Causes of dry skin on the feet. What to do and what tools to use?

dry skin on feet photoBeautiful manicured feet has always been a subject of female pride and admiration of men. But what to do when the skin on the feet very dry? This problem is especially acute in the summer when there is dry skin on the soles of the feet. In this regard, many women tormented by the constant peeling of the skin and even cracks on it.

Dry skin of the feet. Reasons

Dryness and peeling of the skin of the legs develops for several reasons. First, this is due to using cosmetic products that have a high alkali content. They all dry the skin. To avoid this, when choosing a cream or milk for the body you need to carefully study its composition and to choose the bottles with questionable dry skin on feet Secondly, the constant wearing of pantyhose and tight pants does not allow the skin to breathe. It also causes dryness of the skin on the legs and affects its water balance. In addition, the constant friction of the tights on the skin also causes peeling. So it is best to remove the tights and allow the skin to breathe.

Thirdly, the close clothes in addition to difficulties of skin breathing even slows down normal blood flow, which not only leads to dry skin of the feet, but also to the development of varicose veins. Fourth, very dry skin on the legs appears due to age-related changes in the skin. Women after 40 need not only special care, but also for the whole body. After this age the body quickly loses its moisture, that’s why the skin on the feet dry. A way out of this situation should be a permanent skin hydration, showering and baths. Will also help to use unrefined vegetable oils. What folk remedies help with very dry the skin read here /suhaya-kozha-body

What to do if dry skin feet?

When the first signs of dry skin on legs need to immediately to develop an appropriate set of measures to care for her. The complex must include procedures for skin hydration (masks, baths, creams) and special nutrients. The latter is necessary for moisturizing the skin from within. This is especially necessary when the dry skin of the feet has become for women a regular occurrence. Among the products, promoting skin nutrition, the most popular are vegetable oil and fish. They contain fatty acids actively nourish the cells under the epidermis.

In the list of foods that should be consumed for acquiring silky and soft skin includes: pumpkin, mango, spinach, carrot, pumpkin and apricot. These products include a large number of vitamin a makes the skin smooth. Vitamin a is in large quantities in all fruits and vegetables orange. When you suffer from a dry skin of the feet, the reasons may lie in the lack of vitamin E. It is needed to nourish the skin, its synthetic form is often added to creams. But nothing can replace fresh grains and nuts every day. In the cold season fresh fruits and vegetables can replace multivitamin complex.

dry skin on the feet

Causes of dry skin on the feet can be normal lack of fluid in the body. Adults not engaged in heavy physical labor, a day to drink a certain amount of pure non-carbonated water, equal to the product of body weight in kilograms by 30 ml. the Answer would be in milliliters. This is the minimum amount of water required for normal course of all metabolic processes in the body, including the skin from the inside. It is worth remembering that tea or coffee will not replace in its properties to pure water.

Dry skin what to do at home

All women, at least occasionally, take care of their skin, when the beauty or making something at home. When the skin of the feet dry, all treatments should be aimed at restoring its normal state. Dry skin of the Shin of the legs often indicates a wrong shaving this area. Too sharp blade not only removes hair, but also part of the skin. Special creams for hair removal affects the hair and the area around it. If these dangerous procedures still can not be avoided, immediately after shaving you need to moisturize the skin with vegetable oil. In this case the skin forms a protective lash, which prevents the escape of moisture. The oil you need to RUB gentle circular motion and allow to absorb.

Many women inconvenience dry skin between the toes. Especially for them, the beauticians have developed a mask that is easy to do at home. It is composed of: 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp butter, 2 tsp. crushed pulp of potatoes and 4 tsp. of baby soap. All components must be mixed to obtain a homogeneous slurry and applied to the area between your fingers, then wrap feet in cellophane and put on socks. The mixture should be left on the feet for 20-30 minutes. Further, the mask rinse with warm water and apply a nourishing cream. It is advisable to do this procedure 2 times a week before bed. After applying the cream you need to wear socks made of natural fabrics and leave them overnight.

If a woman is concerned about dry skin on the toes, then the best tool would be rubbing at the steamed skin of a mixture of different vegetable oils such as olive, coconut, patchouli oil and sandalwood. These pharmaceutical liquid vitamins a and e, if between the fingers, or the mould, to remove him would promote 2-3 drops of tea tree oil added to this mask. Instead of a mixture of oils on dry skin fingers you can also put sour cream or cream. In them it is desirable to add a few drops of essential oil. The mask is applied for 30 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

Dry skin on the feet of the child can be a real problem. For this case, it is best to use as a natural mask, not able to cause allergic reactions. Also, the use of this mask will help if you suffer from a dry skin on the calves of the legs. Warm milk oinophyta a few chopped apples and simmer cook for them to obtain a homogeneous slurry, it is possible to mash with a potato masher. The resulting mass is cooled and applied to dry feet, wrap in gauze and leave like this for 30 minutes. Then rinse and moisturize the skin with oil. Regular application of this mask will prevent the appearance of cracks and dryness on my feet.

dry skin of the feet

Paraffin as a cosmetic procedure known for a long time. Until recently, it could only be carried out in beauty salons, but now, having bought everything you need in the store, the paraffin is available in the home. Dry knife of the feet and hands, whose causes can be varied, easily removed using this procedure. Cosmetic wax should melt and apply a thin layer on the skin, after cooling the first layer applied to the second and third. Then feet are wrapped in cellophane and come with a towel. You are now ready to hand. The wax is applied on them the same way. Half an hour later the mask is washed off first with hands and then feet. Foot steaming should be treated with a pumice stone and moisturize.

If you have dry skin, read what to do in this case /cuhaya-kozha-ruk

Very dry skin on the feet often crack, which increases the risk of infection. This is especially true in the summer. To help in this case come a foot bath with herbal decoctions. As the basis for the trays you can take hops, chamomile, oak bark or sage. All these herbs have a calming effect, prevents the development of infection. Legs should be dipped in warm broth for 15 minutes, then wipe feet with a towel and apply moisturizer. When there is dryness of the hands and feet, the tray must be immersed and brush, carrying with them and any subsequent events.

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Thus, dry skin on the feet, the causes of which can be in inadequate nutrition and improper care, is a common problem in women of all ages. In addressing this question is important integrated approach aimed not only at resolving the problem, but also on its prevention.

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