Why dry body skin. How to care and what tools to use

dry skin, what to do?The sebaceous glands of the skin produce a special lubricant that helps retain moisture inside the skin, make the surface smooth and supple. Very dry skin of the body is deprived of this natural protection. It is only reptiles have dry skin with Horny scales or shields covers the body, the human skin needs nutrition and moisturizing. The first step is to analyze the causes of the skin on the body dry? And only then accepted for comprehensive care and restoration of elasticity.


When there is dryness of the skin of the body, the cause of the problem may be hiding in any of the caregivers, not to mention the environmental factors. However, the elucidation of factors contributing to the dryness is the solution of the problem by half.


Dry skin may be inherited from grandma or mom along with eye color or a propensity to obesity.

Dry air

Very dry skin of the body, the cause of which is hidden in dry air is a serious problem for its owner. If you do not ensure higher levels of humidity – will have to regularly and frequently use nourishing creams. Dry air is often observed during the winter heating season.

Frequent washing

Increased dryness of the skin may be due simply to frequent and prolonged washing, especially in hot water. The more often and longer wash – the less natural lubricant remains. Washing dishes without special means of protection is the cause of dry hands /cuhaya-kozha-ruk

Cosmetic products

Shower gel, soap that contains sulfate – the destroyer of our skin. It is better to take a shower without them than to injure the skin of dangerous synthetics. When there is a dryness and itching of the skin of the body, the reasons should be sought in cosmetic products.

dry skin body photo

A deficiency of vitamins and fats in the diet

Dry skin may be due to improper and unbalanced diet. The main vitamins for dry skin – group B, zinc, selenium, folic acid. The menu must be foods with fatty acids. The lack of vitamins caused by the peeling dry skin.


Most women after 40 point increased skin dryness. With age, the activity of the sebaceous glands slows the amount produced of sebum decreases. So manifests itself hormonal changes the body.

Insufficient water intake

Dry skin of the whole body can be the consequence of water deficit. Because the water balance defines beauty, youth and health of the skin.

What if the very dry body skin?

Why very dry skin of the body needs care and treatment? If you do not take any action, this very old, covered with wrinkles, in the worst case, it will begin to crack and swell. In addition to the unattractive appearance, the situation is aggravated by the discomfort – after all, this skin is constantly itching, itching.

Very dry skin of the whole body, the causes of which are – wash with a traumatic gels, requires deep nutrition at the stage of purification. Shower or bath should not be hot all the gels and Soaps should be replaced by sulfate-free and fatty cream. Before showering, you can RUB the body of any vegetable oil. After a contrast shower, dousing with cold water.

Cosmetic shelf should not be present alcoholic lotions, harsh scrubs and peels. They need to be replaced by a nourishing milk, cleansing and gentle enzyme exfoliation. To skrabirovanie dry skin once a week.

dry skin on the body causes

Cream for dry skin should be free of fragrances, oils. From cheap creams dry good baby creams and panthenol. The perfect choice is a nourishing cream for dry skin handmade, which must be stored in the refrigerator.

We recommend you to read the article «Care of dry skin».

The food inside

The food for dry skin of the body should be diverse. The menu should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. After all, if dry skin body follows even with proper moisture from the outside, then the problem lies within. Most likely, the body is starved of vitamins And and Is. Nutritious diet in this case must be supplemented by the following products:

  • carrots and apples
  • butter,
  • cheese, milk,
  • fatty fish and seafood,
  • vegetable oil,
  • nuts,
  • cereals,
  • oatmeal.

Vitamins from dryness body skin can be purchased at the pharmacy, but much more useful is the use of vitamins from natural products.

What vitamins to take?

  • rough skin – nicotinic acid,
  • scaly – vitamin a,
  • wither – vitamin E,
  • crack is vitamin C.

We should not forget that the food is not all that your skin needs. Plenty of fluids is another main condition for beautiful skin. You need to drink at least two liters, from which the dry skin of the body will begin transforming in the eyes. And if you adhere to any diet, the amount should be increased to 2.5 litres. Water needs to be clean, you can drink non-carbonated mineral water (the dining room, and is not curative).

What to do if dry skin is caused by environmental factors? With dry air in the apartment can be fought with special devices for moisture. The drying action of sun, frost or wind can be prevented, if to use protective creams (from the sun or frost, respectively).

Dry skin — what to do if, despite all the tricks, the problem remains? To consult a dermatologist. Perhaps the reason lies in the diseases (diabetes, psoriasis and other disorders of metabolism).

Very dry body skin is

With dry skin can be overcome using traditional recipes. They are all absolutely harmless, affordable and has almost no contraindications.

care of dry body skin

Care of dry skin with homemade masks – an ideal means of nutrition and hydration. Prepared with his own hands the mask nourishes the skin better than many expensive products.

Effective mask for dry skin: avocado, banana, 100 ml cream, 100 g butter, a little oil of roses. Grind all the ingredients. Apply for steamed body for 20 minutes and wash off with a damp sponge.

Mask # 2: the heated honey mixed with vegetable oil, the mixture is applied to skin, after 20 minutes, rinse.

You can still make a nourishing mask from egg recipe, see the link /maski-iz-yaytsa-dlya-hotel litsa-i-tela

Any oil for dry body skin is a real elixir of beauty and health. Italians in General are rubbed daily with your favorite olive oil and look great. A true southern Belle sometimes indulge themselves in oil baths, plunging them entirely after steamed bath. This experience is replicable. And if olive oil bath for dry skin – it’s still expensive for most, it is not less effective will be ordinary rubbing oils into the skin.

…and other inexpensive but effective procedure

Dry skin on the body — what to do? To learn and use useful tips:

  • to take a contrast shower,
  • sleep at least 7-8 hours
  • drink plenty of water, not coffee
  • no Smoking,
  • workout in the morning
  • to enjoy life.

When dry skin body treatment may become more complicated due to a simple bad mood. Our skin is the indicator of our mental state. Maybe that smile will be the most ideal tool that will save skin from dryness.

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