Buff nail

Familiar to many method of polishing nails with a nail file. However, this is not the only option to give smoothness. Using for the nail plate buff, you don’t hurt her, acting more delicately. This bar replaces a salon treatment during the execution of manicure and successfully used at home.

What is the buff for nail polishing

Are batiki to the nail plate on the same principle as nail files, so use the bars as a professional tool for manicure. The main difference from BAFTA nail file – fine grain that makes it versatile. Why the need for BAF? Tool great for overhead and care for natural nails. At home use the bar complex: for polishing, buffing, shaping of the nail plates.

Polishing fixture

The types of nail files

Polishing nail file-buff is made of different materials. It is based on fabric, plastic or wood work surface make the suede or silicone, and grit to create several varieties. Generally, the BAF for nails – dimensional four-sided bar with numbered sides. The numbering used below during a manicure to know what function should be applied.

  • The first side to the desired shape of the nail.
  • The second line removed the irregularities of the nail plate.
  • Third party – grinding, it smoothed out the flaws.
  • The fourth line comes the final polishing natural or gel nails (acrylic) to Shine.

Blade-buffs for polishing


For polishing natural nails and extensions batik fits better than drinking, as it has greater functionality. The advantage of polisher is it different abrasiveness, which determine how you will use the tool. Indicators indicating the number of pores (grito) on the surface of the bar, there are:

  1. Abrasive saws 60-80 grit means that the tool does really polishing acrylic nails, because the surface is buff in this case rough and tough.
  2. Bars marked with 100-150 grit ideal for the treatment of nail plates on the feet before applying gel Polish. Such abrasive effectively removes all irregularities.
  3. The abrasiveness of the grinding tool 150-240 grit means that it is desirable to use for sawing of all natural or artificial sanding of the nail plate.
  4. Marking 300 grit and above is the most tender, soft. These bars are used for final polishing.

The polishing process in beauty salon

How to Polish your nails with bafikom

Buff for polishing of nails used almost the same as the common nail, but has its own nuances. So as not to harm the nail plate and achieve the desired results, use batik correctly:

  1. The working surface of the grinder to the nail plate to attach the wide side to capture as much surface.
  2. During the treatment make the least possible number of movements.
  3. Polishing nail file is designed to handle every day, so it is advisable to use no more than once a week.
  4. After sanding professionals suggest nails to «seal» to lolis. This drip any essential oil on the nail plate, after processing the soft side polisher.

Nail file for polishing

How to disinfect nail tools

To use the BAF should in the same way as saw, that is, be sure to handle the tools for manicure. The passage of time in polishing the bars accumulate dirt, pathogens, so before each use do not neglect the treatment of disinfectant. To do this, choose the tool preferably he is not capricious in care.

Buffs excessively absorb water, so watering the bars do not advise to not exfoliate and is not deformed. Based on these considerations, you should choose the store from all the presented range of plastic polishers that are easy to disinfection and are long. If you have the budget, it is better to buy a set of bars with different abrasiveness and a variety of materials to pick up any individual tool.

The cost

Choose bafici wholesale or retail is not the problem. In shops of Moscow presented a wide range of manicure tools of different brands. If you feel the high prices in stationary retail outlets, pay attention to the online shops where grinding units at a more affordable price it is easy to choose the photo.

The brand name The average cost of buffs (region – Moscow)
Premier Dead sea 300 g.
BAF Zinger 120 g.
Salon Professional 100-250 g.


Elena, 45 years: BAF No. 2 Stella products are designed to smooth the rough edges. He hasn’t cut away, but it fits me perfectly for extended length. If during homework acrylic scratch plate, bar, cope with the problem quickly, because it has 4 sides. How many years this grinder is, and no idea what to replace it.

Elizabeth 18 years: are Very particular about the nails, I do manicure by yourself, and grind bar from Zinger. Found significant drawback – the manufacturer took the trouble to specify the abrasiveness of the parties, therefore, we can only compare the feeling in my gut that is not the best way affects the quality of the treated surface.

Camila, 29 years: Buff use just for toenails because the nail plate on the hands is very thin and constantly exfoliate. I am afraid that after grinding there will be more to flake off. As for the toenails, after polishing, I coat them with varnish and they look gorgeous as TV commercials.

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