Clothes for fat women

601-0040How many of these women who just underestimate its excellent external data. Especially those lovely ladies who have plump figure shapes. Well, this is quite wrong, because the cattle strayed into the background and modern designers began to focus on buxom beauties, creating a stunning and fashionable clothes. So throw away your baggy clothes and learn how to choose clothes for overweight women, emphasizing all the advantages of a curvy figure.

The belief that full women should not use in the clothing of a horizontal line is not correct. You can finely and reasonable use of horizontal lines for the proportional balance full figures. If properly placed horizontal, you can easily balance the contrasts narrow and broad places, thereby to visually hide excessive fullness.

If you have a plump figure by type A, wide hips and a sloping narrow shoulders, you know that the buttocks and the area breeches your critical area. So you need to balance the width of shoulders and width of hips. For this you need to place horizontal lines in the upper part, and vertical at the bottom of the ensemble. Accordingly, you will fit dress off the shoulder, cut-boat, a sprawling and wide collars, cuffs prisborennye to the armhole and short necklaces. Also in this case, suitable lines that radiate up from the waist. Colors in clothing for larger women with figure type And should be on the principle of light top – dark bottom, to visually reduce the volume.

If you figure T type, flat buttocks and narrow hips, but massive enough shoulders and bust, in this case, you need to use dark top, light bottom. And the lines should diverge from the waist down. Skirt should encircle the hips and extend the knees to create the illusion of a slender figure. Do not wear skirts that taper towards the bottom, they will turn you into dolls. Choose clothes with wide oval cutouts, and massive decorations.

All chubby women are encouraged to use costumes of different vertical lines. And closure, deep pleats, Podkayne barrel, the cuts aren’t skirts and drawings a vertical form. But remember, the vertical lines are skinny when they are flat and not curved. Also they must be short or rigid. Do not buy products with bright vertical stripes when they bend, facilitates your forms, it will only emphasize fullness. It is advisable to choose clothes with frequent horizontal lines that will appear between the floor of the dark jacket. This option is very slim. Also perfect diagonal stripes and different diagonal lines, they add inches of growth.

Stand in front of a mirror and identify the widest place in your hips, this place is absolutely can not use a horizontal line. Just lift the line of the jacket at the three fingers up and remember that this is the length of the short top, which you should wear with a long skirt or trousers. And your long top, this is the palm below the forbidden line. With this long top you can wear knee-length skirts. Do not wear short bottom with a short top and long top with short hem.

Try not to draw attention to the troubled parts, do not wear jewelry on the waist belt bright and different decorative details, so as not to attract views. Also in multilayer sets of things of different colors should not look at the hips and waist. Better wear bright bags on the crook of the elbow or just in your hand, if your bag hanging on your shoulder, it needs to be tightened to the level of the armpit.

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