Chocolate wrap

chocolate wrapChocolate can be useful not only in a bad mood and low pressure, but for weight loss. Chocolate body wraps are used at home many women. Its popularity is not inferior to other methods to burn cellulite. Chocolate wrap works on the problem areas and fights against puffiness. The caffeine that is included in chocolate, stimulates a quick fat burning with diet. Chocolate wrap at home perfectly replaces the procedure in the beauty salons with the use of expensive masks. Fresh product that gives effective results, and its biological effect on the body is stronger than that of the extract.

Chocolate wrap for weight loss reduces the visible pockets of cellulite due to its draining effect. Cocoa has a number of advantages. It energizes the top layer of skin, improves blood circulation and speeds up the excretion of waste products of the tissues. Chocolate wrap at home will not promote rapid weight loss. It is used to give the slimness of the hips and elasticity. Cocoa has a slight analgesic effect, when the muscles accumulate lactic acid.

Useful than a chocolate body wrap?

To conduct a chocolate wrap need wide pharmacy bandage, wrap film and non-metallic utensils. The procedure is performed in the form of courses held 10 times daily. To maintain the effect for a long time after the intensive course is reduced to two times a week. For classic wraps, you will need cocoa powder, milk. chocolate wrap at homeThe products are mixed to a pulp. The bandage is impregnated with this composition and wound on the legs from the ankles to the abdomen, completely covering the thighs. The skin should be previously washed. The procedure takes forty minutes, then the bandage is unwound and the mixture wash off in the shower.

If there is not enough time at home, you can do chocolate body wraps in the salon. How much is a chocolate wrap, can be found in special health centers. Chocolate Spa wrap is different from home use. In good salons to customers do the procedure with this cosmetic chocolate. Visitors offers skin tightening in the chest, if you have severe stretch marks after pregnancy.

Chocolate therapy: contraindications to use during pregnancy, allergic reactions to cocoa and hypersensitive, in the period of lactation, for cuts, burns and abrasions. Chocolate affect the blood vessels, so the procedure cannot be done for people suffering from hypertension and diseases of the pelvic organs.

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