Why there are brown spots on the face. How to remove them?

dark spots on the face photoAge spots can appear every person in any age and for different reasons. Some women believe this change in skin tone a big flaw and cosmetic defect. Indeed, the pigmentation on the face doesn’t simply appear, it there are any reasons.

Causes of

If there are brown spots on the face, the causes of this lie in the genetic background or the lack of vitamins. Most often, any changes in the skin lie in the deficiency of the vitamin composition. Especially this can happen in the winter-spring period, when the human body does not get the required amount of nutrients and valuable substances. If dark spots on the face are seasonal in nature, the person must be constantly taking care of strengthening of immunity, in this case, the problem of pigmentation will disappear by itself.

What are the causes of pigmentation on face? They are not much different from those that cause dark spots on the body.

photo of age spots on the face

  • Pregnancy. Dark spots on the face during pregnancy is normal. This situation is due to global changes of the body, hormonal changes. Usually after delivery the pigmentation shall. If a pregnant woman concerned about this defect, you can use safe methods for lightening age spots.
  • The influence of ultraviolet rays. Often age spots appear on the face under direct sunlight or after a visit to the Solarium.
  • The effects of acne. In most cases, dark spots on nose appear after acne removal or acne. On the spot where was located the pimple appears the pigment stain.
  • Age. Age spots appear on face after 40-45 years. This is also a normal fact, the reason lies in the natural aging process.
  • Allergic reaction. The appearance of age spots on the face have been associated with the use of cosmetic products that a person manifest side effects in the form of these changes in skin tone.
  • Diseases of the internal organs. Spots under the eyes often associated with liver disease or kidney. If at the same time appears grey or yellow complexion, you should immediately contact a specialist to receive qualified treatment.
  • Heredity. White spots appear on face genetic predisposition. Such defects are difficult to get rid of on your own or with the help of folk and cosmetics. The only way to remove dark spots on face — surgery.

If a pigmented spot on the Lyceum increases, the person need not to appear in direct sunlight. The increase in pigmentation may be due to the exacerbation of internal ailments or due to the sharp limitations of the body in vitamin composition.

If a pigmented spot on the face peel off, it is the first sign of a developing skin diseases. In this case, it is not recommended to engage in self-treatment methods, and to see a specialist.

How to remove dark spots on face

Pigmentation on the face does not cause any harm to human health, it only is a disadvantage of appearance. Some people don’t pay it any attention and do not consider it a disadvantage. Others, on the contrary, I try to remove dark spots on face in every way possible.

The pigment spots on the face may be done in several ways. First, in beauty shops and pharmacies is a wide range of means to eliminate this drawback.

lighting and whitening facial from age spots

To whiten face pigment spots you can use zinc ointment, hydrogen peroxide or cream on the basis of mercury. Zinc ointment has a more gentle effect except lighten dark spots on the face, it also removes wrinkles and pimples on the skin. It is not recommended to use it for a long time, otherwise the skin can perenositsya and start flaking. Hydrogen peroxide and cream with mercury should be used with caution, most people after using these drugs there is a burn on the skin. Tools although very effective but prolonged use of them is prohibited. Recommend you read the article on the topic: «How to bleach face at home» /otbelit-litso-v-domashnih-usloviyah

In addition, the whitening of the face from age spots can be done with the help of medicinal creams. Examples are cream retin-A and Achromin MAX. These drugs are applied on the damaged face courses and require regular application. In addition to getting rid of age spots, they also protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Secondly, if revealed dark spots on the face, treatment this drawback can be carried out according to the recipes of traditional medicine. Masks and blends based on lemon juice, cucumber juice, parsley or dandelion perfectly eliminate the defects of the skin. Very good salicylic alcohol from age spots. It is used as a rubbing of the damaged skin.

Removal of pigment spots on the face

To remove dark spots on face is possible in several ways, which are used in medical clinics. Well established peels laser and chemical.

ways to remove dark spots on face

Removing age spots on the face is best done with a laser peel. This procedure is the least secure and is not acting on the entire surface of the skin, and the pigment-only stain. Depending on the affected skin area, the doctor will determine how many treatments you need to forget about pigmentation.

Cleaning your face from age spots is chemical peel. In addition to addressing pigmentation, cleaned and whole skin. This procedure should be done in specialized salons, self-exfoliation can damage your skin.

In addition to these methods, there is also phototherapy to eliminate age spots on the face. The procedure is a forward direction the infrared beam on the pigment stain. Damaged skin cells, after the procedure, collapse, and gradually the skin takes smooth tone shade.

It is important to remember that in rare cases, skin pigmentation on the face cannot be resolved until cured any diseases or increase the immunity in the human body.

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