How to dress in business style

description of business style clothingIt is very important to learn the art of how to dress to know all the details of business style. After all, to make an impression on employees, customers and partners, one of the important points for a business women in business. The more correctly and beautifully dressed woman always feels comfortable and confident. Clothing does not have to be from expensive boutiques, but neat, solid and well-made to be required. Let’s see what should be business style clothing for girls.

Will be very useful at work is very bright and trendy clothing with lots of accessories. As well as sloppy, careless and provocative clothing will be considered as disrespect to your colleagues. Modern business etiquette allows clothes of different colors, not just blue, gray and black. The only exception is screaming «acid» colors.

Business style clothing for women photo suits
Preference is nowadays given not only plain fabrics of clothing, but also a variety of the presence of cells and stripes in blue and grey tones. It is undesirable to wear business style clothing with abstract, geometric and floral designs.

stylish business suits
There are a few mistakes that make women, choosing the official style of clothes. These include, the excessive formality in the everyday working environment, transparent fabric, a sexy, slinky things, abuse of male attributes (ties, men’s haircuts, etc.). As well as excessive according to seasonal fashion (tops, sandals on his bare feet, etc.).

Skirt with business-style clothing should be slightly above the knee or a little longer. The alternative would be a pantsuit or business dress relaxed. In addition, according to the world Association of psychologists, the clothes of quiet tones can promote career and business success. Suits in the winter you need to choose blue, cherry, black, grey colors and in the summer bright colors of ivory, taupe and other. Light suits should be of high quality and dense. Change your accessories, shoes and blouses to visually change the appearance thereof, and of the same suit. Blouses it is better to choose different color and style, and in any case, cheap fabrics.

closet business style of clothing
Exclude from business clothing fabric with glitter, tight and transparent products. Do not allow the presence in a business wardrobe chiffon, velvet, satin and various beadwork or pearls. And wearing denim and leather things is not correct with the style business. Buy tights from 5 to DEN 12 for any weather.

Remember, your business style, it’s discreet makeup, neat hair and elegant business clothes with impressive accessories. To make you feel confident and comfortable, wear to work, comfortable and functional clothing.

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And You often choose a business style of clothing? Or which do You like most and which You feel comfortable?


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