Capsular hair extension

To grow your hair long make fine hair strands more lush – troublesome, and the choice of color of paint is always associated with risk. A simple solution of three problems was the hair extensions by using the capsule method. Special technology helps to attach artificial hair to the native so that the new long curls will look natural.

How to increase hair capsules

As strands are attached

To quietly attach the strands to the procedure capsule hair will need:

  • donor hair the desired length and shade;
  • capsules;
  • special tools (pliers, melt) for mounting.

Choosing a hot, cold or microcapsule method, just a few hours the master will be able to extend native curls that are not satisfied with a beautiful, almost a meter. Skillfully executed procedure makes the joints barely noticeable, because the transparent shell have a size of not more than 3 mm, and donor strands are attached at a distance of 1 cm from the roots.

Capsule extensions

To make a beautiful hair, give volume, length, fix a bad haircut – here in what situations capsule hair extensions no equal. Any problem will be solved in just a few hours, but before the procedure it is necessary to choose the best way: hot, cold, microcapsule methods have their own characteristics. These details strongly affect the final result, so before you increase hair on the capsules, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


Is the most common way to quickly make thick, long curls under the influence of temperature:

  1. The Italian way of capsular building refers to simple technology: the finished strands with a transparent keratinocyte shells are attached to the family.
  2. The English method is more laborious, requires skill of the hairdresser because locks have to pick your own, like a transparent sheath of organic resin, so this option is more complicated Italian.


The actual choice of tape or capsule extensions? Any cool technology – French, Spanish, Japanese – helps the most sparing way to discreetly attach the donor strands. The advantage of this method capsule technology is considered to be minimal impact on the roots and scalp, because the procedure is complete without high temperatures or the use of special chemicals. Attached to tresses look natural, use tiny rings, adhesive tapes or capsules.

Microcapsule capacity

Suitable owners of fine, painted or weakened strands. The advantage of this technology is the size of the capsules and smaller donor strands. This method helps to reduce the load on the roots, and the connection of the family with patch strands almost invisible or barely felt when touched. Microcapsule capacity – ideal to build up the bangs, add volume or make the longest most sparing way the thinning strands of their own.

Hair for capsule extensions

Long-haired girl

For this procedure, use the material of different types: Slavic, European, and Asian strands. The latter are characterized by rigidity, low quality, and Slavic are the best, because it feels soft, silky and suitable for repeated use. So the source material was suitable for use, artificial strands are subjected to special treatment to preserve the cuticle. The most expensive overhead curls with transparent shells on the ends are double processing system Double Drone.

Caring for hair extensions

As natural, artificial hair require care, but there are some nuances. To artificial hair was long kept a good appearance, not tangled when combing or not look dull, you should wash your hair with shampoo with a low content of alkali as required, and the application of balms, masks, rinses should be restricted in order not to damage the outer layer. Allowed to dry overhead strands of hair dryer on a low temperature, and from visiting saunas have to give.

Removal of hair on the capsules

Removing the false curls needs an experienced master, it is not recommended to carry out the procedure yourself is bad! To get rid of the donor strands, in place of the grip (on the capsule) is necessary to apply a special liquid. Then using tongs, softened transparent shell must be crushed, and disconnect the overhead curls need very carefully, holding the family. In order to remove the capsular hair extension, will have to spend one to two hours: duration of procedure depends on the number of artificial curls.

How much is hair extensions

Girl before and after extension

The cost of the procedure is determined by several important factors: how many capsules for hair extensions, what is the quality of overhead strands, their length, the work of the master. If there was a desire only to lengthen your own hair, you will have to buy about 120-130 donor strands. Want to give volume to the head? It will have to increase from 180 to 200 artificial curls. Depending on the number of strands, the average cost of the procedure (Slavic type, length 50 cm) can be as follows:

Place The cost (in rubles)
100 strands 150 strands 200 strands
Moscow (interior) 9 500-17 000 Installation 14250 — 25500 19000 — 34000
Saint Petersburg (salon) 8490 — 11000 12690-16500 16990-22000
Yekaterinburg (salon) 7250-13200 18750-19050 24500-25400

Photos before and after hair extensions for short hair

The result of the procedure

Hairstyle before and after

Video about extensions on keratin capsules for hair


Eugene, 27 years: Really wanted long hair but couldn’t grow. Decided on a hot capsule hair extension extended from 60 cm When I looked at myself in the mirror, it is not believed. The first days I was afraid to touch, and after a week was like family, the care is simple. Wear two months, I like the flaws have not noticed.

Elena, 22 years: the Hair on keratin capsules did for the wedding, dreaming of a beautiful hairstyle. Its thin and not thick and artificial strands gave a noticeable amount, but very long did not do. A bonus to the procedure was a discount on the first correction, and no need to paint their false curls lighten your hair.

Sonia, 25 years: this procedure was Done after a very botched dye. A disaster was, I had to cut my hair short, the treatment did not help. I passed nearly a month, but short hair is not my thing. Found a good master, she used the microcapsules so as not to injure your. Go for six months, did 2 correction, not a day regretted what I did.

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