Care for curly and frizzy hair

How to properly care for curly hairCurly hair is an amazing gift of nature. Curly hair is really a real gift of fate. This is a unique opportunity from birth to have something to aspire to most women.

If girls were lucky to be born with beautiful curly hair, they should be proud of such a gift, properly care and take care of his seductive and cute curls. Most women envy the owners of curly hair, but often the owner cucarachas not love my hair and trying to get rid of his beautiful curly hair and at the same time, straighten your hair. And those who have straight hair, trying to turn his hair in the MOP seductive curls.

Because of its structure, curly (kinky) hair require very careful treatment. As the hair shaft and curved so it has a feathery structure.

Cuticles are the main defenders of the hair. Have curly hair they do not adhere to each other, and because of this curly hair become brittle, the hair on the ends become dull and lifeless. If You have such problems, take time strengthening hair.

Another problem of the hair roots quickly salted and it looks greasy. Therefore, curly hair should be washed every two to three days.

What harm curly hair

Owners of luxurious curls you should learn how to care for and to care for their curly hair.


that is bad for curly hairThe disadvantage of curly hairs is that they are very prone to drying. To wash your hair always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. When choosing cosmetics for hair, use special products for curly hair.

Should be once a week to deeply moisturize. For this you need to buy for a special hair conditioner for deep hydration. Can also use your daily conditioner. On hair, apply and leave on for 20-30 minutes to work.

Haircut for curly hair

Add curly hair a fresh look will help a proper and good haircut. A haircut is recommended every three months. Haircuts will help to keep the hair beautiful and attractive appearance.

Do not hurt curly hair

Try your hair to dry naturally. The less you dry your hair, the more beautiful and healthier look of your hair. If you still dry your hair, use a diffuser.

Drying curly hair

Before you are going to dry your hair, first apply on the hair a bit of styling gel. And while hair is not dry, don’t touch them. When the hair dries, the fingers separate the hair so they are unable to stick together. To correct and lift the curls, use a Curling iron to the hair.

Comb curly (kinky) hair, use fingers or comb with wide teeth.


If you want to straighten curly hair then you need to buy for drying vol ionic hair dryer. These hair dryers make hair silky and shiny. And besides, this hair dryer reduces drying time of hair twice.

A huge role in caring for curly hair (kinky) play masks. Such masks you can prepare at home. For example, masks for hair growth, yogurt mask for hair.


Mask for curly and frizzy hair

Chocolate mask

A tablespoon of jojoba oil, mix with a tablespoon of cocoa, then pour a teaspoon of cognac. Mix everything thoroughly and in a circular motion, RUB the mask into the scalp. Wrap head and leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. This mask makes hair shiny and soft, and besides, moisturizes curly hair.

Mask of gelatin

St.l. gelatin pour half a glass of cold water. Leave for half an hour, and then a little warm. Then the liquid strain through cheesecloth, add 1 tsp of Apple cider vinegar and three drops of essential oil. Mix everything together and apply this mask on hair and keep for 15 minutes. And then rinse with warm water. This mask prevents hair breakage and strengthens curly (kinky) hair.

Vitamin mask

Mash the egg yolk with two spoons of honey, add 2 tbsp olive oil, 5 capsules «Evita», one tablespoon of castor oil. Mix all ingredients, apply to hair, while the mixture is still apply on the hair ends. Wrap hair and leave on for 30 minutes. Mask nourishes curly (frizzy) hair and prevents section of hair.

A few tips for caring for curly hair

  1. home care for curly hairIf you have dry hair, you should choose the shampoo, which includes extracts of licorice and jojoba, white Lotus, flowers of cornflower, extracts of witch hazel. This shampoo softens and moisturizes the hair.
  2. If you have fragile, brittle, thin hair, you best to use a shampoo with nettle or sage. This shampoo strengthens the hair and protects them from adverse factors.
  3. You should not use shampoo that adds volume to the hair, t. to. these shampoos lift the hair scales and make curly hair fragile and frizzy. Can also read an article about how to give thin hair volume.
  4. So the hair does not flogged, they need to be trimmed every three months.

The main goal for the care of wavy and curly hair is not to overdry them. And if you properly care for your hair, then your hair will be healthy and beautiful appearance of your hair.

Styling wavy and curly hair at home

See the video how to style curly hair at home:

Gorgeous well-groomed hair, Flirty curls will not leave anyone indifferent.

And how cute and adorable look girl with natural seductive curls.

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