Calendar haircuts on August 2016

Each person has a close relationship with the cosmos, and even more – with the Moon. Its phase, location relative to the Earth and Zodiac signs that fall is a celestial body that directly affects every member of the planet. It is therefore important to link their activities with astrology, even if you decide to get a haircut. Calendar haircuts for August 2016 will help you to plan your visit to the hairdresser, under a positive lunar influence. Find out good and adverse days for carrying out any manipulations with hair.

Auspicious days for cutting hair in August

For the eighth month in 2016 are favorable for haircuts will be the days when the Moon will be in the house of Zodiac signs Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus. These periods fall on the following dates: 3, 4, 6, 8, 15, 16, 23, 29. Less successful are numbers: 9 (influence of Scorpio), 13 (Moon in Sagittarius), 24 (Taurus), 31 (in the house of the Lion). Here already it is necessary to study the calendar painted on each day, where you will see what the day will be positive or negative (for example, you can get a haircut, and no makeup).

Follow the most favorable days for haircuts and your hair will not only gain a chic look. Thanks to the positive lunar influence, you will be able to save your energy, get rid of everything bad in life to create harmony and prosperity. Be aware of all the events of this month, every day, to protect themselves from negative consequences.

Girl cuts hair for calendar

Bad days for haircuts in August 2016

The most unfortunate haircuts for a date in August 2016 – 19, 21, 28. These are the days when the Moon is in the zodiac Pisces, Aries and Cancer. These numbers categorically refuse to plan a visit to your stylist you risk to get serious diseases, to incur a number of life’s mishaps and large material losses. You should also be careful with the cuts of the following numbers: 1 (Moon in Cancer), 12 (house of Sagittarius) and 27 (Cancer). These dates have little negative impact, but it is better not to risk and to postpone the haircut on a better day.

The girl with short hair

Full lunar calendar hair cutting for August 2016

In order to be fully prepared, please see the detailed prediction of events at each date of the month. So you will be most informed and protect yourself from the negative influence of the moon on your destiny and health. Try to plan your calendar haircuts and coloring the eighth month of 2016 in compliance with the astrological guidelines.

August 1. This Monday cannot be described as favourable for cutting. If you need to get rid of excessive parental care, cut hair. But remember: the curls will be after this naughty, rigid. Better plan a regular treatment for hair, which is focused on conducting Wellness and nutritional activities.

2 Aug. A full month. Haircut scheduled for this date are able to give more confidence of his mistress, that will help her in the decision to radically change your life for the better. Staining it is better to cancel, because of this, there may be financial problems.

August 3. Leo, whose influence is waning gibbous on this day, influences positively on the density of hair. You can easily plan a trip to the hairdresser to carry out any procedure with the hair, from haircuts to coloring. I must if you want luck to come into your life. However, iron should be abandoned – it can severely damage the hair, making its effects not as it should be according to the plan.

4 Aug. If your goal is to grow hair – schedule a haircut to refresh the ends. Hair growth will resume and accelerate and beautiful form of hair will be kept long. Any events for beauty will bring you prosperity.

5 Aug. The positive influence of the moon extends to this date, so plan a visit to the beauty salon. The same successful procedure, not only with hair, but the chemistry of hair, painting, rehabilitation.

6 Aug. With the acquisition of new hairstyles you will get a lot of positive energy that will bring you inspiration, power for creative endeavors. If you color the hair a radical color, it can bring valuable business connections.

7 Aug. Neutral day for any manipulations with hair, but will not bring much success, if you are planning of painting. Updated haircut can save you from disease, perhaps even the emergence of money in your home.

8 Aug. Be sure to cut the hair – it will bring you the aggravation of sixth sense. Developed intuition is very important to you this period because you are able to solve a large number of a long time of hanging questions and get good financial reward for his labors. Be sure to dye your hair to recharge your sexual energy – this will give you a lot of interesting acquaintances with the opposite sex.

9 Aug. This Tuesday less than a good to change the hairstyle. Haircut threatens to impact negatively on the relationship of the love sphere. Better stick to simple styling with curls, which gives you natural energy and will give success.

August 10. A Perm or hair coloring is better to postpone to a better date because you risk missing important developments, which was preparing for a long time. You will not get the expected results.

Hairdresser makes hairstyle on the calendar haircuts

August 11. If you decide to pay a visit to the hairdresser, then stick to simple procedures that are aimed at improving the nutrition of the hair. Can hold a dyeing with natural dyes (henna or Basma, for example). Thereby strengthen the health of the hair, greatly increase their resistance to sunlight.

August 12. Haircut made this Friday, will not bring the desired results: the hair will not succumb to styling and the hair will quickly lose the form because of rapid growth. Transfer the beauty procedure on a different day of the month.

August 13. More favourable period for the haircuts, which can protect health and to protect from negativity. You will increase business productivity, which will bring a lot of good results afterwards.

14 Aug. A positive number of months to implement any plans to change the image. If you get a haircut – your hair will become stronger, reducing hair loss. Overall health will be strengthened to improve business in a career area. The unexpected good news that can dramatically change your life.

15 Aug. The positive influence of the moon in Capricorn applies to this period, so feel free to plan a haircut. A new haircut is able to increase intuition and you will solve most financial issues. The business will thrive, thanks to the unending flow of large orders.

August 16. Haircut very positive impact on your plans. Business career areas will improve the material well-being, will go a period of successful transactions. Relationships with loved ones will be warmer, will solve a lot of issues of a social nature.

August 17. Not a good time for shearing, which could bring trouble to health. That positive energy has not left you, make hairstyle with straight hair. This will help to remain active and productive.

August 18. Unwanted haircut, so that may impact negatively on the circulatory system, and endocrine. The activity will be reduced, so concentrate on inner peace and harmony.

19 Aug. Month decreases. Hair cut can bring problems to the scalp, prone to dandruff. A new hairstyle brings change that adversely affect your destiny. Hair is better cut, and just swipe restorative procedures for the recovery of the split ends.

August 20. The negative influence of the moon in progress so any planned activities to change the image, it is better to postpone. So you save your energy, health, positive influence of his charisma.

21 Aug. Astrologers do not recommend a haircut – it promises problems in the area of health, career, family relationships. Increased risk to engage in a major conflict at work or at home. Control your emotions, to get rid of a little blood.

August 22. Be sure to schedule in your calendar a visit to the hairdresser. A new image will improve the emotional background and give a good mood. Haircut brings hope, will realize his dream.

August 23. Hair cut can get rid of health problems. In life will begin to emerge important people who will help to arrange your destiny. Increase creativity – it will translate into reality a lot of useful ideas.

August 24. The less favorable day for beauty treatments. However, the slightly sheared off the tips will bring the energy potential, thanks to which you will increase their importance in society. The probability of improving health.

August 25. It is the number of months charged, small negative energy, so any manipulation of hair aside. High risk of trouble in relationships with people at work.

26 Aug. Astrologers predict that the haircut will charge a large amount of energy. All things go uphill, your health will improve. Can make big purchases – this will bring many benefits in the future.

August 27. Should keep the hair from haircuts, dyes, perms, because it will negatively affect the emotional state. This environment is literally saturated with negative energy, so please refrain from outside contact with people, spend time with your family surrounded by nature.

28 Aug. Haircut this Sunday is threatened by depression. In addition, it can bring lots of conflicts related to division of property, domestic nature. Wait out this period and do not succumb to momentary desire.

August 29. Astrologers promise a lot of success and popularity. Therefore, hurry to visit a beauty salon to use a fashion hairstyle positive emotions, increase charisma, charm. You will get a huge boost of energy, health, improved monetary well-being.

August 30. Lay all your plans about the hairstyle, because it can have a negative impact on vitality and longevity. The stars do not signify anything good, and in the material well-being.

August 31. Astrologers say that the last Wednesday of the month a neutral to conduct the haircut. High probability of improving career, promotion best deals. A new hairstyle will give a lot of enthusiasm, which will help to maintain high performance.

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