Caring for thin hair

Care for thin hairOwners of fine hair are lucky because such hair is good for any kind of hair styling. They easily take the form, from easy negligence, to the air and surround designs, easily curl. For fine hair do not need a lot of different tools for hair styling (gels, varnishes). Here only to take care of thin hair you need to carefully.

How to look for thin hair

The usual cause of thin hair can be perming, dyeing or internal imbalances in the body. So the reason for thin hair is heredity. The last time poor environment, various diseases affect thinning hair. Fine hair usually look rare, split ends, very quickly salyatsya. Winter hair electrolisys, and in summer the sun under the sun’s influence, to break. Most often dandruff there are the owners of the bright colors, what their hair looks rare.

How to take care of thin hair

To care for thin hair need to be different treatments, nutrition, diet. Eating foods containing vitamins A, E, b, C, will make your hair stronger and improve their appearance. For thin hair you need to use soft water. Tap water makes the hair stiff and brittle. Hair can be washed with water from a well or water containing various mineral compounds. Choosing a shampoo for fine hair, pay attention to the type of the scalp. Professional tools for hair care – nourishing shampoos containing proteins and keratins. Make hair smooth and silky. Beware of balms and conditioners, as they increase the structure of the hair, the hair will quickly salted. Use for rinsing hair folk remedies – infusions of chamomile, sage, vinegar, water, or citric acid, with lemon juice, will suit even a beer for hair.

To comb dry hair, you need brushes with natural bristles or a wooden comb with a few teeth. From plastic and metal combs thin hair damaged. In order to give volume to hair use mousses and foams. After each use a variety of clips definitely need to wash your hair. To improve the blood circulation of the scalp massage is necessary. Gently RUB scalp with fingertips. Then you can put a special mask for fine hair.

Hair care – nourishing treatments

When caring for delicate hair to do a variety of nourishing treatments. Against breakage, use of different gels, liquids to enhance, mask. To find them, paying attention to the oiliness of the hair. Also can strengthen hair home remedies. Thin hair has different structure and different, can react to these funds. Pro-vitamins, iron, calcium, proteins, plant extracts contained in the shampoo for fine hair, do care for your damaged hair effectively. Nutrient film protects your hair from the harmful effects of the environment. In care of thin hair in summer you need to include tools such as thermal fluids and sprays. This will prevent your hair from drying out.

Care for the thin hair at home

At home to care for thin hair need to use masks homemade folk remedies. Very effective mask from egg yolks. Whisk the egg yolks with any vegetable oil and apply the resulting paste on your hair before washing. Linseed, castor and olive oil with lemon juice or a few drops of brandy have the same effect as egg yolks. Nourishing mask with black bread is strengthen the roots of the thin hair. The soft and fluffy hair will make the mask out of oatmeal. With regular use of masks made from the available funds, you guaranteed power.

Strengthening and improvement of the thin hair. Disinfecting and invigorating effect has a clay mask. If your hair is greasy, use a blue or green clay. The universal is white and blue clay, which contains magnesium, zinc, calcium. All these mikroelementy beneficial to the hair structure. Very good onion mask, however, everyone knows that bow has a distinctive smell, but is it a hindrance in the struggle for a healthy and well-groomed hair. Chop onion and mix with honey or aloe juice, you can also mix garlic and then apply to hair. For daily care, this mask strengthen the hair follicles.

Care for thin hair in beauty salons

In the salons secousse tips thin hair cut with special scissors. One of the modern salon procedures is bio-lamination (enrobing, lamination) and kartirovanie. Each hair is treated with the composition. Thin hair is enveloped with a special film, become more healthy, smooth and shiny. Kartirovanie is not just care, but a treatment that makes your hair thicker and stronger. Read more about this procedure, read the link /keratinovoe-vyipryamlenie-hair/

Determine the cause of thinning hair, evaluate the condition of their structures and only then proceed to the selection procedure. Professional proper care will help your thin hair to improve appearance, to regain the power.

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