Castor oil for hair: properties and applications, mask

The use of castor oil for hair. Recipes masks

photo castore oilDreaming of a luxurious hair, many women can’t afford salon treatments and professional skin care. Then come to the aid of inexpensive tools that are freely available in pharmacies and are many so-called people’s recipes. In this article we will study the effect of castor oil for hair. Probably few who have not heard about its beneficial properties, but, however, if such girls still left we will tell you to use castor oil and what caused its unusual properties.

Composition and properties

The composition of castor oil includes many fatty acids, it is because of them this oil has a sticky and viscous composition and because of them has amazing properties.

  • stearic acid retains moisture, hydrating the scalp and hair, this in turn prevents the harmful effect of adverse environments (including, incidentally, drying of the skin attributes of beauty: hair dryers, Curling irons);
  • palmitic responsible for the transfer of all substances from oil or the mask to the hair roots. Thanks to her scalp is saturated with all components;
  • linoleic supports hydration of the skin and hair;
  • ricinoleate is the main «engine» of castor oil, as it aims not only to transform the appearance of your hair, but on their recovery. So, this acid makes hair soft and elastic, and also fights bacteria that is used to assign treatment castor oil skin diseases.
  • oleic acid is essential in order to normalize metabolism, which will have to adjust the hydration, the saturation of hair and their strength.

Also, the castor oil includes vitamins E and A, which are esteemed beauties for their rejuvenating effect. Vitamin E makes hair more elastic and stronger, and the vitamin A is able to restore the structure of even the most weakened hair.

After we learned how helpful castor oil is for hair, let’s discuss the main mistakes made by girls and women when using this tool. Because of these errors that can be avoided, familiarity with castor oil leaves only negative emotions and responses.

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How to use castor oil for hair

There are several nuances, knowing that you will not encounter the most common errors in the use of castor oil.

  1. Castor oil is recommended for people with dry hair. Owners of oily and rapidly dirty hair the application of castor oil in its pure form is not suitable, because after him, this problem will become more acute. However, there are exit provisions: the oil can be used as one of the ingredients, other substances which have a powerful effect dried. For example, lemon, vodka, parsley.
  2. Castor is a first medicament, and therefore, it has its indications and contraindications. Before you use castor oil for hair, you need to test for allergies. To do this, drip a little oil on the back of the hand, wrist, or bend the hand on the opposite side of the elbow. If within an hour wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, itching, redness, rashes, etc, you can use a mask of castor oil for hair.
  3. Like any other cosmetic oil, castor loves the heat, so it will work more effectively if before adding to the mask to heat it in a water bath. If there’s no time, you need to create a «greenhouse effect»: wrap head with a towel on top of the polyethylene.
  4. Mask may vary depending on the desired effect. If you struggle with dandruff, the oil is applied only to the hair roots. If you want to achieve the effect of thickening the hair and protect them from external factors, the castor oil is best applied along the entire length. Also castor oil for hair to the tips well save them from the section. In this case, the oil is applied selectively to the ends of the hair.

Overall not especially important, apply oil on clean, dirty, dry or damp hair. Castor useful properties will not lose.

  1. A special secret lies in how to properly wash off the mask from castor oil. After completion of the procedure, the shampoo should be applied directly to the hair, saturated with oil, without water! At first it seems complicated, but still try to lather the hair oil and shampoo. After shampoo «engages» with oil, rinse hair with plain water will not be difficult.
  2. The repetition mask for hair with castor oil depends on hair type: for dry it 1-2 times a week, 1 time for normal, oily 1 every 2 weeks.
  3. The unpleasant smell emitted by castor oil could be eliminated with one simple procedure: after the hair is washed, wash them with a weak solution of vinegar (best suited Apple) or citric acid solution. Diluted lemon juice will also work. More about the use of Apple cider vinegar, read on here /yablochnyiy-uksus-dlya-Volos/

Recipes hair masks with castor oil

In fact, the composition of any homemade mask can be adjusted and changed according to your preference. So below are just examples of the most popular recipes.

  1. Burdock and castor oil for hair

These oils complement each other and therefore effectively influence the hair even without the help of other ingredients. Oil are mixed at a ratio of 1:2 castor to burdock. And applied to the hair and roots. Read more in the article «Ways to use burdock oil for hair».

  1. Castor oil for hair loss

Most often, the hair begins to fall out due to problems, kraadise in their follicles and the scalp. So if you RUB castor oil into the hair roots and the skin a pleasant massage can be great to stimulate blood flow and nutrients to the skin.

  1. Castor oil for hair growth

Hair growth is best stimulated by the warming of the scalp. For this to be very suitable components, such as red pepper or mustard. An example of such a mask: pour into containers of 2 table.spoons of castor oil, add 4-5 top table.spoons of pepper, mix thoroughly rubbed into the roots, cover with a cap and stand to 45 minutes.

Pepper vodka or pepper tincture is sold in any drugstore.

  1. Castor oil and cognac

This recipe also has a positive effect on stunted hair growth. Mix brandy and butter in the ratio 2:1, respectively, apply to roots, massage rubbing movements, withstanding up to 40 minutes.

Other recipes based on brandy, see the link /maska-dlya-Volos-s-konyakom/

  1. The mask of castor oil for hair greasy

Vodka, fresh lemon juice and castor oil are mixed in the ratio 2:2:1. The mixture was thoroughly mixed and applied on the hair roots or hair.

  1. Mask for healthy hair

Honey and lemon juice mixed in equal proportions (1 table.spoon), they added 1 egg yolk and a little more than half a teaspoon of castor oil. The mixture was thoroughly mixed and applied on hair. The mask is not suitable for oily hair.

  1. Mask for dandruff

For it we need 2 table.tablespoons dried parsley seed. They need to fill about 10 table.spoons of castor oil, heat in a water bath for about 20 minutes, drain and RUB the mask into the hair roots for 3 hours before shampooing. This mask is not recommended for more than 2 times a week even to owners of dry hair.

More recipes folk remedies for dandruff can be found here.

  1. Mask for split ends

Herbs, combined with castor oil will help to forget about split ends like a bad dream. Fit, such as dandelion roots, chamomile, mallow. Herbs can be taken either alone or in mixture. You need to pour 2 table.tablespoons of herbs 100 ml of castor oil, close and leave for a week in a dark place.

At the end of the last time the oil twice (up to 4 times per week apply it on split ends after 2 hours and wash off with water.

What masks help to get rid of split ends read the link /maski-dlya-sekushhihsya-Volos-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

Castor oil for hair at home is very popular. But, however unhappy this means the girls as much as those who were delighted. Don’t rush blindly believe all the comments about the product. Make friends with the castor oil like we saw today is not so difficult. You just know her the proper way and know how to apply castor oil for hair.

Be beautiful!

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