care, this problem will never appear.

Another thing, when the dry skin of the elbows caused by internal disease, most commonly endocrine diseases. Dry dark skin on the elbows, which would not be mitigated even with the use of nourishing or moisturizing creams? May need the help of an endocrinologist.

Dry skin on elbows — what to do?

When the skin on my elbows is dry and dark, natural and natural is the desire to eliminate this defect. A realistic target. Why dry skin on elbows sometimes requires not so much beauty, how many competent skilled assistance to the doctor, we explained above – in these cases you need to treat the root of all evil. Without a normalization of hormonal balance of cream and masks with the problem can not cope.

why dry skin on the elbows and what to do

In other cases (most common) you must use all available means – pharmaceutical, industrial and folk.

Dry skin elbows in need of exfoliating and softening procedures. Exfoliating function good variety of scrubs and salicylic ointment. After mechanical treatment, the skin should soften any nourishing cream. To abuse scrubs and peels can not, two treatments per week is enough. Do not recommend the use of pumice stone – it will only aggravate the situation. Recipes of masks you will find here.

If the skin on the elbows dry due to deficiency of vitamins A and E, the best treatment will be the medication with them. The diet also should be enriched with these vitamins, adding more olive oil, oily fish, cheese, eggs chicken.

When skin elbows dry and cracked, creams for hands and you need to choose a thick and oily. Well, if their composition will be chamomile, or calendula. Lubricating hand this cream after every wash, you need to remember about handling elbows, but to give them more priority. What you can prepare at home, read the link /cuhaya-kozha-ruk

When taking a shower you can handle dry skin special brush, gels with sulfate should be excluded from use. They are thinner protective layer, depriving the skin of moisture and fat. Choosing sulfate-free products, thankfully, is large enough. After a shower, especially useful are different nutritious masks, especially oil.

When dry skin on the elbows treatment should be comprehensive and permanent. One has only to forget about the elbows for a few days, the problem returns. Care of the elbows should be a mandatory daily procedure.

People’s ways of dealing with dry elbows

What to do if dry skin on the elbows, despite the use of cosmetic products continues to disappoint? In this case, you can use any of the numerous people’s councils.

You can use lemon juice or the juice of sauerkraut, which not only soften rough skin, but will bleach it. Natural acids work like peeling. The presence of cracks and scratches, the use of acidic juices is not recommended.

What else can you bleach dark skin of the elbows, see the link /krasnyie-i-temnyie-pyatna-na-loktyah-kak-otbelit-ih/

Dry, flaky skin on the elbows can be easily removed so a homemade scrub: 1 teaspoon of ground coffee, the same of salt, honey and thick cream. All components are mixed and applied on the elbows in a circular motion. RUB this scrub can be a few minutes, then wash it off and apply to the skin cream.

A wonderful result can be achieved when you use natural masks. One of the most popular is the mixture of honey and grated potato, which is applied to the elbows and secured with a bandage.

Another effective folk recipe: take a teaspoon of salt, cream, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and mix components. The mixture was put on well-steamed skin of the elbows and to wear plastic bags. The mask is kept for half an hour.

dry skin on elbows photos

Good softens and nourishes the mask of honey and almond oil (mixed in equal proportions, oil is pre-heated). Oil compresses can be left on all night. With cosmetic or vegetable oil you can prepare a bath to warm the oil, to give it elbows. Procedure lasts 15-20 minutes

And if the result is not happy at once, to stop and lower his hands. After a few treatments the skin is again soft, supple and healthy. Dry skin on one elbow, two on my knees or other parts of the body – always a solvable problem with proper patience.

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