Homemade recipes for body scrub

Recipes and especially cooking body scrubOne of the conditions for achieving beauty and attractiveness, body care and skin. We all know that skin cells grow, aktiviziruyutsya and die. In most cases, dead cells can’t get rid of the skin’s surface and need extra regeneration. To efficiently get rid of multiple dead cells of the skin and used the scrub. Body scrub at home is very popular among both women, incidentally, among some men, who actively watch or look after their appearance. What is the main advantage of this unique drug treatments?

Homemade body scrubs have many advantages over the means offered in beauty salons or in front of the drug, which is sold in pharmacies or cosmetic stores. The uniqueness of the first one?

  • The products of which are prepared scrubs are always high quality, a man convinced that he knows what cooked means.
  • Homemade scrub for the body is not a chemical counterfeit, there is some confidence in the other options offered by beauty salons and shops.
  • Home remedy for body care costs the person is relatively inexpensive because the products always have every housewife at hand.
  • Freshness is the main quality and advantage of their own prepared products.

How to use a body scrub?

And yet, what body scrub? Unique tool has a main task — to cleanse the skin from dead cells and other stubborn contaminants. The components included in the cream helps the skin to regenerate and give the skin a silky, enrich its important and useful substances, give a beautiful color and delicate appeal. In addition, the massage action used when applying the product, help blood vessels in the skin come back to normal, that is, normalize the blood circulation.

There are several simple rules how to use a homemade body scrub.

  1. Used the product on clean and slightly vlazhnovatoy body. It is desirable to carry out the procedure of cleansing the skin before bedtime.
  2. When applied to the skin scrub you need to use a light massage action. The heart must be cleansed with great caution, but you can just lubricate this part of the body scrub without using massage.
  3. Scrub remains on the body the required amount of time, as a rule, it should not be more than 3 minutes.
  4. All that is left after the procedure, you need to wash only warm water.
  5. In the case where after regular use of cosmetic products are homemade on the skin are noticed red spots or rash from this recipe it is recommended to refuse. In this case you need to change the tool on the same, but with a completely different composition.
  6. It is not recommended to use scrubs often, the best option application — 1 time per week or 10 days (if You have dry skin).
  7. It is strictly prohibited to use various cleansing agents, if the surface of the body there are lesions in the form of boils, bleeding scratches, and burns. With skin diseases to use scrubs are not recommended.

When problem occurs how to make natural body scrub, this task is not difficult. Different recipes data cosmetic products are numerous, but it is important to remember that before cooking, thoroughly rinse hands. In addition, all of the products included in the scrub, must be fresh and organic.

Homemade body scrub with your hands

  • Salt scrub for the body. The tool cleans the body skin, has inostrantsam effect and contributes to the prevention of immune diseases. The gel is added a large amount of salt coarse. The drug is applied only on the skin of the body on which no scratches and other damage. It is forbidden to use this recipe often. Similarly prepare sugar body scrub. This sugar scrub for the body is not only a great cleanser, but a revitalizing and nourishing action.
  • Body scrub with coffee and honey. The tool perfectly cleanses the skin, and at the same time adds to the vitality of the body. Unlike other products, this scrub is not advisable to use before going to sleep, because of possible increased activity overall health. For making homemade potions takes ground coffee. Regular brewed strong drink, the liquid is then consumed or drained, and the grounds for cooking scrub. The product interferes with a small amount of gel, it is necessary to give the viscosity of the mass, then add liquid honey. Get a good body scrub with honey, if the proportions of the main substances is the same. homemade recipes for body scrubs
  • Body scrub with sea salt. Prepared product has a powerful cleansing effect, but it affects the skin, if you use a scrub more than 2 times per month. Normal skin the body soaked in water the sponge is superimposed a small amount of sea salt, and then light massage movements applied to the body. If a person has dry skin, body scrub salt is used as follows: on a banana skin is superimposed a small amount of salt and is used similar to the first recipe.
  • Body scrub of salt and honey. This tool refers to the Smoking part, but the greater the amount of salt involved in the recipe, the less you can use the scrub. Drug home action cleans skin, leaving it soft and silky. In a small amount of liquid honey, add salt (sea or coarse), you can add to this the composition of the shower gel, but you can do without it. The usage is similar to that described above.
  • Scrub of oatmeal for body. The product has a mild cleansing action, this recipe is recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin on your body. After using the scrub based on oatmeal, the skin becomes incredible purity, tenderness and softness. Based on oat flour, which is mixed with honey.

Anti-cellulite body scrub

Quite easy to prepare body scrub with your hands, recipes of proven drugs always available and easy.

Anti-cellulite body scrub can be prepared with different recipes. For example, 1 fruit grapefruit crush, peel, grate, add to the resulting mush any 5 parts salt and 1 part olive or sesame oil. This body scrub cellulite at home has a powerful effect on the fight against «orange peel».

Other effective treatments: anti-cellulite body wraps and anti-cellulite massage.

Tell us how You’re using body scrub at home? The recipes are proven remedies most popular in your life? Let’s make the world better and more beautiful!

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