Braids for long hair

braids for long hair photosLong and well-groomed hair are the adornment and pride of any woman and always attract the attention of others. For long hair there is a huge variety of hairstyles for all occasions from simple and straightforward to sophisticated and intriguing. Currently becoming more and more fashionable braids for long hair. Increasingly, in trendy glossy magazines you can see the different options of braids, different shape, location, number and design. How to diversify your look and change the usual way with braids for long hair with his own hands? We offer to your attention a charming braids for long hair hairstyles for all circumstances and events.

Braids for long hair every day

Every day flawless look and get new compliments about your hairstyle, not necessarily spend hours in the salon or at the mirror. There are lots of options how to create easy braids for long hair.

Kosi Dovhe hair photo

  • Classic braid. This braid is the basis of all bases in completeiy, so let’s start with her.
  • separate the hair into three equal pieces
  • you should start with the right strand, shifting its middle floor, in the end, they will be swapped
  • then the same process repeat with the left strand
  • shift the strands to the center until will not Deplete to the end
  • secure the braid with a ribbon, an elastic band or barrette

These braids for long hair simple and uncomplicated. To impress others, you need to try something else.

  • Spike. This version of the spit is done quickly and is suitable for daily wearing. It is very convenient, as the collected hair will not distract from the urgent cases.
  • to weave, you should start with the top of the head
  • 3 separate a small strand and begin to braid as a normal braid
  • gradually capturing the side strands alternately right and left
  • woven braid until, until you have used all the hair
  • secure the hair with elastic
  • to give a more romantic image can be slightly povydergivat strands and blend with fingertips hair
  • Braid harness. Strict, but stylish version of the spit.
  • gather your hair into a high ponytail, secure with elastic band
  • divide all the hair into 2 parts, each of them spin in one direction until the formed two flagella
  • twist them together in the opposite direction
  • secure the tip with a rubber band
  • Braid-headband. The original version of the hairstyle can be a substitute for regular flowing hair.
  • separate thin strands on the top and bottom rear
  • make 2 thin tight braids
  • loop them through the head, thus forming a rim
  • fix invisible under the hair
  • Braiding long hair in the form of a waterfall. A great option is ideal for a casual day. Will look good on curly hair.
  • make a side parting
  • start to weave the classic braid, moving the head from ear to ear
  • when weaving you need to constantly release the bottom strand and take in their place a strand from the top of the head
  • when you reach the opposite ear, pin the tip of braids invisible rubber band

Voluminous braids for long hair

Increasingly popular are three-dimensional, airy, slightly disheveled braids for long hair. Hairstyle with this hair will make your look feminine, romantic and very tender. A great way for women with thin or lacking volume hair. At creating braids may take a little longer than usual braiding, but believe me it’s worth it. Consider a few options.

  • Twisted braid. Will look great in any, even thin hair. This braid will look impressive under any circumstances, and usually on the walk and the ceremony, enough to decorate it with beautiful accessories. It is easy to learn to do it yourself, the main thing to understand the technique and some time to try. So:
  • sucesivas all the hair back, they should be smooth and combed
  • to separate a strand of hair from his forehead and divide it into 3 equal parts
  • begin to weave the right strand under the center holding her and moving into the middle
  • do the same thing with the left strand
  • act in this algorithm, each time capturing a new lateral strands
  • secure with a rubber band
  • thus, the braid turned inside out
  • for thickening you can gently pull strands of the braid, starting from the bottom
  • Bulk braid in the form of a basket. This hairstyle is very convenient and practical, it will hold on to the head throughout the day. In addition, it looks very cute, elegant and feminine. Also suitable as an option pretty braids for long hair for girls in school or University.
  • divide the hair into a smooth vertical parting, if you don’t wear parted in the middle, one of the parts can be separated more
  • begin to weave a normal or inside-out braid from bottom of head to top
  • to braid follows the edge of the head, following the hairline, gradually weaving loose strands
  • when push comes to parting, you grab the strands from the opposite side and so on, until all of the hair not to be involved in a plait
  • thus, you should get a pigtail for the contour of the head
  • the tip is neatly hidden in braided hair and secure with hairpins or stealth.

On their own, especially without the experience of weaving this kind of KOs, the process can seem difficult for you. Therefore, there is a way to simplify the task.

  • braid the braids on each side
  • then let their head around to meet each other
  • two tip connect and hide

With careful execution, a glance will be hard to determine what is the hair style of two braids.

Openwork braids for long hair

Openwork braids is now one of the most important trends several seasons in a row. Netting stitch is that creating a braid, you create an original and unique pattern, pulling, or Vice versa tightening the strands. This spectacular braid will create a unique and exquisite look that will make stop you admiring glances. It is possible to create openwork braids for long hair with his hands. Try to master the technique of weaving such braids and consider an interesting variant.

  • Openwork version of the spit in the shape of a flower. With the most simple braids for long hair hairstyles you can create the most diverse and wonderful. For example, the unusual braid in the shape of a flower. A good option for visiting holiday or celebration. Very often the choice of brides falls on the decoration of the head. To braid was delicate, in the process netting pull thin strands and fix them with gel and hairspray. Read more how to make flower hollow:
  • parting on the side
  • begin to braid inverted braid from the larger side
  • need a pigtail lead from the parting to the opposite ear, picking up strands from two sides
  • once the braid has reached the ear, you should take it down
  • doplatit braid to the end and secure the tip with a rubber band
  • the end of the braid to be wrapped and put on the head of a flower and secure with Bobby pins and hairpins
  • middle of the flower can be decorated with hairpins with rhinestones or a beautiful artificial flower

See weave openwork braid for long hair video tutorial

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Create beautiful braids for long hair at home and do not have to resort to the services of hairdressers and stylists. Braiding long hair is a very interesting and entertaining. Experiment, dream and amaze your friends!

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