D-panthenol cream

In life each person has had the situations when the skin is damaged by mechanical injury, inflammation or burns. If the size of the problems are minor, you can use pharmacy drugs. They are inexpensive, but quickly have an effect. One way is cream D-panthenol.

Instructions for use D-panthenol cream

Cream D-panthenol

The pharmacological action of the drug, improvement of trophic processes and enhancing tissue repair. It can be used in the presence of dermatitis of different origin. Speaking of description, D-panthenol (Depanthenol) has great effect in eliminating the adverse effects on the skin. In addition to the Panthenol-D cream, this drug is available in spray form, which has the same effect. To get extra information, it is better to refer to the annotation of the manufacturer.


Panthenol ointment comprises an active component, such as dexpanthenol (1 g of cream contains 50 mg). He transformirovalsya in Pantothenic acid, and it is a component of coenzyme A. the Last component is involved in the acetylation and oxidation. He is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, synthesis of acetylcholine. A derivative of Pantothenic acid is a vitamin group B. auxiliary substances include:

  • anhydrous lanolin;
  • vaseline white;
  • liquid paraffin;
  • methyl ethyl ketone;
  • cholesterol;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • parahydroxybenzoate;
  • the water purified.

What helps dexpanthenol

To apply D-panthenol is only for external application. The active ingredient dexpanthenol. He acts so that all the redox processes in the dermis normally occur. Substance significantly improves the protective functions of the skin. Composition leads to normal recovery processes, which is very important when the negative effects of environmental factors.

Cream or spray-Drier prevent the aging process. This is all achieved thanks to dexpanthenol. It stimulates the synthesis reaction of elastin and collagen. With age, the skin all these components are produced in smaller quantities. This determines the appearance of age-related skin changes. If you use a cream, ointment or spray, you can:

  • to eliminate all manifestations of the inflammatory process;
  • remove the peeling;
  • add nutrition and hydration to the skin.

Application of the cream

Cream D-panthenol

Apply the medication should be only after it is agreed with the specialist. The number of applications of D-panthenol the cream can reach 6 times during the day. It depends on the type of skin lesions. Use of the drug is possible pregnancy and lactation. For the prevention of diaper dermatitis it is recommended to apply baby Panthenol for newborns. To apply this kind of remedy after each change of underwear.

For the face

Represented the drug is actively pursuing for the treatment of inflammatory processes. It is recommended to apply Panthenol for acne and after peeling. First, the skin is thoroughly clean, wipe with a lotion appropriate for your skin type, and then a thin layer to distribute the cream. To perform the manipulation should be 2 times in one day. Therapy is not limited to – treatment continued until complete disappearance of symptoms.

For hands

The cream effectively cope with sagging skin, wrinkles and peeling. All of these signs it is often possible to notice in his hands. Apply the medication 2-4 times a day with light rubbing motions. If you want to distribute the cream on the infected surface, then first it is necessary to treat with an antiseptic. After using the ointment, do not soak them for at least 1-1.5 hours.


Beautiful and thick hair is a dream of every person. Under the influence of environmental factors to achieve this effect impossible. Here comes the cream Panthenol. The resulting effect can be seen in many photos. Healing composition is added to hair masks, or used in its pure form. Order of application:

  1. distribute the cream on the code head rubbing movements;
  2. wait 2 hours;
  3. remove the mask with warm water;
  4. conduct therapy within a month, 2 times per week;
  5. the effect will be noticeable after 14 days of use.


If your body has a thermal trauma, then you can use the cream and the spray for burns. It will evenly distribute all the components of the drug and leaves no greasy residue on clothing. This should be done 2-4 times a day. If the injury is in the open, it permits the use of ointment for burns. When used with a remedy for the infected area before applying the medication, the wound should be treated with antiseptic. A breastfeeding mom use cream, foam or jelly to lubricate the nipple after each nursing.

The girl smears the feet of D-panthenol

Contraindications panthenol

To apply this drug if you are hypersensitive to one of the element of the cream. In most cases, side effects from the use of Panthenol was not. Very rarely can develop an allergic reaction. It is manifested as redness, swelling, peeling. In the therapy of indolent lesions of the skin use Depanthenol is under the careful supervision of an experienced physician.

Analogues of D-panthenol

Ointment Panthoderm

If your pharmacy for some reason, there is no Panthenol, no worries. This unique drug has the analogs – similar in structure and action of the drug. Sometimes they can have even greater efficiency than the original. You can purchase these analogues cream foam Panthenol:

  1. Panthoderm. This gel has anti-inflammatory and healing effect, and cools the skin.
  2. Panthenol-Ratiopharm. Ointment used for sores, wounds, scratches, fungal and bacterial infection. You cannot use if pregnant or nursing.
  3. Bepanten. The drug is popular for bruises, burns, insect bites, atopic dermatitis. Has no contraindications and side effects.

Video about burn cream D-panthenol

Reviews of D-panthenol

Xenia, 38 years: Cream Panthenol is already 5 years old settled in a home first aid kit. Effectively heals all wounds and burns, quickly fights inflammation of different nature. Used drug for the treatment of diaper rash of the skin of her newborn son. I also like Panthenol vial in the form of an aerosol. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue.

Gregory, 51 years: D-Panthenol cream is an amazing product. Provides maximum benefit with minimum negative impacts. The cream uses all my family for a long time. After the first application there is a redness, burning and pain. For all the time use ointment that has never been noted side effects.

Olga, 24 years: I met with cream after he got a burn on her arm. On doctor’s advice I immediately began to apply the gel on the damaged area. To my surprise, the wounds quickly began to heal. No scarring or charms left. The price is low, buy can be anyone. This medication is always in my purse.

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