Causes of dry skin. Proper care of dry skin

very dry skinThe number of cosmetic of caregivers is constantly growing, but the problem of dry skin remains in the Top issues that concern every woman. Good skin condition, grooming is not only an attractive appearance. Dry skin, unfortunately, often spoils the reputation. Inflammation, flaking, cracks, it is unlikely that these details will escape shrewd glance. Dry skin on the hands is, first and foremost, a sign of a lack of grooming. Is it possible to count on the gifts of life with such a careless attitude to the body?

Causes of dry skin hands

Why dry skin? Not everyone will surely answer this simple question. Dry skin on hands due to several reasons. Determining the causative factor and removing it is a half – solved problem.

The environment

Sun, frost, wind, salt water and other environmental factors injure the skin in case of insufficient protect it. The sun dehydrates the skin ages, frost and wind are rude, make rude, rough, contribute to the formation of cracks. Dry spots on the skin often appear due to temperature fluctuations.

dry skin on fingers

Aggressive household chemicals

Frequent contact with household products without skin protection invariably leads to qualitative changes. The epidermis in the interaction with detergents breaks down. Dry skin, cracks, dermatitis, allergic reactions – a direct result of such irresponsible attitude.

Cosmetic products

Cosmetic products do not always care for the skin. Alkaline Soaps and shower gels to wash the protective film, irritating the skin and dry it out. Such tools often contain noxious fumes (sulphate). You should also check all cosmetic products for:

  • alcohol
  • mint and menthol,
  • the citrus essential oils.

«I always use a moisturizer with glycerin, why is the skin on your hands dry?». The solution of such inverse effect as follows: the glycerin, which is mistaken by most universal skin moisturizer really can dry it. The main property of glycerol the moisture retention in the skin, but in a low humidity environment it picks up moisture from the skin and releases it outside. The more cosmetics with glycerin is applied, the drier the skin becomes. Read here «how to oblazit skin».

An unbalanced diet

Dry skin is often due to poor nutrition. To skin happy healthy color and elasticity it needs:

  • a large amount of fluid,
  • fatty acids,
  • vitamins E, A and C.

About beriberi zoom often dry skin between the fingers. Receiving diuretics and laxatives, drinking lots of coffee and tea also leads to dehydration.

But how to eliminate dry skin? How to properly care for them?

Dry skin — what to do?

Regular and careful maintenance is the key to beauty hands. Rehabilitation measure needs to be temporary. Often after the first results of intensive care is terminated, and the problem soon returns.

Dry skin, causes a dehydrated state which is the natural factors that requires from its owner protection. Creams with UV filter, from the cold, wind should be a mandatory component in the cosmetic handbag. To return such the skin soft, you can use nourishing masks.

Dry skin on the fingers is often accompanied by flaking. This skin is deprived of moisture, but fat. From flaky skin should remove with a peel or scrub. Procedure abuse can not two times a week is enough. After mechanical cleaning, the skin should be ublaziti cream. Well, if its composition will be moisture-retaining components (silicone or mineral oil). More about how to get rid of peeling skin of the hands, see the link /shelushenie-kozhi-na-rukah

effective mask for dry skin

Often dry skin on hands crack. If there are cracks you should consult with your doctor. They can indicate psoriasis, eczema or allergies. To care for those hands recommended nourishing creams with panthenol or aloe. Apply the cream liberally on your hands, cotton gloves. Dry skin and cracked fingers are a professional problem doctors, cleaners, teachers. Frequent contact with aggressive means the skin need to be protected. Regular rubber gloves will prevent the problem better than any expensive cream.

When plagued with dry skin – vitamins and minerals inside will not be superfluous. Emphasis should be placed on vitamin and mineral complexes with a high content of vitamins a, E And C. good for skin use of fish oil.

Dry skin in a child can be cause by improper nutrition or care. Young children often suffer from food allergies or contact. It should be remembered that at the first sign of dryness and skin irritation the child has access to a doctor necessarily.

Masks for dry skin

What to do if your skin is very dry, but moisturizers can not cope with the problem? Very dry skin, the causes of which are due to aggressive environmental factors or imbalances of vitamins and minerals that nourish the masks.

About the benefits of cosmetic and vegetable oils, and no need to talk. Dry skin, treatment which is carried out using an oil compress, it quickly becomes soft and supple. Gauze impregnated with warmed oil (any vegetable). These wipes are applied to the hands, and top with cotton gloves. The duration is not limited. The oil can also be rubbed into the skin until absorbed.

what to do if your skin is very dry

Very dry skin hands peeling treated with sour cream mask: a glass of fat sour cream, chicken egg yolk, juice of one lemon mix. In this mixture of soaked cloth and placed on hand on top of the food wrap, gloves. After 20-30 minutes the remains are removed with a cotton pad.

Dry skin between the fingers will remove this compress: teaspoon of salicylic acid, half a Cup of honey and olive oil (warmed in a water bath). The composition distributed over the surface of the skin and fixed with cling film and gloves. Wash off pack with a lotion of water and lemon juice.

Dryness of skin, cracks, — treatment of folk remedies at much cheaper industrial products and efficiency in times above. However, the care of dry skin of the hands can be carried out in any convenient way. And about its quality will clearly indicate the result.


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