Comb for straightening hair

Obedient curls, easy to fit – every girl’s dream, because, in practice, to create a beautiful hairstyle you need to spend some time and effort. Details about hairdressing goods you will discover in this article will help you create the image and give many useful advantages in daily care hair.

How to straighten hair

If you are the owner of wavy strands, make them straight, smoothly decreases with to salon procedures alignment, or on their own at home to straighten your curls using a flat iron or hair dryer. The first method has the advantage of long-term effects, but keep in mind that this procedure is not cheap. The hair is very badly damaged because they are exposed to aggressive compounds that can change the structure of the hair.

Need to clarify what a negative result, which will affect the appearance and health of your strands, you can get at home. As often happens, if you use poor quality equipment, high temperature, and the hair is not processed by means of thermal protection. The advantages of this method include the ability to alternate the mood for styling wavy curls or straight strands. If do not expose the hair to very high temperatures and to complete the laying of cold air, the structure of tresses will not be damaged.

So the alignment only took a few minutes, the beauty industry is constantly developing new, more convenient devices for individual hair care. These devices combine the properties of a brush and a hair dryer or Curling irons. So, similarly, as electric comb, a Hair Straightener straightener Fast. Sometimes alignment can be achieved only by mechanical impact, for example, using a comb for straightening hair is from «Avon». Consider the detailed description of some of the accessories to make selecting the right product.

Brush-hair dryer

Brush-hair dryer

Such a device thanks to the configuration set of nozzles may in addition to the drying function to serve as a comb for straightening curls. Nozzles air brushes vary in diameter, and need to know what to align better suited to a mounted part, which is a flat brush. Also copes with this kind of work the hair dryer for hair styling with a large diameter. Her teeth allow for a good hold and pull out the strand, thereby aligning it.

This device helps you to style your curls any type and of different lengths. For good alignment effect and at the same time care for the strands only need to apply across the canvas of hair styling products and thermal protection. Next you need to work out the braids with elektrozaschita, dividing them into strands, and then slide the brush from root to tip. This method of installation may first require to acquire a certain skill, the hair is not tangled in the comb. When you get used to use the brush with a Hairdryer you will enjoy time savings, when after drying does not have to handle the strands with a straightening iron.

Hair iron-hair comb

Hair iron-hair comb

This device does not require connection to the mains. It is a rock on one of the levers which is scallop, and the other has holes through which can pass her teeth. The strand is captured and securely clamped in such a device, so it becomes convenient to support and stretch when blow-drying or pre-fixing a lock, then faster to an electric iron.

Some girls use these devices without thermal effects. They put the locks on the cosmetics for hair alignment and straightening repeatedly combing the strands. This application will give a certain effect on slightly wavy hair. The same tight curls, the flat iron comb only fluff, and perfectly smooth canvas of hair without thermal effects, you will not achieve.

Comb hair

Comb hair

The alignment of locks with the help of their pulling with a brush – the easiest if you need to give her hair volume. Comb for straightening hair with a hair dryer – a device which is inexpensive, can be made of different materials. Depending on the shape of the brush which can perform various functions: drying, create the volume, align the strands or twist them or even create bouncy curls.

To pick up the hairbrush that will help you to straighten your hair, look to these products.

  • Oval big brush will straighten the curls without the risk to confuse them in the brush while pulling.
  • Skeletal comb can comb wet hair without high risk. Highly effective for drying and straightening strands, because due to the special easy to breathable.
  • Massage brush flat shape well captures the wide strands, qualitatively aligns with their form, saving considerable time.

Round brush for straightening hair

The range of accessories round cylindrical shape is large, but the principle is the same: pull the strands during drying. Flakes of curls in this close, the hair becomes straight and beautiful fall. When buying brushing to align, we must remember that brush for hair straightening needs to be large diameter and made of materials that will contribute to a good warming of the strands and prevent their discharges. From these reasons, pay attention to comb to the ceramic, tourmaline coating and with bristles made of natural cloth.

Girl makes styling with a round brush

How to use a round brush

Using a comb to straighten the hair to smooth the curls will be easy, just by following a simple sequence of actions:

  • in a natural way dried hair, apply a thermal protection and optional – tool for installation;
  • divide the hair into strands and, starting from the roots of the hair, take a round brush toward the ends, pulling the spit;
  • the air dryer direct from the roots and further to the tips of the hair, following the brush;
  • that the hair is kept amount, it is better to start to dry strands, starting from the bottom of the head, gradually moving to the back of the head, and then to the forehead.

Video: how to style your hair with a hair dryer and a round comb


Elena, 23 years: Saw the ad, bought the brush to simultaneously combing and straightening strands. The results of its use are not strongly affected. I have long hair that love shining. Comb them this elektronisches when they previously well combed, and the rectification effect is much inferior to the results produced iron.

Natalia, 32 years: I have nothing more optimal than to straighten hair with a hair dryer and professional round brush, I don’t know. Contact of the strands with the heating elements of the hair straightener is not, therefore, their structure is much less damaged. I really like that this method, in addition to creating volume at the roots, and more comfortable to tuck the ends, stacking them nicely.

Victoria, 27 years: Want to share your opinion on comb-Ironing tried it to my hair when I was in a friend’s house. In my opinion, it can be used as a clamp for the strands, when the hair straightening irons or dried with a Hairdryer, so that they are evenly heated. Yourself this accessory obvious rectification effect does not, simply comb the curls.

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