Chinese painting on the nails

A relatively new trend in manicure – Chinese painting – has managed to occupy its niche. This type of acrylic paint is of high complexity, elegance and tenderness, and are used not only ancient hieroglyphics, but also floral motifs. Each pattern in this unique. Even a novice wizard could easily master this technique.

What is Chinese painting of nails

This volumetric technique of decoration became popular relatively recently. For the first time this nail design started to present Chinese fashion magazine, after which he gradually moved to the European countries. Now there are special courses, where manicurists are taught the intricacies of technology. It is used not only for nail painting, but also to write with colored ink on silk. In either case, use the same principle of drawing: holding the colored lines, and only used a wide flat brush.

Chinese painting is used exclusively on long nails, so as to create the required area. In the case of decor short nail plates can be used elements of equipment. Any pattern has characteristic features that distinguish Chinese painting from the others. This:

  • volume;
  • ease;
  • natural;
  • tenderness.

The delicate painting on the nails

Chinese drawings

Important in the development of technology is the ability to cause smear. Just the right brush strokes will easily help to create a transition of color and unique design. There are several types of strokes:

  • surface – a smooth stroke, a drawing of which the brush does not come off from the plane;
  • Azhur – has a jagged edge which is the result of the motion of the brush up and down;
  • palaeur – involves running polypetala, the brush moves up, sideways and then downward;
  • the pen technique is a discontinuous rearrangement of the brush in up and down direction;
  • wave is formed, if you twist the brush without departing from the plane;
  • Aqua is designed to impart a transparency of the parts.

Even the use of one dose is able to create a small masterpiece on the nails. For viriovka complex patterns necessary to combine different techniques. You can learn it yourself, learning the lessons for beginners, accompanied by photos and videos. Background it is recommended to choose pastel colors. The pattern should be applied with two colors. The only way to achieve the effect of prominence and naturalness. Used in Chinese painting exclusively vegetable motifs.

French with Chinese painting

Technique of Chinese painting nails

To create such design, you must prepare a lot of different tools, even brushes will need a few varieties. So, for decoration of nails in the style of Chinese painting you need to prepare:

  • brush, and it is desirable to choose natural;
  • acrylic paint – they have an optimal viscosity and consistency, and thus a correct application of strokes without effort (the ideal option is to use acrylic paints with added silicone water-based);
  • water (it is better to pour into a small container, e.g. a bowl);
  • paper towels or napkins;
  • nail Polish: clear, colorless basic, light background, transparent finish.

Acrylic paint for nails

Brushes for Chinese painting nails

Requires Chinese painting on nails using only quality materials, so it is not recommended to save on them. Used several types of brushes:

  • flat with soft bristles for applying basic strokes;
  • coarse brush-brush – it can complement the patterns of the texture;
  • liner – does an excellent job of drawing the contours and subtle elements, for example, of strips;
  • fan brushes – they are easy to create background or fill;
  • beveled – suitable for drawing the leaves, buds and other small items.

Chinese painting step by step

After all tools are prepared, the design chosen and created the sketch, you can start to design the nails. Remember that even experienced master tries to draw a picture on paper first. It helps to choose paint including its number, how to make brushstrokes. The whole process takes place in several stages. Let’s step through an example of drawing butanol rose:

  • Drawing on a palette of two colors. For rose pink suit and white. To prepare a wide flat brush. One end dipped in white paint, the other in pink.
  • On paper, a bit of shade paint that will give you an interim solution. After that you can apply a DAB on the nail. It needs to be semi-circular arch which is curved upwards.
  • To perform the same item from the bottom, but bend it in the other direction. Bud you can make it even more complete. To do this, apply another DAB. It’s petals.
  • To finish the job should the stem. For this approach a thin brush. She’s drawn the base of the Bud. Do not be redundant and leaves.
  • After patterning the nail needs to be cover with a transparent finish, giving before that to dry the previous layer.

Other flowers, such as lilies, peonies, cherry blossoms, lilacs should be created in a similar way. Don’t forget that mastery can be achieved only through a large number of workouts. Through perseverance you can bring traffic to automaticity. It is not necessary to avoid small elements, for example stamens or streaks on the leaves. This will give the picture additional naturalness and completeness.

Drawing on the nails

Photo: Chinese manicure

Chinese painting on the nails is the direction of floral design, which is characterized by a volume effect. This is achieved through the special techniques of drawing with various brushes. The beauty of the created mini-paintings on the nails will not leave indifferent even the most capricious woman. And to appreciate the beauty of Chinese painting can even submitted art photo.

Painted in pink on the nails

Flowers on the nails

Video: drawing lessons rose

This trend in nail art is complicated. Creates a picture by combining several techniques. However, to describe them for self-study is very difficult. To understand the principles it can be easier visually, without spending a lot of time. If you do not want to spend in the classroom a few hours a week, «visit the course and learn basic techniques. To inspire beginners experiments in this direction nail design can photo and video tutorials.

Easy Bud

Beautiful delicate rose

How to draw the petals

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