Can I lose weight riding a bike

Cardio training – a highly effective means to improve health and reduce weight. Can I lose weight riding a bike? So, because two-wheeled coach loads the large muscles of the body (buttocks), located in areas to tighten which I want most. Bike helps burn weight not only in the lower part of the body, but promotes the formation of sports figures, exercise respiratory system, has virtually no contraindications.

Use Cycling

There are several factors that say a resounding Yes Cycling. It’s not just a walk in the fresh air and the opportunity to lose weight: the bike will make your workouts regular, effective. You can replace a bike ride any transport to overcome the way from home to work and back, saving time and money, while allocating special hours to workout at the gym.

Cycling is a way to communicate with like-minded people. Cycling, nature, trips to the river or the mountains – these activities additionally motivate and develop a habit to lead an active lifestyle. Group bike owners can join in the directions – downhill Xtreme, Cycling out of town or stunt driving, the level of training. If you are not able to overcome 40 kilometers of trails, or is not ready to climb on the bike in the mountains – choose the right class for your level of fitness and how much you can drive for the day.

How many calories burned

Cycling for weight loss

Cycling – energy-consuming exercise, but how much will you burn calories depends on many factors. Among them, the ruggedness of the terrain, the speed and manner of driving, the weight, road surface and even the presence of a tailwind or headwind. To determine exactly how much energy will be burned from your Cycling almost impossible, but there are certain numbers, allowing you to navigate what will be calorie consumption when riding a bike:

  • Take as a basis for a leisurely (6 km/h) cycle lean (50 kg) person on a windless day on a flat asphalt road is 250 calories.
  • The dependence of the calorie consumption of the speed is almost linear: if the pace of the bike is increased by one-third, and the cost also increases. Let’s say that you accelerated to 9 km/h – you will spend 332 calories per 12 km/h – 500 calories, etc.
  • Every 10 kg of weight (not so important, private or additionally loaded) adds consumption to 60 units of energy. That is, if your weight is 70 kg, then in «basic» speed 6 km/h you will spend 250+120 = 370 calories.

An intense workout on the bike costs reach up to 800 calories per hour, but that’s not the main plus of such exercise. The fact that the bike gives the tension of all muscle groups of the body and these muscles are in good shape for another two or three hours after a 40-minute workout. At this time there is the greatest burning fat and calories even at rest.

What muscle groups are involved

Bicycle racing

Load all groups of muscles – the fundamental difference between Cycling from bike. When using the simulator in the hall you don’t need to keep the balance, move the body on turns, stretch/relax the hands on the bumps. Therefore, the exercise bike will not give you the same effect as a Bicycle. Helps to lose weight trainer? Yes, but in the hall you should use extra exercise to burden the other muscles of the body.

The biggest and a useful voltage when training on the bike gets the heart muscle. Cardio start in the body metabolic processes, and this greatly affects the condition of your figure. Food enters the body is digested faster, but a significant portion of nutrients becomes a building material for growing muscles, not fat.

Rules of riding a bike for weight loss

If you chose the bike as a primary means for weight loss, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. The training duration. Start with 20 minutes, gradually increasing the load. Pick up the intensity of Cycling and the complexity of the route so that for a specified period you are «exhausted» by at least 80-90%. You should not remain forces to continue the drive. Short intense exercise is ideal for burning weight, because after it 2-3 hours there is increased calorie consumption of the body.
  2. The frequency of the classes. You have to deal with bike not less than 3 times a week. Such intensity will not allow the muscles to relax and will continue to support them in the right tone. The process of weight loss will be permanent.
  3. Drink plenty of water after a workout. During intensive exercise, you should not burden your kidneys, the fluid intake. Should drink after a workout. Do not drink 30 minutes before exercise.
  4. Workout of the legs is required. Before the trip, take a five-minute warm-up with stretching of the feet to avoid injury during intense workouts.

How to choose the right bike and accessories

Very much of this question depends on your financial capabilities, place of residence and tasks. Minor moments here, every detail is crucial. Some of the most important:

The person chooses a bike for weight loss

  • The choice of the frame of the bike. The height should be 10 cm below the waist. Due to this the load is distributed evenly, not perenapravljaetsja torso and effort on the pedals may make all weight.
  • The choice of Bicycle wheels. If you plan to drive only within city limits on a paved surface, you will approach a narrow aluminum rim – it creates less resistance when riding. If your location of such roads is not enough, you should choose wider wheels and tires – they smooth out the bumps and will not slip in the mud.
  • A choice seat. Bike for weight loss should be close in its functionality to the sport, so the seat should be narrow. Walking (wide) saddle more suited for leisurely trips for shopping or sightseeing.
  • Helmet – a must have accessory. Laptops are made of plastic and foam and weigh about 200 grams. Properly selected, it is not felt on the head and provides adequate ventilation while riding. In the fall will keep your skull from fracture.
  • Points. Always wear this protection when riding a bike. Good Cycling glasses should be securely fastened on the head and have a replacement glass for a ride in the afternoon and at dusk. The ingress of insects or small pebble in the eye, vulnerable points, in many cases leads to crash. Do not neglect this protection.

Clothing athlete-cyclist must be specially adapted to this sport. Compression shorts or tights with thermal effect, shirt with pockets on the back – all items of clothing cyclist should be easy to take pot to clear my mind. Do not use for their workouts cotton fabric – it collects the sweat and can cause overheating even in cool weather. Shoes – only athletic, well-ventilated shoes or special Volotovo.

Training program for men and women

Benefits of exercise bike, it’s the fact that every athlete can flexibly adjust the degree of load at its capabilities. It is important to create a competent schedule to increase the intensity and to continuously monitor achievements. Many simulators have special calculator for this purpose. Exercises do not differ for male and female. The majority of the load falls on the lower half of the body as in a bike, but men will lose weight first from the top (in the abdomen), and women from the bottom (in the area of the buttocks and thighs), because losing weight starts with the largest fat deposits.

Interval training

Exercise bikes for weight loss

The essence of interval training is that during certain short periods of time, you give your body a different load. Work different muscle groups, fat burning at the maximum speed. Here is an example of one of these workouts (depending on your level of training intensity, technique may vary):

  1. 10 min. warm-up – jumping rope.
  2. 3 min – measured, slow ride (5-6 km/h).
  3. 3 minutes – increase the speed up to 8-10 km/h.
  4. 1 min. – set load on the bike 10° rise – to keep pace 8-10 km/h.
  5. 2 min. – to keep the bike speed 8-10 km/h, but pedaling standing up.
  6. 3 mins – back in the saddle, the rate of 8-10 km/h.
  7. 30 sec. – set the rise at 12° – keep the pace 8-10 km/h.
  8. 30 sec. – a rise of 15° with the same pace.
  9. 1 min – set the rise to 12°, speed 8-10 km/h.
  10. 1 min to install rise of 15°, to keep the speed 8-10 km/h.
  11. 1 min – a rise of 7°, the speed of Bicycle is 15 km/h standing on the pedals.
  12. 3 mins – a rise of 3°, the speed of Bicycle is 20 km/h sitting in the saddle.
  13. 1 min – the rise of 0°, the speed of Bicycle is 15 km/h.
  14. 4 minutes – rest. To get out of the simulator, walk, jump.
  15. Repeat steps 11-13.

Short sprint

Short sprints on the bike

This is an intensive form of exercise in which is given the maximum allowable (pulse up to 160 beats/min), cardio for a short period of time – 20 sec. These loads should be a relaxed drive 20, and then maximum intensity. Such cycles need to be done not less than 6. As a separate exercise this sprint is ineffective for weight reduction, but as the final exercise for fitness exercise is very well suited.

Video: Cycling sessions promote weight loss

Popular video blogger talks about the pros of losing weight with bike, debunks some of the myths and fears associated with the fear of excessive pump feet. Want to see what muscle groups are used when riding and how to achieve maximum results from your workouts? Watch the video, which also describes the advantages of group training on bicycles, which diseases are a contraindication for Cycling and what diseases are cured easily with the help of regular Cycling.

Feedback about the results after weight loss

Elena, 28 years: got on the bike three years ago with a weight of 80 kg, Now my weight 55 kg and for me the answer to the question, is it possible to lose weight just by riding a bike, obvious! I just stopped using the bus to get to work and back, and the first results are noticed after 3 months the pounds began to melt before our eyes, there was muscle, and then figure.

Lisa, 32 years: If you ask me whether you strongly to lose weight while Cycling, I answer, that itself became a «victim» of this phenomenon. I lost 20 kg in six months of riding his «iron horse». Just one day decided that I was going 3-4 times a week to ride a bike in the woods or on the river. Received weight loss, slim figure (now I have 53 kg) and a lot of positives to boot.

Anastasia, 42 years: Remember how I first got on a bike 10 years ago. Then I would never have believed that he would change my life forever. Since then I put tens of thousands of kilometers and dumped (for the first year) 24 kg mass. Now my weight is 48 kg Bike helps me to always stay in shape to be light and ready to travel at any time.

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