How useful pine baths for the body

why take softwood bathToday, increasingly used the procedure to preserve the beauty, health and youth on the basis of natural products. In favor of natural components, is seen not only specialists of beauty salons, but many people conducting therapeutic sessions at home. For skin rejuvenation and healing the body are the most frequently used extracts of medicinal herbs, different tinctures, oils, extracts.

Pine baths at home is an excellent way not only to maintain health, but such procedures are often used for the treatment of many childhood and adult diseases related to the respiratory, cardiovascular activity, nervous system, and many others. The rich composition of pine needles makes all the funds on the basis of its indispensable and versatile method effects on the body.

What is the use of needles and coniferous baths?

Needles — a leaves or twigs needle-like, evergreen trees: spruces, pines, cedars, juniper. Needles is an extremely valuable source of many biologically active components. It contains large amounts of vitamins (C, E, B,P, PP), essential oils and resins, volatile, antioxidants, phytohormones, and «deposits» of different minerals: cobalt, manganese, copper, iron, aluminum, etc.

useful than coniferous-salt bathAll these substances are involved in the production of collagen, elastin, and also affect the metabolic processes occurring in the body, protect skin from negative external influences, as well as accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, that is, its healing or upgrade. Coniferous baths for kids are incredibly useful. They help to calm your baby, calming for insomnia or perevozbujdeniem, relieve spasms and pain in the belly, to the baby’s skin of essential oils act as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and disinfectant.

Doctors and beauticians recommend the use of coniferous baths in the treatment of colds, and also as a means of strengthening the immune system. Would be useful to know what the beneficial properties of pine needles to the human body, the indications for the use of coniferous baths:

  • The adoption of coniferous baths relieves headaches;
  • Conifer treatments help to reduce blood pressure, so are recommended by doctors for hypertension (of course in reasonable limits);
  • A decoction of spruce and pine buds are used to treat varicose veins, problems with blood vessels;
  • After taking such baths, the internal organs begin to function more effectively, the person gets rid of tiredness, negative emotions, restore vitality;
  • Conifers are often recommended treatments for people suffering from overweight or obesity, as pine extract increases metabolism, promotes the breakdown of lipids and fats, helps rid the body of toxins;
  • Pine oil is extremely beneficial effect on the skin, enhancing its regeneration, reducing the appearance of different inflammation and acne, protecting the capillaries from excessive breakage and damage. After conifer treatments, the skin becomes softer, smoother and silky, increases its tone and there is a pleasant «Christmas tree» flavor.

Have pine baths indications and contraindications. We recommend the following actions:

  • frequent fatigue;
  • insomnia;
  • diseases of the respiratory system, including asthma;
  • inflammation of the bladder;
  • allergic reactions on the skin and neurodermatitis;
  • getting frostbite, sunburn;
  • with the appearance on the skin of boils, ulcers and other inflammation;
  • recovery after long-term treatment, or just to improve overall health and enhance immunity.

If we talk about imusica contraindications, pine extract for baths highly not recommended for people with cancer and atherosclerosis, hypotension (low blood pressure). In such diseases, the doctor may suggest changing the needles on the extract of other medicinal plants, or even to recommend heals healing compresses or a rubdown.

How to make pine extract at home?

To take a Wellness bath house, you will need pine extract, which is sold in any pharmacy in a ready state, it is a liquid in small containers, as well as in the form of solid briquettes or tablets. But much more interesting, prepare the pine bath concentrate.

It is best to prepare an extract somewhere in the country or in a country house, where there is unlimited access to coniferous trees. It is necessary to fill the bucket, then pour boiling water and leave to infuse for at least 6 hours. However, to prepare aromatic elixir, can be at home in a medium saucepan. To do this you need a mixture of conifers: pine, spruce, or pine needles, shredded cones, twigs, simply put, you need to fully chop one large branch of a tree that is coniferous breed. Next, pour it all with water and simmer for one hour. Then the broth should infuse for 10-12 hours, then you can pour it into a glass jar and put to wait for their appointment.

In the winter, some are preparing ethanolic extract of pine needles for the bath, for this you need to score a three-liter jar to the brim with fresh pine needles and pour it to the brim with alcohol. In winter, a small amount of this infusion added to the bath during water treatment, will help the body to resist many viruses and diseases, for example, during epidemics.

To make softwood ceremony, fill the tub with water, 37-38 degrees, add the prepared extract, pills or cooked pine broth. Lying in the tub takes about 20 minutes, the head should be relaxed, lie on your side or make the roll of towels in their heads.

Spend a coniferous foot bath to relieve fatigue or to treat corns and inflammation, pour into a bowl of water about 3-4 liters, add the extract of pine needle and a few drops of lemon juice. Keep your feet in therapeutic bath for about 15-20 minutes.

Coniferous baths for babies

Even at such a young age, many kids are prone to stress, discomfort, worries and diseases. Most moms wondered whether it is possible to use pine bath concentrate for children from birth? It should be understood that any means with the use of medicinal plants should be prescribed only by a specialist. They are usually recommended for neonates malnutrition (malnutrition leads to weight loss), irritability, rickets, low immunity.

How to make pine baths for babies? It is best if you yourself will be cooking pine extract for baths for children, without additives and flavorings that can be used in the finished product. Before water procedures add in a baby bath a few tablespoons of medicinal decoction. If you notice that the state of the baby during the procedure worsening cough, strong cry, the skin red spots, it may be a manifestation of allergic reaction, immediately rinse your baby with clean water.

Coniferous-salt bath

hvoynie-vannyPine extract in conjunction with sea salt, increases the positive effect of pine needles. Especially, these recipes will be effective for the treatment or prevention of eczema, joint diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal, dermatitis and dermatosis, and nervous disorders. Sometimes, pediatric neurologists and pediatricians recommend pine-salt baths for children with injuries of the spine, rickets, and violations of cardiovascular activity. Quiet, sickly children are often recommended baths with essential oils or decoction of pine trees. However, coniferous-salt bath for infants is only recommended for older kids, aged at least six months.

Coniferous-salt bath for the feet used to relieve fatigue of the limbs, and excessive sweating, for strengthening blood vessels and in the treatment of varicose veins on the legs.

Coniferous-pearl baths

These baths are prepared in a special way, by saturating water with air using special apparatus, further enrich the water by adding coniferous exposure. Such water treatment is considered not only relaxes, but also massage therapy.

Coniferous-pearl baths have indications and contraindications. Treatments are recommended in psychosis, neurasthenia, infantile paralysis, and hypertension at an early stage, as well as for the treatment of atherosclerosis and diseases of the blood vessels and capillaries. Be restricted from the use of this kind of activities better than people with unstable blood pressure or hypertension 3 degrees, with the autonomic disorders, cardiac arrhythmias or coronary insufficiency.

Learn more about pearl baths here.

Pine baths will help you not only improve skin condition, boost immunity and get rid of some health problems, such flavored water treatments will make your life calm, tranquility.

Be healthy and enjoy life!

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