Body scrub from coffee

kawowy scrubEven one person not a big secret, what for a perfect body care exfoliation is required. This procedure is intended to regenerate the skin, remove surface layer dead skin particles, cleanse and soften the skin. One of the most ideal options of this action is the scrub of coffee grounds. Undoubtedly, this tool can be used at any beauty salon, but a natural home body scrub of coffee no less effective and useful.

Coffee has long been considered a drink motivated people. This refreshing drink not only benefits to the human body but also for his body. After using the scrub based on coffee for a long period of time to enjoy the soft and velvety skin.

scrub coffee with honey for body

Coffee body scrub helps to clear skin from everyday pollution, inferred from surface layer of the skin stale harmful substances. In addition, coffee helps tone, eliminate toxins and pesticides, help in blood circulation and reduce cellulite through lymphatic drainage effect. The invigorating composition of the product is useful for the body and the body is linoleic acid. It contributes to normal functioning of lipid balance, improves skin elasticity and protects against ultraviolet rays. Since ancient times the scrub of coffee has been used as a reliable tool in the fight against the unpleasant cellulite and fat deposits. Another important advantage of this product and money is that the beauty will get a man not so expensive.


To prepare high-quality coffee scrub at home, you need to choose the right product. The most useful and quality is considered to be instant coffee. A scrub of ground coffee rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients. Ground coffee a devastating effect on cellulite deposits and fine wrinkles. Regular use means on the basis of ground coffee helps the person to get rid of various skin defects.

How to make scrub from coffee?

A scrub of ground coffee for body you can cook with any ingredients. The basis of ground coffee, and to it is added additional products. It is important to remember that when you use a scrub of coffee, the skin may slightly darken.

The scrub sleeps coffee is prepared on a similar basis, but in the finished coffee can not add sugar, various spices or herbs.

Scrub cake coffee used in the same way as regular coffee scrub. Meal you can stock up for a long time and use it as needed. To this end, the cake carefully washed, then decomposed with a thin layer on white paper and efficiently dried at room temperature. After drying, the press cake is collected in a glass container and stored at room temperature in a residential area, but definitely in a dark place.

How to use coffee as a scrub?

  • For dry skin on the body. Coffee grounds mixed with warm milk. The ratio need to end mass over cooked the consistency resembled thick cream. Scrub coffee and olive oil is also used for dry skin. The tool perfectly cleanses, softens and nourishes delicate skin.
  • For oily skin of the body. Lovely homemade coffee scrub contains ground coffee in the amount of the full 2 tablespoons and a small amount of grated Apple or mashed grapes.

You can cook and scrub soap with coffee. This tool is intended for any kind of skin. Coffee scrub soap with your own hands prepares simple: the gel is added to ground coffee or tea leaves, all mixed and used for its intended purpose.

Scrub with coffee and honey

Honey-coffee scrub will help the skin to gain softness, silkiness, softness, purity and youth. If the tool is to add olive or any other vegetable oil, the recipe will be designed for women with dry skin.

When honey and coffee mix adds a softness to any fruit or vegetables, the product is ideal for oily skin.

The usual mixture of honey and coffee for use by owners of normal skin on the body.

Scrub coffee cellulite

Scrub of coffee grounds cellulite for the body made only from fresh and quality products. To achieve positive results, you must use the tool regularly and for a long time. Coffee has a unique action that helps to ignite the fats and flatten the skin of the body.

Since ancient times coffee is considered an enemy of cellulite. But when you use coffee scrub cellulite it is important not to overdo it and not to harm the skin. When using the all steps are applied is gentle and soft movements of the hands. To achieve positive results, it is important not to overdo the use of funds.

Coffee scrub at home for cellulite

Cellulite scrub coffee at home can easily prepare several recipes.

  • Mixed in equal amounts coffee grounds and sea salt, to the mixture is added a few drops of fragrant essential oil of rosemary and a small amount of olive oil.
  • In a Cup mixed in equal quantities of salt, ground coffee and sugar. Then, the resulting composition is added to 2 tablespoons of honey, few drops of essential oil of tangerine and a drop of oil of fennel.

Any of the above scrub is applied to soften the skin, followed by a gentle massage for several minutes, after which a healing agent is washed off with cool water. When applying the scrub, it is important not to make strong or pressing movements, so as not to disturb the composition of the surface layer of the skin.

scrub of coffee at home

When you use a coffee scrub at home, the recipe is a surefire means it is possible to develop your own. As additional components to the coffee can go, sour cream, granulated oat bran, pulp of berries or fruit, or any essential oil.

We outlined above the scrub of coffee than helpful, now it is important to specify how to use it properly.

  • Before using the correct tools the skin of the body needs cleansing.
  • It is recommended to steam the skin to get a more effective effect.
  • On the hard skin areas — elbows, knees, feet — you can apply a double layer of coffee scrub.
  • All massage movements are performed gently. In any case be hard to press on the skin or stretch it.
  • It is forbidden to use the coffee scrub in places on the body where there is skin damage.
  • The course of treatment is about several months, while for oily skin you need to use treatments twice a week and for dry skin — only once a week.
  • Upon detection of side effects (burning, dryness, irritation), the use of a scrub should be stopped.
  • After carrying out cleaning procedures, is to apply it on cleaned skin or nourishing cream.

Are You aware of efficient recipes based on coffee? Share proven tools with our readers.


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