Deodorant and antiperspirant: what’s the difference and which is better?

the difference between deodorant from antiperspirantHygiene is a separate shelf in the bathroom each girl. Today, cosmetic market is so big that it is difficult to understand even with the products not to mention brands. It is not, what is the deodorant from antiperspirant, but today we will answer this and other questions.

What is a deodorant?

The source of the unpleasant smell in the armpits – not the sweat (because sweat is 99 % water) and the waste products of bacteria that are present on our skin. Warm and moist environment is the best habitat and reproduction. Deodorants are designed to suppress the activity of microorganisms. Thus, the deodorants do not affect the quantity of allocated sweat, and eliminate an unpleasant smell.

In the composition of deodorants of different brands can be different active substances. So organic compound Triclosan together with harmful microorganisms and destroys the microflora of the skin. Another active substance is Farnesol fights bacteria more gentle way, so the best female deodorant sweat for sensitive skin includes just the connection.

There are several methods of applying deodorants to the skin, it also influence their effectiveness:

  • Deodorant spray;

Only works on the surface of the skin, which is consumed faster, but leaves virtually no residue on clothes. This type of deodorant is not recommended for people with diseases of the lungs. The spray should be applied at a distance of 20 cm from the skin.

  • Solid deodorant;

To be more effective than the spray, as it creates on the skin a protective film. Can leave marks on clothing and has a faint smell.

  • Roll-on deodorant;

Effectively protects from an unpleasant smell, in need of drying. If you do not dry deodorant allotted time, possible stains on clothing.

  • Gel

Sometimes there are deodorants in the form of a gel, most often among men’s products. Affects as solid.

The answer to the question, what is better deodorant roll-on or spray, stick or gel depends essentially only on your preferences and comfort. In fact, the mechanism of action of each of these types remains the same.

What is antiperspirant?

Despite the fact that the concept of «deodorant» and «antiperspirant» some used as synonyms, actually there’s a significant difference.

Antiperspirant does not affect the bacteria and the cancer. In the media contain salts of aluminum or zinc, which, in contact with skin turning into organic metal salts. They clog the pores of the sebaceous glands and prevent sweating.

Thus, in contrast to the deodorant antiperspirant is that the latter directly affects the amount of liquid. Some antiperspirants and is 100% block the ducts and prevent sweating and thus odor. Is it good? From the point of view of appearance, Yes, but from the point of view of health issues.

Sweating is an important process that protects the body from overheating and the accumulation of toxic substances. If him constantly to interfere, nothing good will happen.

The dangers of antiperspirants is also associated with the risk of developing cancer of the mammary glands or the lymphatic system.

However, we cannot say that the use of antiperspirants should remain under strict prohibition. The connection of cancer with the use of antiperspirants is not established for sure, that leaves open the question, what is better deodorant or antiperspirant.

One thing is for sure: with antiperspirants should be treated more carefully, and use them every day. For example, particularly desirable to apply the spray, liquid or solid deodorant before playing sports. At this point, the bodies are in need of normal work of sweat glands. Depends on the output of toxins, and thermoregulation during exercise.

How to use antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant, as we have said, fills the sweat glands. Therefore, before applying you should clean them from dirt and moisture. It can be done, if you dip and wait for 2 hours after bath. This is necessary in order to keep the water left the sweat glands.

Still, the best option is to apply antiperspirant for 7-8 hours before bedtime. During this period, the sweat glands will be minimized and will not have to wait 2 hours after taking a shower. Don’t forget to clean the skin before use wipes.

Antiperspirant works during the day. So using it in the evening, in the morning this is no longer necessary.

How to use deodorant?

Not to sweat at all, the deodorant will not help you, as we have seen. However, its correct use will help minimize the unpleasant smell of sweat.

Firstly, deodorant as well as antiperspirant is applied to dry clean skin.

Second, reapply without showering is effective only on the second time. Further, odor will not hide cosmetic.

Thirdly, the smell is better to choose to your main perfume, or the aroma on your body can interfere.

Hygiene is something that we use every day. Of course, their choice should be approached with the utmost seriousness and skill. But to dwell on the possible dangers are not worth it. If you are afraid of the risk of disease, you can prepare your own natural deodorant: lemon juice or lime, vinegar, decoction of oak bark, etc. But still the best deodorant for women and men is taking a shower at least every morning and evening, as well as regular wiping of «dangerous» for the emergence of odor field wipes.

Leave comments if you have formed your own opinion about this topic.

Be healthy!

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