Skin care after 30 years

how to care for a person after 30It was after the 30-year milestone, the woman can receive the first bumps and wrinkles, skin begins to lose its youthful elasticity and freshness. Even if you look beautiful and your face shines like 5 or 10 years ago, yet you need to understand that the biological clock began to tick in your favor.

After thirty years, the skin of the woman undergoes some changes: metabolism and metabolic processes are slowed down, produces less sebum, becomes thinner water-lipid layer, and Horny at the same time, conversely, thickened. Therefore, care for skin after 30 needs to be regular, proper and effective. Experiment with the skin is already over, and any mistake and error, may reflect the emergence of new unattractive wrinkles or creases on the face.

To avoid this, be sure to know the basic rules, how to care for skin after 30. This is today and say, read and follow the helpful tips and recommendations.

How does the skin after 30?

How good and young didn’t look the woman in their years, all, without exception, after 30 years of age starts the process of skin aging. However, the intensity of this process may differ, depending on individual characteristics, genetic differences, lifestyle and correct nutrition, as well as how correctly and regularly the woman led care for your skin.

To have an idea of which treatments for the face up to 30 years will help to preserve the freshness and radiance, you need to understand what is happening in deep layers of the skin in this age period:

  • the more intensively skin begins to lose moisture;
  • periodically there is a violation of blood flow in the tissues, causing the skin worsens the shade disappears its former natural blush;
  • own collagen and elastin fibers are produced in smaller quantities, thereby reducing the elasticity and firmness of the dermis;
  • every year weakens the muscle tone of the face, and then you may experience sagging and sagging skin, especially in the cheeks, nasolabial folds and mouth corners.

Thus, every woman needs to understand that care for skin over 30, must be systemic and systematic, and mandatory procedures should include cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and protection. In addition, a special role in maintaining attractiveness and youth play salon facial treatments after 30, properly produced diet, healthy and adequate sleep and rest.

You should not learn to properly hide your imperfections and imperfections on the face using makeup, it is better to know how to care for a person after 30 and properly perform all the recommended requirements.

Purify and tone the skin

Cleansing is an extremely important step in caring for a person after 30 years, because any cosmetic manipulation is recommended only on a clean face, otherwise their use is meaningless, because the useful nutrients will simply not be able to penetrate the layer of dead skin cells and all kinds of polluting particles, dust, sweat and grease.

care of skin 30Ladies after 30, for cleaning of the skin in any case you cannot use soap, t. to. it is very dry skin and destroys its protective layer and thus you will only worsen the skin condition. It is better to use mild cosmetic products for care, for example, gels, foams, mousses, etc. For them will be an advantage if their composition will be useful substances, such as extras.acts herbs, oils or vitamins.

Need to clean 2 times a day, morning and evening, with the formal process should be more thorough and long lasting. Every woman, regardless of age, must remove makeup before going to sleep, especially after a 30-year milestone, it can threaten her the appearance of unwanted facial wrinkles and folds.

Face care in 30 years should include exfoliation (gommage) at least 1 g for a week. With the help of peeling procedures is a more deep cleansing removes dead skin cells and other «debris even from the deepest layers of the epidermis, as well as aktiviziruyutsya regeneration processes of the skin and stimulates circulation.

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Together with cleaning, it is recommended to tone the skin with special lotions and tonics, it’s kind of a completion of the cleaning process, support water balance of the skin, and good charge and protection of the skin for the next day. Instead of shopping means you can use your homemade ice cubes, with the addition of herbal decoctions and infusions of various vitamins and juices.

Choose a face cream after 30

Choosing basic means for daily care, you should consider the basic needs of your skin. Choose the cream according to your skin type, but do not forget that it needs to be with preventive anti-aging slant, and is good when in its composition are vitamins, peptides, coenzymes and collagen, various natural ingredients, like oils, chamomile or calendula, various vitamins, and healthy acids.

Day cream must have quite a light texture, but its main role is to supply additional hydration and protection from negative external factors. Apply the cream after the preliminary cleansing.

Evening cream could be more dense, as it should have a more intense nourishing and restorative action. In the part of night money should be kept in oil, biologically active prophetic-VA and enzymes, amino acids, and sometimes even hormones and phyto-estrogens. To put it better 1-1,5 hours before bedtime, after removing the remnants of the cream.

In skin care after 30, you need to pay individual attention to the area around the eyes. In this place the skin is thin, sensitive, can quickly be stretched and wrinkled. Morning and evening on cleansed skin, apply a special product for the skin around the eyes, gently with fingertips, without stretching it. Now in stores you can buy skin in this delicate area in the form of a gel, cream, or light cream mousse.

How to keep youth after 30: useful tips

Preserve the youth and radiance of the skin, in your hands, the main thing is not lazy and follow a few Golden rules of face care after 30. Every day you take 15-20 minutes time, and the result is obvious.

So, how to preserve youthfulness of skin after 30:

  • get pretty, don’t hide the wrinkles under a thick layer correcting means and in a timely manner check the condition of your skin, try to find time and opportunities to visit a cosmetologist;
  • relax completely, there is nothing that helps to improve health, rejuvenate and give the appearance of freshness and beauty, like a dream. Also with the everyday fatigue will help to manage the sessions of yoga or relaxation;
  • declare war on bad habits, unhealthy foods and of overeating, stress and worries if you want to preserve the youthfulness of the skin. In General, think about what factors of your life can allow for the face wrinkles;
  • play sports, lead an active busy life;
  • chat or fall in love, the best remedy against aging — always and everywhere is the center of attention. Attend social events, restaurants, exhibitions, theaters, and then you just don’t want it bad enough to look bad.


Facials in 30 implies a careful attitude to yourself, to your appearance and your health. Love yourself and indulge, radiate joy and warmth!

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