Why cracks on the hands. How and what to treat them

cracked skin on fingerCracks on the fingers, palms and feet can be frustrating for any beauty who takes care of his body. And when it comes to not only the aesthetic side of the issue, but the health of the body, to the solution of problems should be approached carefully. In this article we will explain why cracked skin on fingers how to avoid it and what to eliminate.

Reasons that breaks the skin on the fingers

All the causes can be divided into two groups: external and internal. First associated with the adverse effects of the environment: the sun, the climate, frequent exposure of chemicals on skin (do not have to understand laboratory chemicals, dishwashing detergent, for example, also belongs here), etc.

Internal factors are caused by processes in the body: infection, illness, hormonal surges, lack of minerals and vitamins, allergies, etc.

Specific, the most common causes of cracks the following:

  1. Psoriasis

A chronic autoimmune disease, which is likely to emerge stronger under stress, intoxication (alcohol, for example), infections and other Autoimmune nature of the disease means that the cells of the body, for some reason, committed to the destruction of healthy tissue. Psoriasis can appear as dry spots of different colors on the skin, and cracks on the palms.

  1. Eczema

Eczema is caused by allergies and is an acute inflammatory character. Its symptoms are redness between the fingers and itching, comes to Smoking. Eczema is a chronic, meaning it comes back in certain periods of the year.

Read what to do if you have peeling skin on the hands.

  1. The external environment

breaks the skin on the fingers picturesPerhaps the most common factor which cracked fingertips hands and also the backhand is adverse outside influence that affects the skin dryness.

It can be attributed to: a prolonged stay in the water, lack of vitamins, extreme temperatures, hypothermia, excessive exposure to UV light (including natural sunlight), contact with chemical products, etc.

  1. Hormonal disorders

Hormone level slips and «jumps» in some periods of life (adolescence, pregnancy and hormonal medications, and the like), as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes, dysfunction of thyroid gland. It affects the skin and can cause cracks in the pads of the fingers and not only.

  1. Diseases of the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract)

Problems with digestion, it is not strange, can also contribute to the appearance of small cracks on the hands.

  1. Fungus

And of course, cracks can appear in the result of infection with a fungus. This can happen after touching the object or person having the fungus. Cracks between the toes – a critical issue after visiting swimming pools, gyms, baths, etc. without special protective footwear. Also not recommended to use towels and personal hygiene items of others.

cracks on fingers photoBased on the foregoing it can be concluded that cracks in the skin can be caused by a variety of factors. And then, what to treat cracked hands, will primarily depend on the root cause of their appearance.

If this symptom was caused by any disease in the first place, together with your doctor is necessary to eliminate it. Without this, even the constant hydration and skin nutrition will not give the expected effect.

If the cracks between the fingers as a result of adverse external factors, we must find a way to reduce their impact. For example, wash dishes in rubber gloves, in the cold seasons wear gloves, and in warm use creams with UV protection.

Treatment of cracked skin folk methods

In case, if the underlying cause is eliminated, and the consequences were, can come to the aid of traditional medicine.

  1. Oil

As it is because of the dryness cracks the skin on the pads of the fingers, to return to her previous form will help a variety of oils.

  • Cedar.

They wipe the damaged skin several times a day as it dries. Cracks quickly heal.

  • Lilac

Prepare the oil of lilac in the spring very easily by yourself. It is necessary to fill in any container (preferably dark) flowers white lilac, pour sunflower oil and insist 20 days away from sunlight. Oil to massage the damaged areas.

  1. Baths
  • Potato broth

For the hostess a decoction of potatoes – the easiest way of treatment if cracks form on the skin.

For its preparation you need to peel the potatoes, boil, take it all, in the broth, add starch and vegetable oil, used as a bath for hands or as lotions for other areas.

  • Salt oil

The total duration of procedure – 15-20 minutes. The first half of this time keep your hands or feet in the bath with sea salt, the second – in the bath with oil.

  1. Ointment

The pharmacy may offer some of the ointment from cracks on your fingers, but to prepare them it is possible independently.

  • Celandine

A handful of celandine should together with 200 ml of vegetable oil to heat on a low flame, after the start of the boil and immediately remove from heat, cool. Then add back about 20 grams of the wax is again heated and constantly stirred until the wax is melted, bring to a boil, immediately remove from heat.

Ointment should get you a uniform, it is stored in the refrigerator and very quickly heals cracks and relieves the pain and itching between the fingers.

  • The yolk

Mix the chicken egg yolk with 1 table.a spoonful of vegetable oil and 1 tsp.a tablespoon of vinegar to a smooth consistency, apply the mixture on overnight, wearing hand gloves.

  • Honey

1 table.a spoon of honey mixed with a small amount of vodka, oil and flour until smooth. The mixture should be spread on the skin and secure with a bandage or gauze for a few hours (or overnight).

  • Starch

We will need milk, water, glycerin and starch, in equal proportions. The mixture is applied on the affected skin for a couple of hours. Using this ointment can cure even the deepest scars on the skin.

Prevention of occurrence of cracks on the skin

Of course, before curing of the cracks on the fingers, I would like not to bring the matter to their appearance. Follow these tips and you won’t have to suffer with this cosmetic defect:

  1. Do not get carried away anti-infective agents

Consisting of daily soap should be a glycerin or other softening components, but solid aggressive chemicals affect the skin, resulting in peeling of finger pads on the hands. Besides antibacterial agents kill not only harmful bacteria but also destroy the natural protective layer of the skin.

  1. Refrain from electronic dryers home

After washing their hands should be wiped with a soft towel, not to dry with hot air. Of course, if sometimes in shopping malls to resort to quick method of drying of the skin, nothing terrible will happen, but home is best not to install this equipment.

photo dryness, flaking and cracks on the hands

  1. Use gloves

The rubber is in contact with water, powder and detergents. Construction and mechanical injuries. Warm in the frost.

  1. Moisturize the skin

If once again moisten with cream handles, nothing bad will happen, but the positive effect is clearly not forced to wait long. Traditional recipes for moisturizing the skin you can find here>>.

  1. Treat the handles with masks

Once a week in addition to constant hydration, use a mask for the skin. You can buy it in the cosmetic Department or make your own.

For example, the mask for hands from dryness and cracks with bread and milk the crumb of white bread mixed with a small amount of milk. Immerse in a mixture of hands on and 20 minutes later enjoy a velvety skin without cracks.

  1. Eat right

Don’t debilitate yourself with strict diets, because in addition to excess weight is suffering and your beauty: disturbed hormone levels, vitamins and mineral elements. Even the issue of weight loss must be approached, taking care primarily about health.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Leave your comments and suggestions.

You are beautiful!

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