Chocolate recipes of masks for face and hair

Chocolate mask for face and hair

Chocolate mask for faceAny woman will not leave indifferent piece of exquisite and aristocratic delicacy of chocolate, he saves from a bad mood, from depression and sadness. But when it became known that chocolate face mask is incredibly useful, fans of this product became even more. Today we will talk about the magical effect of chocolate masks for skin and hair, as in some cases it is better to use.

How useful face mask of cocoa?

How useful cocoa beans, learned in ancient times, then she began to apply the grain in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Today, the use of this natural product, is increasingly used for cosmetic purposes. Rave reviews women from «chocolate» procedures, is not accidental. Chocolate has its own unique set of actions on the skin, namely:

  • nourishes even the deepest skin layers;
  • nourishes the epidermis with helpful vitamins, minerals and nutrients and antioxidants;
  • stimulates the production of collagen, which is mainly involved in maintaining the beauty and elasticity;
  • heal microscopic wounds and fractures;
  • thanks to the pectin in the composition, deeply clean the skin at the cellular level;
  • improves the complexion and improves its structure.

In addition to the above, the chocolate mask is an indescribable pleasure, to make her extremely pleased, and after the procedure «delicious» flavor will still take some time to please you and others.

But, I have to warn, because this delicacy is quite a strong allergen, so chocolate therapy can not be applied to people who have Allergy or individual intolerance to this product. If you are not sure, test your chocolate mixture on the wrist, if after 45-60 min. no unusual manifestations in the skin did not appear, feel free to go to nursing procedures.

How to prepare your face?

It is important to understand that all the positive effects from facial masks from cocoa, will be zero, if it is wrong to perform the procedure. Therefore, we consider the basic rules of training.

  • Most importantly, before application of the chocolate you need to clean the face, after all, no useful elements or vitamins, will not be able to penetrate the «clogged» pores;
  • Sure you rinse off the face makeup with the help of milk or other cosmetic products;
  • To face mask out of chocolate has become the most efficient, even after the first application, before the procedure pre rasparte face over a porous tray or in the bath or sauna;
  • Apply chocolate immediately steamed face, do not let it cool, because the more the pores are opened, the more they will absorb the useful components from the mask.

When the skin has been trained, and explained the basic principles, move on to the delicious skin mask.

Chocolate face mask at home

For homemade chocolate tools, first and foremost, you need to select the product.

  • Best suited dark chocolate, with no additives or flavorings, it should consist of cocoa not less than 50% ( on the packaging there is such information).
  • You then need to melt half of the tiles (about 50-60 g) in a water bath, inhale the delicious scents and If you make a face mask of cocoa, dissolve 2 tbsp. of the lodges of powder small quantity of hot water to obtain a thick mass.
  • Apply the mask better before it gets cold, of course, to make it tolerable and comfortable to the skin. Applied chocolate all over the face (except eye area) and neck, a neat, light, massage movements.
  • Keep the mask for 20-25 min, after which it needs to be washed off with warm water.
  • Go to the mirror and evaluate the results. Left redness and irritation, there was a nice shade of tan, the skin felt soft and smooth, true?

More only, cocoa facial, suited to owners of dry and aging skin masks you can combine it with other healthy and nutritious components, such as honey, olive. butter, sour cream or cottage cheese, banana pulp, aloe juice, etc

Mask of chocolate hair

Not less useful, and chocolate hair. All your favorite treats great fights with the main hair problems: dryness, brittleness, lack of nutrition of the follicles and excessive hair loss. Therefore, to strengthen hair, make them strong, shiny and beautiful, periodically indulge their chocolate treatments.

The method of preparation does not differ from what we described above for the face. Melted chocolate put on dirty slightly moistened strands, and carefully use your fingertips to RUB into the scalp. Wrap head wrap and a towel, and leave on the floor.

With caution to make a chocolate mask to bright blondes, because after the procedure, the hair can acquire a darker shade.

The result after «chocolate» procedures will not keep itself waiting long.

Sweet treatments, beauty and good mood!

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