How useful, how to use coconut oil for skin face and body

coconut oilA wonderful natural remedy that came to us from Equatorial, tropical parts of the world, is coconut oil. It is clear that this product is extracted from the fruit of the coconut palm. Its pulp contains a lot of valuable and useful oil, get it by cold pressing or hot pressing. It should be noted that the production of oil does not use artificial chemical ingredients such as dyes, fragrances or flavors, thickeners, because this natural product is quite self-sufficient and all its good qualities already laid down by mother nature.

In recent years, the popularity of the tropical oil of the nut is increased. The use of coconut oil in cosmetics and beauty salons more popular, many women find it useful and nutritious product and just a nice and beneficial substance for maintaining a perfect appearance for beauties of all ages. How useful coconut oil for face and body? All invaluable use to lurk in it a rare and unique composition.

How useful coconut oil for skin

The use of coconut oil today, demand in the most different spheres of life. This product is always comely in culinary arts, cosmetology, and even medicine, not only as therapeutic agent but also as a preventive measure. All this is because coconut oil has a rich chemical composition, whereby good comprehensive effect on the human body.

Cosmetic oil coke consists mainly of concentrated fatty acids that have different properties and purpose. The main ones:

  • Lauric acid makes about 50% of all acids in the oil. The acid molecules are perfectly dealt with all sorts of microbes, pathogenic viruses and fungal spores. it has been proven that the monolaurin acid effectively destroys the fungus Candida and Staphylococcus aureus. In addition, the lauric acid helps to heal various injuries on the skin, and accelerates skin regeneration.
  • Hyaluronic acid provides the skin surface moist environment, so it is very popular massages and masks with coconut oil.
  • Capric acid and Caprylic acid plays the role to help to get enough of the skin with oxygen, and maintain its natural acid-alkaline balance.
  • Medium triglycerides to facilitate absorption of oil and its introduction into the deeper layers.

And that’s not all the constituents of this oil, in its composition also a large number of other types of acids, each of which has its own specific role.

So, what is coconut oil used for skin:

  • raising resistance and immunity;
  • increased protection from bacteria and environmental factors;
  • regular moisturize and nourish, soften;
  • slowing the formation of wrinkles;
  • combat various skin rash (pimples, acne, black spots);
  • practiced by the use of coconut oil to tan to create a flawless smooth skin tone.

Almost all oils are refined (processed and refined ), and unrefined (crude, in its original form), coconut is no exception. Many wonder what coconut oil is better refined or unrefined? It is considered that the skin will be better to use clarified butter, it is more transparent and less tart tropical flavor, it can be applied in pure form. This option is also suitable for the care of demanding or sensitive skin area around the eyes. But unrefined, full-bodied oil is recommended to use only in conjunction with other ingredients in the composition of masks or other beauty products. Crude oil is applied mainly in very dry and rough skin, such as elbows or heels.

Coconut oil for face

Beneficial tropical oil is perfect for beauties of any age with any skin. But like any other oil, it is particularly enjoyed by owners of dry, prone to peeling, fading.

the use of coconut oilTo prevent excessive dryness of the skin and support its natural water balance systematically use coconut oil for face. The easiest way is to add a few drops of oil to your favourite cream, tonic or lotion. Coconut oil removes impurities of the skin. So another option use daily to remove makeup from the face with a cotton pad soaked in oil. After cleansing the face, wash with warm water to remove the oily layer.

Very effective facial masks with coconut oil to maintain eternal youth and beauty.

Here is an example recipe, a favorite by many women:

  • Melt 50 g of chocolate (dark varieties) in a water bath. Add to the thick, fragrant mass of 1 lodges. coconut oil. You can add 1 vial oily solution of Vit. That is All the mix. Apply the mask in the form of heat in the face. Leave for 15 minutes, after wash with warm water and enjoy the silkiness and elasticity of your skin.

More recipes based on vitamin E, see the link /vitamin-e-dlya-litsa hotel/ and chocolate here.

Another mask from coconut oil, is suitable for any woman:

  • In the melted or slightly warmed butter, add one egg yolk and a spoon of liquid honey. If you want you can add to the mix 2-3 drops of your favorite scented oil. Leave the mask on your face for at least 15 minutes. To repeat the mask a few times a week.

You can use coconut oil for the skin around the eyes. It is a natural and completely safe product. Regular use will help to moisturize and nourish the delicate and vulnerable skin, remove minor wrinkles, but also moisturizes the lashes, preventing hair loss and encouraging growth.

Oil tropical walnut an indispensable tool for the care of chapped, cracked lips. They can replace the usual store-bought balm or gloss. Sponges are always moist, full of nutrients, and chapping, damage and cracks will heal faster. Apply a thick layer on the lips, when the winter go outside, or when he visited in the wind.

How to use coconut oil for body

Coconut oil can coat every part of his body, everywhere it is useful. After the oil treatments, the skin becomes soft and velvety. But there are some properties of coconut oil for the body, the use of which has seen more than one generation.

  1. kokosowe masloc photoCoconut oil during pregnancy and after delivery helps to overcome the hated stretch marks. Although this process is very long and requires patience, but still very enjoyable.
  2. It is fine to use this oil immediately after shaving and hair removal. As it quickly soothes and disinfects irritated, inflamed skin.
  3. Essential coconut oil and in the care of rough heels and elbows so as to keep moisture is its main role.
  4. Coconut body oil is the perfect sunscreen. Before you tan and after a long stay in the sun, spread it over the skin to protect it from sunburn, burns and to have a great tanned body.

Coconut oil is officially recognized as a non-identified contraindications and side effects. Do not leave without attention to this unique gift of nature. This natural and safe product to become your faithful companion for skin care.

Beauty and good mood!

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