Applications and masks based on burdock oil

repejnoe oilBurdock is popular mostly in females. Because the set of its properties can have a miraculous effect on dull, weak, damaged and do not grow hair. Another important factor that determines the popularity of use at home for hair hair masks is their simplicity, low cost and availability. In this article we describe the application of burdock oil, about how it affects the hair and what components make it so useful for hair.

Useful than oil for hair?

Before considering specific hair mask with burdock, you should understand its useful properties and composition.

Among the useful components in burdock oil are the following.

  • vitamin a – strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss;
  • vitamin E promotes healthy blood circulation, which in turn increases the rate of hair growth and renewal of cells;
  • Niacin nourishes the head skin, saving it from dandruff, prevents premature graying and hair cross-section;
  • vitamin C – the best friend of the immune system, protects the hair from harmful effects of the environment;
  • mineral salts – enhance the attractiveness of the hair and soften the scalp;
  • zinc – responsible for the density and luxuriance of the hair;
  • manganese – fights dandruff;
  • oleic acid – nourishes dry hair;
  • palmitic acid is the main component that fights hair loss;
  • linoleic, ricinoleate, stearic acid promote health and maintain a luxurious appearance of the curls.

But, of course, if you do not know how to use burdock oil for hair, all these useful components will bring you and your hair no good.

Recipes for hair masks

  1. Prepare the oil can even be yourself!

Despite the fact that oil is sold almost in any pharmacy for a small amount, this means you can make yourself without much effort.

Burdock oil is made from burdock root. If you want to make burdock oil, it is necessary to cut the root of the plant as small as possible. As a result, you should get about 3 table.spoons mass, which should pour 200 ml olive or vegetable oil. The resulting composition insist in a warm dark place for a day or two. After at least 24 hours burdock oil need to boil, once the mixture starts to boil, you must leave it to simmer for another half hour. The cooled product can be directly used for masks.

  1. «Test drive» before use.

Before use burdock oil for hair, you must make sure that you don’t have allergies. If going to the allergist for you too radical a solution can conduct the test on the skin, leaving the skin on it for a while. If an allergic reaction does not appear, it is possible to carry out the procedure. However, the first time it is better to reduce the time spent with the mask gradually from time to time increasing it.

  1. Get rid of split ends.

Easy to get rid of the burdock oil against split ends. At night, lubricate the ends with a little oil. In order not to stain the pillow can braid the ball, or any other type of hairstyle.

If you plan in the morning to wash your hair, you can apply burdock oil on the roots. Especially for owners of dry hair. Burdock oil for hair is not really suitable and can be effectively used only in composition with warming up components: pepper, mustard, etc. (see below).

Additionally see the article, «Recipes of homemade masks for split ends».

  1. Mask for hair include burdock oil, honey, egg.

In order to reduce hair loss, you may need this recipe:

Burdock oil mixed with honey and egg yolk, add to the consistency of the juice or a paste of small onions, mix well and apply on hair. Hair covered with polythene and bathing cap. Go about 30 minutes and wash off with warm water.

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  1. Burdock oil for hair with pepper.

This composition causes the hair to grow rapidly. Pepper «podbegaet» the scalp, stimulating blood circulation to it, and thereby stimulating hair growth. About the properties of red pepper here. And burdock, in addition, that protects a head skin from minor burns, nourishes the skin and hair helpful components. This flushed skin all the vitamins and elements absorbed much easier.

In the pharmacies you can find ready-made jars of burdock oil with the addition of red pepper. They are inexpensive, so your hair will likely be expensive. But you can experiment with a homemade burdock tincture, as described above, and red pepper.

  1. Hair mask contains mustard, egg, burdock oil.

This compound has an unusual ability to stimulate hair growth. Reviews of lovely ladies have appreciated this recipe for yourself, even suggest that this is the best mask that allows you to quickly grow long hair.

Her recipe is simple:

1-2 table.teaspoon dry mustard mixed with an equivalent amount of hot water, quickly stir to make a more or less homogeneous slurry.

Next step add egg yolks, previously separated from the eggs. Also stir.

Add sugar: 1-2 tsp.spoon. How much sugar you add will depend on how much «burn» the scalp is the mask and therefore the power of what will be the effect.

And the last action added to the mass of the oil – 1-2 table.spoon. In General, the fit and any other oil as protection to the scalp, but burdock oil for hair growth is the most effective.

The mask is applied to the roots, avoiding the tips. Rather, it is recommended to owners of greasy hair, as it has a drying effect.

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Of course, we have not listed all of the hair mask with burdock. The range of application of burdock oil for hair for their growth and strengthening is much broader. Share in the comments a recipe masks with burdock oil, which is used by you!

Be beautiful!

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