Curling volume to the roots

Not all ladies are fortunate with thick, voluminous hair. Manufacturers of various devices for stacking, offer many options as you can for a few minutes to create volume on any hair. One of such devices include tongs-ripple.

What is Curling ripple for the volume of basal

Charisma Is Awesome Alimni

One of the most convenient tools for creation of radical volume is Curling ripple, which is just a few minutes will create in your mind a beautiful hairstyle. The device is a forceps with corrugated surface, which heats up and makes locks wavy. This tool is very popular among girls and women who love to change their looks from day to day using simple solutions. They are used for the root volume.

How to choose iron ripple

When you select any device to create a hairstyle and you need to pay attention to how gently he will treat your strands of hair, will not damage the structure, making it more dry and brittle. Especially such events relate to various uturku or plates, because its main function they perform with the help of heat.

In modern stores you can find wide range of cheap or expensive crimper. Their differences not only in price but also in build quality, materials used, additional features and, most importantly, the coating of the heating fabric. There are several types of coating plates: metal, ceramic, tourmaline. The metal covering is the most dangerous, so to use a tool regularly, you should not.

As for ceramic or tourmaline coating, such devices are often significantly more expensive, but the effect is much better. In beauty salons use only such models that the customer was satisfied not only with result but also the state of the strands after the procedure. As useful features that are included with a good Curling radical volume include the regulation of temperature and ionization.

Review of the best models

Charisma professional

What is offered well-known manufacturers:

  • Harizma professional

If you are really worried about their hair and try to use the most simple tools and styling tools, professional Curling volume to the roots of the brand Charisma is what you need. Only the high-quality coating, with all the necessary features that support convenient application — this is the main principle in the development of any appliances of this brand. The price will surprise everyone with their availability.

  • Rowenta

The perfect Curling iron for home use Remington Volume 24. With them, you will be able to create the root volume for a few minutes, which will stay for the whole day. Ergonomic handle, the function of ionization, high-quality coating of the heating surfaces — this will not harm your locks and styling will delight in the all day.

  • Tek

Another company that creates professional designs for curls or volume to the roots. The soft cover device takes care of your hair during styling, comfortable grip, long cord, does not interfere with free movement of hands during the creation of any hairstyle. These tongs to create volume to the roots choose only those who really care about their hair and always use styling tools.

How to use

Rowenta All

In addition, you need to choose a good Curling styling, it is important to know the basic principles of working with them:

  1. Never start the engine with heater on wet hair, only dry.
  2. If your tongs have a temperature adjustment feature, try to use it: thin hair suitable lower temperature than thick and dense.
  3. Preferably before use, apply a special heat tool.
  4. The nozzle ripple for volume at the roots need not be pressed tight to the head. Departing 2 cm and start the installation process.
  5. After installation, use varnish to fix the result.

Video: how to make the root ribs on the hair

Where to buy and how much are the Curling-ripple hair

Nozzles for ripple

Buy Curling ripple for volume to the roots at any hardware store or order online at the manufacturers website. Prices are totally different: cheap metal tools will cost 800 UAH. above, but the quality of these devices leaves much to be desired. Good tongs for household use are sold at a price of 2 thousand Professional Curling iron for volume to the roots is much more expensive: the cost starts from 4 thousand UAH. and above.

Customer reviews

Marina, 32 years:Make a beautiful styling to help me with the tongs-ribs, of the company Rowenta. No flaws no, I like the result. Styling is done in 5 minutes and keeps well, does not dry the hair. I apply before using heat protection spray, maybe he saves. During shampooing always use a moisturizing mask.

Carina, 26 years:My hair is not lush and I hate it. Bought a professional crimper Tek to shape your hair and I can say the device works well. Just a few motions and good hair done! I did not expect such effect. Fix laying varnish. Enough for the whole day.

Helen, 46 years:I’m 15 years working in the beauty salon and that’s just what I had to do. Often girls with thin strands of hair are asked to make them beautiful lush hair like the photo of the stars. I use this Styler to the hair. He quickly cope with the task and all clients leave satisfied.

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