Budget luxury care without large investments

Often women, believing the promises of advertising, are beginning to buy products for self-care, it is not thinking, how must their application. Although today — to look well-groomed without the extra cash outlay is more than real and reasonable economy does not prevent the creation of a unique image.

It is not advisable to spend money on buying a lot of cosmetics and tools for body care. No need to dial in store to keep all this on the shelf, is enough minimum.

Specialists advised to have one jar day and night cream, peeling or scrub, foam cleanser, face lotion, balm and body milk and care of hands and nails.

Makeup expiration date has expired — mercilessly throw away, its use can cause allergies. Buy samples be creative: mixing shades of lipstick and eye shadows. Use the shade dark colors to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows; to emphasize the eyes will help the mascara — it can be used as eyeliner.

It is better to pay once for the consult a good cosmetologist or makeup artist. One will help you to choose the means for skin care, the other colors of the individual makeup. It will save from unnecessary purchases.

Owners of oily skin is recommended to buy such a cheap tool like salicylic lotion. Body scrub you can prepare yourself: for what will need to mix equal proportions of coffee grounds and honey. For rinsing your hair prepare herbal teas from herbs, which are inexpensive and can be found in any pharmacy.

Before applying bronzer, use as exfoliant peeling. So longer it will stay color. Almond oil can be used instead of cream for hands is a great tool for cuticle care. Improving skills epilation it is possible to save on the use of special tools. Better buy a lotion that slows hair growth is really effective.

Be sure to use cards regular customer and one-time discounts in beauty salons. Talk to your friends maybe more profitable to invite a friend the master of the house — it will provide you the same services but without the salon markup.

For a more rare color to maintain the brightness of the tone with a special balm, which is recommended to be applied every time you shampoo.

Having a manicure preference of varnish with a light and persistent shimmering shade. After the procedure, do not forget a day or two to put on your nails coating protects — this fixes the nail and gives Shine. If this tool is thick you can add a little liquid varnish remover, after which it is better to store in the fridge.

Much cheaper than in the store to buy cosmetics through the Internet with delivery by mail. Most use the combined funds of the type 3 in 1 for lips, eyes and cheeks. Don’t be afraid to use decorative cosmetics «not on purpose»: blush instead of eyeshadow, lipstick instead of blush, etc. Many cosmetic companies often make similar offers.

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