Coloring on brown hair

How to freshen up your image, while not changing dramatically? One option is to experiment with the hairstyle. If you change the length of the and fully repainted you aren’t going to treat the different colors of the individual strands try to make the coloring! This treatment is suitable for any size, age, shade of hair.

What is the hair coloring

Options coloring

The procedure involves the staining of individual strands of different colors, shades. Their number varies from 2 to 15. If you use natural tone, thin strands become larger. The use of contrasting colors makes the image bright and showy. For coloring for brown hair using warm honey tones. To select a range of strands you need according to the color of the skin and eye: a new way needs you to refresh, to emphasize the advantages and correct the shortcomings. If you want to create a strict appearance, use the ash shades.

Possible coloring at home

Trying their hand in this case, you must be aware of the riskiness of the venture. There is a possibility that will not be the color that you wanted, the hair will look messy, shades will not be in harmony with your appearance. Before the procedure, the wizard evaluates the structure, density of hair, which helps them determine the order of applying the colours. The fan didn’t have enough experience smooth transitions.

However, if you believe in yourself, try it! Before that, mention some recommendations:

  • Problems arose with the selection of shades? Do hair coloring at home using the ready set.
  • For the first time to create a new image, use two shades that are lighter or darker than your hair. Then you can vary the color scheme.
  • Use paint the same brand. Pick it depending on the color of hair and skin. Natural look of colors that are different from the color of the hair is 2 shades. The most daring women experiment with pink, blue, purple tones. Severe women prefer cool colors, but rarely use a palette «under the gray».
  • Do not select strands of a width exceeding 5 mm, That they did not mix with the rest of the hair, wrap each in foil.
  • Don’t wash your hair 2-3 days before the Transfiguration.

Coloring of Hollywood stars

Coloring blonde hair

There are several types of procedures:

  1. Longitudinal coloring on brown hair. Painted individual strands along the entire length from root to tip. The colors alternate in a certain order, the thickness of the strands varies significantly from the wishes of the client.
  2. Zonal. Includes only separate parts: the ends, whiskey, thick strands.
  3. Cross. This is a good coloring on long hair, because it is flattering, does not require frequent adjustment and careful with your strands. The wizard provides a smooth or abrupt transition in color vertically. Famous varieties of cross coloration – fashionable Ombre and sombre.
  4. Multicolor. To create used by a large number of colors and shades. Is a great coloring on short hair, especially for graduated haircuts or Bob. Preferably, the procedure was performed by a professional, because her technique is difficult for everybody.
  5. Natural. Latest fashion trend in this direction – laminating. With natural light colors and special technology of application of paint is achieved by a smooth transition of tones. Hair does not change drastically, but it sparkles, shimmers different reflections, it looks very versatile and beautiful.
  6. Mother-of-pearl. Such coloring on blond hair not very common in our country but Europeans on it for a long time know and implement. Strands are painted in cold colours: blue, pink, purple. The result is a beautiful pearl overflow without a hint of blond.
  7. Neon. Created for the extraordinary, extravagant personalities. The wizard uses very bright colors: blue, green, red, yellow and others. Staining is using a special gel, which is removed after one shampoo.
  8. Patterned. Executed exclusively by professionals who, thanks to his skill to create the hair the whole picture. For such a coloring need a bright, contrasting color.
  9. California. Provides the effect of «burned out» hair. The roots remain dark strands, but closer to the ends are lighter. Hair is natural and looks good on a blonde basis.

Light brown color

Salon dyeing blonde hair

To trust professionals in this case – the right decision, because the wizard will create the framework and talk about the intricacies of the process. First he will assess your appearance, listen to the wishes and will recommend a specific type of coloring. Next you will choose the paint, choose a number of colors and shades. Then the professional will begin to the procedure, the technique of which depends on the color. The benefits of salon coloring – the master works quickly, gently, skillfully. The cost of this pleasure will depend on many factors, the initial price starts from 1600 RUB.

Good coloring blonde hair at home

You will need:

  • paint;
  • paint brush for;
  • fabric or polyethylene on the shoulders;
  • gloves;
  • plastic comb;
  • hair clips;
  • form for paint with plastic or glass;
  • foil.

Painting Jennifer Lopez

Blonde hair dyed like this:

  1. Decide with the technique of the procedure and, as well as shades.
  2. For hairline treat the skin with vaseline or cream.
  3. Cover the shoulders with a cloth or polythene.
  4. If you stay on the longitudinal coloring, apply a base color strands, wrap each in foil. Start treating hair from the back, gradually moving to the top of the head, forehead and temples.
  5. Apply additional shades, wrap hair in foil. Wait 30-40 minutes.
  6. Remove the foil and rinse each section separately.
  7. Apply balm to hair.

Photo: highlights and coloring on brown hair

Natural tones

Straight and wavy strands with paint

Video: professional colouring blonde hair


Natalie, 35 years:I used to go streaked hair length was average. Strong curls are not isolated, it was in light brown colour. Then I decided to make a highlight in the image, added a few strands of a different shade. Not to say that something has changed, but men immediately began to draw attention and compliments. Friends say that I look younger.

Katya, 25 years:of all the types of coloring I like the Ombre on brown hair. The first procedure took place in the cabin and everything was as it should be. Turned out to be countable: very fresh and fashionable. The second time I decided to save money and carry out the procedure at home. I did not what is in the cabin. Looks nice, but not as much as I wanted.

Luba, 27 years:Want to boast that I was doing the coloring girlfriend! She had natural light brown strands, the result satisfied us. Took three colors: two for a few shades lighter, one darker in tone. Did the usual coloring, longitudinal, but it turned out bombino. Standard equipment, nothing supernatural.

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