Hair loss in women: causes, how to stop

The main causes that trigger hair lossIt is believed that the average rate of hair loss per day is a limit of 100 PCs. For many women the loss of hair seems catastrophic, but it is not so. This average norm is a natural process, but when hair is lost in too many, it becomes a real problem. In most cases the problem of hair loss in women, always appear for any reason. Define why hair fall out in women? Is it possible to stop and cure this process?

Why hair fall on head in women?

As noted above, the rate of hair loss per day is between 70 to 100 hairs. If seen a much larger loss of hair, you should look for the causes which led to the activation of this process.

  • A painful condition of the body. It is seen that hair loss in women is directly related to the processes occurring in her own body. If the human body suffers from any ailment, then it has a negative impact on the hair. The hair begins to fade, to weaken, there is the appearance of split ends and hair loss. To determine the health of woman, she must be examined by a doctor and pass the appropriate tests that determine the presence of any disease. In most cases of the following nature lead to hair loss: goiter or other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract; diseases of the endocrine system (including thyroid gland); gynecological diseases of an infectious nature; hormonal disturbances (as a result of taking medical drugs or hormone via physical features); the result of the antibiotic treatment.
  • Chemotherapy. The most common causes of hair loss in women are passing the last course of chemotherapy in the respective diseases. In this case, sick women may experience complete baldness.
  • Stressful situations and nervous disorders. Regular nervous shocks lead to emotional weakness of the body, gradually the negative impact on the General health of women. As a consequence of the weakening of immune forces, and is the loss of hair.
  • Changing temperature regimes. The most common cause of hair loss in girls is that they too often use a variety of devices for hair. It is Curling irons, hot curlers, hair dryer, hair straightener. All of these devices adversely affect the condition of the scalp due to sharp changes in temperature regimes, affecting the hair. In summer and winter also increases hair loss, this is called seasonal hair loss in women. The causes of this condition are exposure to UV rays or cold temperature to the scalp and hair.
  • The lack of fortified substances. If hair falls with bulb, we are talking about a significant deficiency of the organism in nutritional and fortified substances. This state of body can lead to more serious illnesses and diseases than baldness starts. Read what vitamins lacking in the body /vitaminyi-ot-vyipadeniya-hair
  • Consequences of dieting. The body loses weight of the person during the period of dieting is saying goodbye to fat deposits. The hair is well fed by hormones produced by the of internal fat. If the grease becomes small, then the hair begins to suffer. In addition, any diet entails the lack of vitamins in the body, and this negatively affects the beauty and integrity of thick hair.
  • Infectious diseases of the skin. If the hair falls out with white tip, we can talk about diseases of the skin. The most common skin infections are fungal or parasitic.
  • The effects of chemical perms or improper hair care. In addition to hair loss is the result of some hairstyles for example dreadlocks, cornrows greatly tightened, hard tails, etc.

In any case, if you yourself can’t figure out why all this hair loss on the head, it is recommended to contact the appropriate specialist to find out the true cause of illness and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

If hair falls out, to what doctor to address? Specified ailments treats the doctor-trichologist. These specialists are doctors of a wide range of skills. Trichologist has skills and therapist, nutritionist, and psychotherapist.

Hair loss after childbirth

Many young moms are faced with the problem of hair loss after childbirth. The reasons of this situation are simple: the body of a young woman so weak because of the loss nutrients that it otricatelnim way affects the beauty of the hair and the General condition of the body.

Why hair fall after delivery in other cases? In addition, almost all the women after delivery have abnormalities in the hormonal background, and to normalize this system, it will take some time.

When hair fall during breastfeeding, so all incoming important substances together with food in the mother’s body, not enough for mom and her baby. Nursing mothers it is urgently necessary to diversify the diet with nutrients, or the lack of vital substances will affect the baby’s health, and the health of the woman.

Perhaps the most common problem occurs in women when hair falls out during pregnancy. The causes of this condition lie in the global restructuring of the body and all internal systems to prepare for the birth of a child. The hormonal changes in this period, affect many systems of the body.

You should not wait, when everything in the body will be restored and the hair loss will be on their own. To hair loss is not turned into a gradual hair loss, it is necessary to take timely treatments of this disease.

Head itches and hair falls out

In the case when loss of hair and itchy head, it could be as serious disease, and cosmetic defects.

For what reasons may form itchy scalp and hair loss at the same time?

  • over-drying the scalp;
  • stressful situation;
  • diseases of the immune system;
  • allergic reactions;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • a variety of diseases.

Let us dwell, what diseases can cause hair loss and itching.

  1. Seborrhea — a disease caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands.
  2. Parasites demodicosis (mites) or lice can cause negative reactions to their livelihoods.
  3. Psoriasis — a chronic, and results in the formation of red or pink plaques on the surface of the head.
  4. Atopic dermatitis — particularly the disease is manifested during the day.
  5. Fungal diseases like ringworm and others.

All the above diseases have to be subjected to medical treatment, which determines the appropriate specialist.

Treatment of hair loss in women

After the call to the correct specialist, who will prescribe treatment of the problem of hair loss, every woman should conduct self-treatments to neutralize the disease process.

Drug treatment of the disease may be different. Widely used physiotherapy, are also popular and diverse drugs. For example, spray Minoxidil treats the baldness in the early and middle stages. The drug is able to restore the structure of hair, but only if the causes of hair loss are skin disorders.

how to fight hair loss

There is also a large variety of medicinal shampoos and conditioners, which are used as medicinal and cosmetic preparations. Good enough these tools, which include natural tar or propolis.

As separate procedures for the treatment of hair loss, you can use the following recommendations:

  • self massage of the head helps to improve blood flow to skin, resulting in renewed good hair growth and subsequently stops hair loss;
  • a hydrating mask is a great actions have essential oils applied to the scalp. The best qualities of burdock and castor oil; recipes of masks see the link /maska-dlya-Volos-ot-vyipadeniya
  • masks — use natural remedies as masks nourishes and heals the hair structure. As ingredients you can use egg white, honey, propolis and the like;
  • decoctions of herbs — rinse the heads of various herbs herb acts on the scalp isrelease. Good to use for this purpose the following types of herbs: burdock root, nettle herb, chamomile, celandine;
  • proper and healthy food — this is the most fundamental recommendation to prevent hair loss. Only wholesome food will help the body on a natural level to cope with various diseases.

The problem of hair loss in many women is widespread. Do You know any reason that can activate and cause this condition? Share with us your knowledge.


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