Heel cracked for a reason – which is signaled by the body?

What to do if cracked heelsThe appearance of cracked heels – a phenomenon quite painful and dangerous. It does not appear by itself, but can be an important signal about faults in the body.

What is the factors causing the cracking skin on your heels? How to deal with this nuisance by using the methods of alternative medicine? These issues need to be elaborate.

Causes of cracked heels

If this phenomenon is a frequent visitor in your life, then in the first place, it is worth considering what you’re doing wrong yourself. You may harm your body, without even knowing it, and the result is an unpleasant, and in some cases even painful.

The most common factors that can provoke cracking of the skin on the heels is:

  1. Dry skin on the feet.
  2. Dryness of the skin in the heat.
  3. An improper diet.
  4. The lack of vitamins in the body (avitaminosis).
  5. Wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.
  6. The fungus or athlete’s foot.
  7. Imbalance of the endocrine system.
  8. Failures of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.

To treat cracked heels effectively, you must first accurately determine the causes of this phenomenon, and only then to begin therapy. If you do not resolve the root problem, then benefit from the use of drugs, medication or plant origin will be no.

Why do cracked heels in women?

Many of the fair sex, trying to look more graceful and elegant, making a blunder when choosing shoes. Hesitate to the size of their feet, they acquire shoes 1 or 2 sizes smaller because the skin is strongly rubbed, forming a corn. Subsequently, they collapse, they start to peel off. This peeling becomes a cause of formation of cracks on the heels.

Also, another important point is the improper care of the feet. In women, the skin is more delicate and sensitive than men, therefore it requires appropriate care. If you do not comply with basic sanitary requirements, it could lead not only to cracking of the skin on the heels, but also lesions of the nails on the toes a fungal infection which can get quite difficult.

So, in order to forget about the question «Why crack the skin on the legs of women?», you must remember one important thing: if you will pay attention not only to the beauty and health of your face but other parts of the body, any significant problems with them you will not have.

How to treat cracked heels?

To cure cracked heels, you can resort to two treatment options:

  1. Medication.
  2. Unconventional.

Each of them has its pros and cons, which need to know.

Folk remedy to cracked heelsHow to remove cracked heels by using special creams. Today, the pharmacy serves a selection of medications for rapid and effective treatment of cracked heels at home. And almost all of them are based on extracts of medicinal plants. But be careful when buying such a drug, because some components included in its composition, can cause a sharp reaction.

It is necessary to buy special creams for the feet. They will help to remove the peeling, while helping rapid healing of fractures. Their main advantage is that such funds can be used for regular use is always to maintain skin health.

What to do if you cracked heels: best pharmacy drugs to get rid of problems with heels. The most effective creams for legs is:

  1. Foot cream «Heal against cracks in the feet.»
  2. «Allga San» — cream based on pine. Well heals wounds and cracks on feet and heels, removes dead layers of skin.
  3. Foot cream «Healing cracks».

All of these funds should be applied to clean, dry skin. To enhance the effect of five before the cream can be good to steam. Then the components will be able to penetrate deeper, thereby helping cells to speed up реген6рацию. This contributes to quick getting rid of problems and also helps to prevent its occurrence (if the therapy was carried out correctly and to the end).

Traditional methods and recipes of ointments with his own hands

If cracked skin on the feet and this happens regularly, no matter what you tried to do, which means that the body has lack of vitamins. With the help of folk remedies for cracked heels you can easily cure the disease, having at the same time, its effective prevention.

Regenerating ointment for the heels: how to cook with your own hands?

how to treat cracked heelsOintment for the heels on the basis of egg yolk and vegetable oil. For its preparation you will need a yolk, a spoonful of oil and a small amount of vinegar (only 1 tsp). Prepared all components mix thoroughly. To form a homogeneous mass with a specific smell and a yellowish colour.

When the mask is ready, it should be applied to the skin of the heels, top, wrap the polyethylene, wear socks and leave on overnight (because the mixture should be used only in the evening before bedtime).

In the morning the remnants of a means to lift with the heels with pumice. Only strongly do not RUB, to avoid damage to the skin and not to hurt her.

How to deal with cracked heels with the help of tetracycline ointment on the basis of Apple cider vinegar? This tool is a great medicine for people suffering from frequent occurrence of cracks and corns. You just need to put tetracycline ointment for steamed and processed the heel with a pumice stone. Again wrap them with cellophane and put on socks. Leave overnight and in the morning remove the bandage and wash the feet and the heels of Apple cider vinegar (you can use a clean cloth and wipe it limb – this option is also allowed).

Do this procedure for 2-3 weeks, then you could forget about skin problems of the feet.

How to treat cracked heels in women: onion remedy for health, beauty and youthful skin. Onions clean from the husk, grind to a pulp. Take 1 Cup vegetable oil (unrefined) and reheat in the pan. Gently drop into boiling substance prepared onion and fry it until get brown.

Strain the mixture and mix with a small amount of beeswax. Before using this folk remedy for cracked heels need to take a shower and wait until the skin dries. Ready to RUB ointment on your heels every night until, until she finished. If progress does not occur over a long period of time, consult a doctor. This drug is very potent, so if it does not help you to cope with the problem, it means that the root of it can be much more serious violations in the body than the normal drying of the heels.

Treatment of cracked heels folk remedies: compresses and baths for the feet

Causes of cracked heelsGreat effect also have various baths and compresses for five, prepared at home with the help of available natural ingredients. The most effective are honey compresses and starch baths.

Honey wrap. Performs this procedure is simple: after shower, apply on clean, dry skin of heels, a thin layer of honey, then wrap feet with plastic wrap and wear socks made of natural fabrics. Morning the mask gently to remove with a sponge or soft cloth.

These therapy sessions you need to spend 4 days in a row, then take a break. If necessary, treatment repeat.

How to cure cracked heels: foot bath with the addition of starch. The proportions of the ingredients should be 1:1 (1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of starch). It is desirable that the starch was fresh. Pour it in water and dip the feet for half an hour. During this period of time the water will have time to cool down, it will signal the end of the manipulation.

All of the above methods of dealing with cracked heels is very effective but before you use them, make sure that you are healthy. Any illnesses can then manifest itself not only in the quality of education of cracked heels, but more serious consequences, so take care of your health!

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