Causes and treatment for brittle and delicate nails

the photo of brittle nailsA nice manicure is impossible without healthy nails. But sometimes even girls who take care of themselves and sensitive to their owner, are faced with a problem like brittle nails. In fact, its cause may be much deeper than it seems at first glance, and to indicate some of the problems in the body. Why break nails in the hands of women, let’s talk today.

Internal causes of brittle nails

Poor quality nails can be caused by a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. Often, the problem lies in the lack of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, iodine, silicon, etc. So most of the nutrients supplied through food, I suggest you revise your diet.

  • Calcium

Contained in milk and dairy products, egg whites, spinach, sesame seeds, beans, figs, broccoli, etc.

Essential for bone, connective tissue, healthy condition of the nervous system and muscle contraction.

  • Silicon

Contained in the radish, radishes carrots, turnips, lettuce, mushrooms, and the nettle leaves.

Necessary for the formation of cartilage, hair, nails, bones, connective tissue, blood capillaries.

  • Magnesium

Contains whole wheat grains, cereals, wholemeal bread, beans, bananas, spinach and nuts.

Necessary for hormonal stability, normal functionality of the cardiovascular system and the production of DNA.

If you are not sure what element missing in your body, and the associated weakness in all this, just in case, make your meals, give up the diets and the global limits, and if desired, get tested at the doctor. Will also help in the recovery of useful elements in the body ready vitamin complexes.

as evidenced by color change and manifestation on the nails

Causes of brittle nails can hide in the following diseases and disabilities:

  • Failure of metabolic processes;
  • Experienced a strong inflammatory diseases;
  • Taking certain medicines (antibiotics);
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Lowered immunity;
  • Fatigue and strong or chronic stress;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Fungus.

External causes thin fingernails

Regular mechanical damage to the nail plate can lead to thin nails. It is a properly done manicure or building. To prevent the when sawing thin nails what to do:

  • Use a glass or ceramic nail file (approximately 240 grit);
  • Polishing nails is just soft, not acid buff. Thin nails it can be replaced even suede;
  • To file nails in one direction only: for example, only from right to left.

Extensions and gel Polish applied to the nails, in theory should not harm the nails. In fact, such cases are not uncommon. This is due to the lack of professionalism of masters of nail service by using the means with the content harmful components, improper removal of artificial nails, with very frequent performing this procedure – the nails at least a week needs to relax from the heavy coatings.

Another cause of brittle nails on the hands and regular contact with the aggressive media and cleaning fluids, including those containing acetone solution to remove varnish and lacquers. Try to perform all work that may hurt your nails and skin, the gloves, and after completion to grease the hands.

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The low temperatures also adversely affects the condition of nails, so don’t forget to take care of them during the cold period of time.

After you have figured out why nails break, you can go to their treatment. However, remember that if the reasons lie in the internal working of the body, cosmetic treatment methods it will not be.

Treatment of brittle nails

Homemade beauty treatments to eliminate brittle nails, the following:

  • Baths

The easiest and most effective remedy for brittle nails is to dial in a Cup a small amount of warm comfortable arms of water, add 1 table.teaspoon sea salt or bath salts to give up and to take water treatments 20 minutes.

Remember, as the nails started to become stronger and to grow rapidly after a visit to the seaside resorts? Described recipe will give the same effect but with much less cost.

  • Oil

Oil have a mass of useful substances, necessary for the nails. Besides their use for nails is very simple and efficient: apply the mixture on your cuticles, rubbing and massaging each finger, wear gloves and walk as long as possible until it’s all absorbed.

Under the mixture refers to different combinations of oils: olive, sunflower, peach, jojoba, wheat germ, etc. and also add the liquid vitamins. You can find them in capsule form at almost any pharmacy for a very small price.

Vitamin a for nails can be rubbed in pure form in the cuticle, and in the company of vitamins E and D. the Vitamins in capsules are also very convenient because you can add all your favorite cosmetic products: creams, gels, shampoos, etc.

Before using the vitamins necessary to conduct the reaction to the Allergy: drop a few drops on the back of the hand or wrist, wait a couple hours and evaluate the result: there were no rashes, itching and other unpleasant sensations.

Now you know what to do with brittle nails in the hands, how they should evaluate their health and will be able to prevent the aggravation of the situation.

Stay beautiful!

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