What is useful and who is a bubble bath

Perlina bathSo elegant and romantic name, like pearl baths, applied to the peculiar method of hydrotherapy procedures for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, as well as for obtaining the relaxation and health improvement. The healing properties of water are used for a long time, today the trend has continued and in many cosmetic and therapeutic clinics are offered to take sessions of massage, positive effects not only on the skin condition and shape, but also on human health overall. This is a list of useful events fall bubble bath what it is and how they operate, we will discuss in this article.

What are the therapeutic bubble baths?

Bubble baths are one of the options of water, which is becoming more popular among different categories of people. Despite the fact that from the name breathes luxury, the procedure is quite affordable and any person can understand, in fact, no pearls during the event is not used. This poetic name was coined because during the healing session the person is placed in a special bath with whirlpool, and across the surface of the water form small oxygen bubbles by applying a special device — the compressor, the air under high pressure. Visually, these bubbles, shimmering and playing in the sun, reminiscent of the placers of this natural pearl.

The temperature in the bath is quite comfortable for a person about 35-37 on With water streams, jets, bubbles delicately and gently massage the patient’s body, from neck to toe. The duration of this event is approximately 15-20 minutes to complete a full course «pearl» treatment will require 10-16 sessions, depending on the indications.

Useful than a bubble bath?

First of all, the use of Spa treatments is that water flows under pressure, acting on the body perfectly to stimulate the processes of blood circulation and normalize blood pressure. Another undoubted benefit of bubble baths is the complete relaxation of the body, after the treatment in humans improves health, mood, which is very important, given what a crazy and restless pace most of us live. In addition, these procedures help to relieve fatigue and pain in the back, legs, eliminate muscle tension, fight all signs of rheumatism and musculoskeletal diseases.

pearl baths

Water bubbles, saturated with oxygen, a beneficial effect on the skin, improving its elasticity, reducing inflammation, uskoryaetsya excretion of toxins, improving its appearance.

If you separate all of the above, we can distinguish the following positive effects are achieved after a bubble bath:

  • improved circulation, blood pressure and metabolism;
  • muscle relaxation, eliminate cramps, fatigue, pain;
  • improvement of skin additional cleansing and imparting to it tone;
  • getting rid of the fat accumulation, reduce weight, getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite;
  • the treatment of problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • strengthening blood vessels and capillaries;
  • a beneficial effect on the nervous system: relaxing, calming, reducing excessive excitability, normalization of sleep, good mood and positive emotions.

After Spa treatments, a person feels generally refreshed, recharged, anxious thoughts and feelings recede, comes the calm and well-being.

Indications and contraindications

Like any other medical procedure, the use of bubble baths should appoint a specialist. Typically, such treatments are used as a helper method during the treatment of various diseases. Indications pearl baths, are often associated with disorders of the nervous system we have, with diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, with early stages of hypertension and cardiovascular pathologies.

Pearl baths, when to be used:

  • poor circulation, sharing prophetic.
  • hypertension I and II degree;
  • frequent stress, depression, sleep disorders;
  • neurasthenia, psychoses;
  • obesity;
  • problems with bones, joints;
  • sedentary/ sedentary lifestyle.

Bubble bath for children is often recommended for the purpose of hardening, increase immunity, normalization of sleep and improve the functioning of the brain.

In General, bubble baths for any person will have a positive, Wellness and toning effect, if there are no contraindications to using the procedure.

Bubble bath contraindications:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • hypertension III degree, or stable high blood pressure;
  • various tumors;
  • some types of dermatitis;
  • pyogenic or fungal diseases of the skin;
  • individual intolerance of hydraulic procedures, expressed discomfort during the session.

Bubble bath during pregnancy is completely safe, but still it would be wise before using to consult a leading doctor.

Variations of bubble baths

Coniferous-pearl baths are a variety of Spa treatments, with the addition of water coniferous extract. Pine contains a lot of useful components, essential oils, various minerals. Because such procedures will be useful to enhance the immune system to address allergic reactions and inflammation on the skin, also coniferous concentrate has antibacterial, healing and tonic effect for the body. Indications and contraindications coniferous-pearl baths are the same as for conventional, but you should know exactly what you are allergic to coniferous components.

Mineral and pearl baths. This kind of hydrotherapy treatments is characterized in that before the session the water is exposed to a particular salinity. Water saturated with minerals at times guidelines and to the healer, it is better absorbed into the skin, helps to accelerate the healing process and rehabilitation of patients after prolonged treatment.

Despite the fact that the services of massage you can obtain almost any beauty Spa or, if you wish, you can make bubble bath at home, however you will need to buy a special device or installation that provides a massage effect or a good hot tub, and then you can restore the health of the whole family.

You have a good mood and well being!

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