The cleansing facial at home

the cleansing of facial skinThe cleansing is an important procedure for women and men of different ages. Women carefully monitor their appearance, so they spend a lot of money on visits to expensive beauty salons. But the cleansing facial at home you can spend no less effective than an elite cosmetologist.

Just the right cleansing of facial skin will give positive results. The procedure itself is not time consuming enough skin to spend an hour and a half not more than 3 times a week. But like any other procedure, cleaning requires adherence to certain conditions. What are the stages of cleansing?

  1. Before you do any cosmetic procedure must be carefully wash (wash facial Foundation, cosmetic paint the eyes, cheeks and lips). If this is not possible, in exceptional cases, you can wipe the face moisturizing or liquid cleanser, like tonic or lotion.
  2. Deep cleansing of the skin with the maximum spend if before the main procedure, use the facial steaming. Some ladies steam the face over a simple boiling water, but the maximum effect is not only for cleaning but also for General comfortable condition of the skin can be achieved if the float face over a decoction of herbs.
  3. To conduct the procedure of cleaning the skin is necessary in a balanced state. At this time the woman nothing should bother you, she needs to concentrate on health, beautiful appearance and General attractiveness.

cleansing of the skin around the eyes

After meeting the minimum requirements, you can proceed to the immediate cleansing of the skin at home.

Skin cleansing at home

Mask for cleansing of facial skin can be very diverse. But before you can use even the most effective of them, you need to determine your skin type. It is important to remember that the funds for the care of oily skin is strictly contraindicated for people with sensitive, irritable and dry skin. And Vice versa.

In some cases, the main problem of the facial skin consists of blackheads and clogged pores. This condition is considered normal. In this case, it is not recommended to use some strong drugs and, fairly regularly use a scrub. Clean skin scrub can be made by following recipes:

  • Face scrub made of ground organic coffee and a small amount of thick cream will help the skin not only get rid of small cosmetic defects, but to give her the tenderness and velvety.
  • Healing properties the face scrub made from equal proportions of cheese, honey and 1 egg yolk from chicken eggs. After removal from the face scrub, it is necessary to wipe the skin with ice.

If the skin suffers from persistent rashes that do not have anything joint with allergies, or on the surface of the skin regularly causes acne and abscesses, it is recommended to use the recipes for deep cleaning.

skin cleansing at home

  • Cleansing dry facial skin at home should be done with caution. Allowed to use only neutral cleaners that do not contain in its composition of alcohol-containing liquids. Good to use this tool: mash fresh strawberries, add a little heavy cream and liquid glycerin.
  • Cleansing sensitive facial skin also requires great care. You can use the above recipe but instead of cream add a small amount of broth of herbs. Not less effective cleanser for sensitive skin daily rubbing the face with ice on the basis of birch SAP. Read more at the link /chuvstvitelnaya-kozha/
  • Cleansing oily skin at home is carried out on the basis of alcoholic tinctures or on the basis of acidic products. Mix equal proportions of cucumber juice, aloe juice and lemon juice. Similarly, the action has a mask consisting of orange juice and banana pulp.
  • Remedies for deep cleansing of the skin used no more than once per week. Excellent action has a tincture of marshmallow root (for oily skin). For dry, hot and sensitive skin deep cleansing is not recommended.
  • Cleansing of the skin around the eyes is decoctions of herbs or fat mass. It is important to note that the skin around the eyes is the most delicate, so extra effort for cleaning these places can cause premature wrinkles and also irritation.

means for cleansing the face

Cleaning shall not cause external irritation and other manifestations of Allergy symptoms.

There is also a special diet to cleanse the skin. It includes all kinds of dishes made from fresh vegetables or fruits. Every day, eat cereal and drink fortified beverages. Diet to cleanse the skin strictly prohibits the consumption of fatty, spicy and sweet dishes. We recommend strongly to limit the consumption of smoked, spicy and canned foods.

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